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Chromecast screenshot

Chromecast desktop app: Node.js, Electron, React & Material-UI.

Cometchat Sample App React Native screenshot

Voice & Video Calling and Text Chat App for React Native

Document Picker screenshot

Document Picker for React Native

Enterprise Website Template screenshot

An enterprise website template built using React 18 (with TypeScript 4), Material UI 5, Django 4, and Django REST Framework 3.

Habit Tracker App screenshot

Keep track of your habits!

Mui Practice screenshot

Dashboard based on Material UI with Reactjs & React Router

Pomodoro Goal screenshot

🍅 React native pomodoro goal project using javascript. 🌟 A great start for someone who start learning React Native.

Portfolio V2 screenshot

Second iteration of my portfolio - created using ReactJS, Material-UI, Overmind, etc

Pro Mern Stack screenshot

Code Listing for the book Pro MERN Stack

default image

Plaid Link for React Native

React Native Scalable Image screenshot

React Native Image component which scales width or height automatically to keep the original aspect ratio

Skeet App screenshot

🧪 Skeet Framework Boilerplate with Expo (React Native) + Firestore🔥

Starterkit React Typescript screenshot

Opiniated React/Next Starterkit

The Weather Forecasting screenshot

A simple, beautiful, and responsive weather application. It provides current and 6-days weather foreacast using OpenWeather API.

Challenge 31 Social Media Dashboard With Theme Switcher screenshot

Social media dashboard with theme switcher using React and Tailwind

Cmpui screenshot



CmpUI is a component library designed for creating complex GUI applications in web browsers.

default image

React components to create beautiful user interfaces

Kitchn screenshot



@tonightpass delicious React @styled-components (currently under construction...)

Mfng screenshot



A Minimal React Server Components Bundler & Library

React Native Template screenshot

Plantilla base para proyectos basados en react native, con dependencias y configuraciones básicas.

React Native Xiaoshu screenshot

🌈 React Native UI library

Reactjs Template screenshot

Telegram Mini Apps application template using React, tma.js, TypeScript and Vite.

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An React.js component library for beautifully shaded canvas

default image

Advanced SEO for Vite + ReactJS Project

Vite React Flow Template screenshot

A vite template to get started with React Flow

default image

丰富的组件库,完整的前端解决方案,通过Web Builder 拖拽快速构建响应式、多主题的网站。 Rich component library, complete front-end solution, through Web Builder drag and drop quickly building responsive and multi themed websites.

default image

WooCommerce NextJs React CMS Theme for Brazilian Market - using GraphQL queries and mutations and Apollo Client

Yamada Docs screenshot

React UI components of the Yamada, by the Yamada, for the Yamada built with React and Emotion.

Yamada Ui screenshot

React UI components of the Yamada, by the Yamada, for the Yamada built with React and Emotion.

Qwik Ui screenshot

Qwik's official Headless and styled components library

React Components screenshot

Open-source React components styled with Tailwind CSS.

Gatsby Starter Haon screenshot

✍️ Blog Theme : Customize your blog with this theme and write an article.

Astro Blog Zozo screenshot

An opinionated and neat blog template built with Astro.

Astrolinkt screenshot

Link in Bio Template using Astro, React & TailwindCSS

Strapi Plugin Config Sync screenshot

:recycle: CLI & GUI for continuous migration of config data across environments

Strapi Plugin Sitemap screenshot

🔌 Generate a highly customizable sitemap XML in Strapi CMS

Components screenshot

Next JS Components built with Tailwind, Typescript, Craft UI, Shadcn UI, and more.

Country State Dropdown screenshot

This Component is built with Nextjs, Tailwindcss, Shadcn-ui & Zustand for state management

default image

Full stack, modern web application template. Using FastAPI, React, SQLModel, PostgreSQL, Docker, GitHub Actions, automatic HTTPS and more.

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Shiny visual effects for your design system. In less than a minute.

Monorepo screenshot

Freedom Combination Monorepo

Nextjs Velite Blog Template screenshot

A static blog template built using NextJS 14, Velite, Tailwind, Shadcn/UI and MDX. Follow along on YouTube!

Octochangelog Webapp screenshot

Compare GitHub changelogs across multiple releases in a single view.

Open Audio screenshot

Open-Audio TTS: A robust web app leveraging OpenAI's powerful Text-to-Speech (TTS) models to generate natural-sounding audio from text. Built with modern web technologies for an intuitive user experience, including customizable voice and speech speed settings, and the ability to download audio fi...

RayVox screenshot



Audio and Video transcription with whisper API and Next.js

Shadcn Extension screenshot

An open source component collection , that extend your ui library , built using shadcn component

Agency Template screenshot

This repo is a NextJS, Tailwind, React template for agencies. Free. Open Source. Use this template to build your agency website.

Fluid screenshot



Fluid let's you easily build Shopify Hydrogen headless storefronts by organizing your content with Sanity.

Food screenshot



Modern e-commerce self-hosted platform: clients will be happy to order delicious food!

Gojo screenshot



A collaborative brainstorming app.

Naturaily Storyblok Next Starter screenshot

🚀 Next.js 14+ storyblok boilerplate with typescript, husky, lint-staged, eslint, prettier, storybook, GH action.

Next Js Launchpad screenshot

Say goodbye to setup headaches and hello to consistent code quality. Elevate your Next.js projects with NextJsLaunchpad.

Nextjs Billing screenshot

Next.js billing app with Lemon Squeezy

Nextjs Template screenshot

An enterprise Next.js template application showcasing - Testing strategies, Global state management, Custom environments, a network layer, component library integration, localization, Image loading, Custom App, Custom document, IE 11 compatibility and Continuous integration & deployment.

Nextjs Wagmi Template screenshot

Nextjs wagmi rainbowkit

Nextjs14 Starter screenshot

My personal Nextjs 14 starter template!

Pexllecn screenshot

Building a complete nextjs starter supported by shadcn components

Saasbold Lite screenshot

Full-Stack SaaS Boilerplate and Starter Kit for your next SaaS Projects screenshot

Open Source Google Indexer.

Mistcss screenshot

Write atomic React components using only CSS! (JS-from-CSS™) 🌬️

Shadcn Blocks screenshot

Official collection of blocks built on shadcn-ui. Blocks are larger ready-made components like dashboards, signup pages, and landing page sections.

Evolutility Ui React screenshot

Framework for building CRUD UIs for Hasura GraphQL with models rather than code.

default image

Create React + Redux app structure with build configurations ✨

PineUI screenshot



🚀 Boilerplate using TurboRepo, Vite, React, and Express. Provides a fast and efficient setup for building modern web apps.

React Redux Passport Uikit Express Boiler screenshot

A React+Redux boilerplate using Express as backend, UIKit for frontend, MongoDB for storage & Passport for auth.

Bunk Manager Mern screenshot

Building React Web App to manage attendance in a university.

default image

A clone using MERN stack

default image

A simple E-voting Decentralised App using the Ethereum Blockchain, Solidity and the MERN(MongoDB, Express.js, ReactJS, Node.js) stack

Fullstackopen screenshot

Exercises for the Full Stack Open course.

My Js screenshot

My Js


Руководства, шпаргалки, вопросы и другие материалы по JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next.js, Node.js, Express, Prisma, GraphQL, Docker и другим технологиям, связанным с разработкой веб-приложений.

Nodejs Express Mongodb Rest Api Boilerplate screenshot

RESTful API Node Server Boilerplate (ExpressJS, MongoDB, BabelJS...vv) Đây là bộ code base để bắt đầu học viết các API chuẩn chỉnh trong khóa "MERN Stack Pro - Lập Trình qua dự án thực tế code con Trello Kéo Thả" trên YouTube của mình nhé các bạn!

Practica screenshot

Node.js solution starter that is production-ready, packed with ✅ best practices and built with simplicity in mind

React Workflow screenshot

Large SPA boilerplate use react redux webpack babel es6 express browsync nodemon... screenshot

一套基于React + Vite + Express的ChatGPT新ui聊天界面,支持gpt4

default image

A mirror of Facebook's dev-expression Babel plugin

default image



react+react router+node(express)+mongodb+webpack 栈

default image



blog base on express,co,mongoose,react,redux,react-router...

default image

MERN Stack Based Chat Application

default image

Client for beginners to learn, built with React / Redux / Node

default image



👕 👖 📦 A sample web and mobile application built with Node, Express, React, React Native, Redux and GraphQL. Very basic replica of / (allows users to get monthly subscription of trendy clothes and accessories).

default image

:open_file_folder: A react node and express js project to upload files on amazon web services ( AWS )

default image

React based FileManager for browser ( + FS REST API for Node.js and Express)

Fullstack App screenshot

⚡ Ready-to-use, serverless, full-stack application built with AWS Lambda, Express.js, React, AWS DynamoDB and AWS HTTP API.

default image

An example of Express and MongoDB with Relay and GraphQL working together

default image

Hacker News clone rewritten with universal JavaScript, using React and GraphQL.

default image

The "cloud" at home

Isomorphic React Example screenshot

Deprecated! ReactJS + NodeJS ( express ) demo tutorial with video. Universal/Isomorphic JS = Shared JavaScript that runs on both the client & server.

default image


Isomorphism React Todomvc screenshot

Isomorphism javascript of todomvc powered by react and express

Javascript Obfuscator Ui screenshot

A web UI to the JavaScript Obfuscator node.js package.

default image

A full-fledged job application portal based on MERN stack

default image

Universal Javascript sample application with React Router 4 and Express 5 (Enhanced version of

Krabs screenshot



🦀 Express.js/Fastify middleware and virtual host for multi-tenant Next.js applications

default image

Real-time chat app using Firebase, React, TailwindCSS, MongoDB, Node/Express, and

default image

A boilerplate for developing react+redux applications with rethinkdb/horizon as realtime database and express for the server.

default image

A simple records system using MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js with real-time CRUD operations using

Mern Ecommerce screenshot

:balloon: Fullstack MERN Ecommerce Application

default image

Курс MERN - Mongo, Express, React, Node JS. Урок с Нуля до Деплоя

default image

Minimalistic Sessions based Authentication app 🔒 using Reactjs, Nodejs, Express, MongoDB and Bootstrap. Uses Cookies 🍪

default image

MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js) create read update and delete (CRUD) web application example

default image

Mern Stack code for the Mern Tutorial

default image

Hipsterer than MEAN stack. Node.js, Express, React and Database connectivity application skeleton

Netflix Clone React Node screenshot

Netflix Clone built using React, Redux Toolkit, Firebase, Styled Components, Axios, Node.js, Express and MongoDB.

default image

Simple app Node.js + Express.js + MongoDB Authentication API and React Js Client

PERN Store screenshot

A full-stack e-commerce project built with Postgres, Express, React and Node.

Project_chat_application screenshot

This is a code repository for the corresponding YouTube video. In this tutorial we are going to build and deploy a real time chat application. Covered topics: React.js, Node.js, Express.js, and

React Auth Example screenshot

Example application for implementing authentication on a react application with express, mongodb, and react-router.

default image

a composite render engine for universal (isomorphic) express apps to render both plain react views and react-router views

React Multi Email screenshot

:octocat: A simple react component to format multiple email as the user types.

default image

A real-time chat application built using React (Create React App on the frontend) and NodeJS/Express/ Backend

default image

Server Side Rendering for React demo project

default image

A boilerplate of SPA, built with React.js, Webpack, ES6+, Redux, Router, Babel, Express, Ant Design...

default image

A lightweight, real-time chess app built in Node, Express, Socket.IO, React, Flux and Immutable.

Simorgh screenshot

The BBC's Open Source Web Application. Contributions welcome! Used on some of our biggest websites, e.g.

Spotify Profile screenshot

A web app for visualizing personalized Spotify data built with React, Express, and the Spotify API

Spresso Search screenshot

Visual metasearch engine built with TypeScript, React, Redux & Express

default image



React Server-Side Rendering Example

Stackoverflow Clone Frontend screenshot

Clone project of a famous Q/A website for developers built using MySQL, Express, React, Node, Sequelize :globe_with_meridians:

Trellis screenshot

A simplified Trello clone built with React, Redux, Node, Express and MongoDB.

Yasei screenshot



Social media made with React, Node, Express and MongoDB (MERN)

Accountill screenshot

Fullstack open source Invoicing application made with MongoDB, Express, React & Nodejs (MERN)

default image

This project is a basic setup for an app written in TypeScript that has a front-end and back-end using React on the front-end and ExpressJS on the back-end.

Bestbags Nodejs Ecommerce screenshot

A responsive ecommerce website using Node js, Express js, and MongoDB

default image

A simple app using Next.js

Notion Clone screenshot

Edit Notes like in Full-Stack App using React/Express.

React Auth Client screenshot

Social authentication with React and Express

React Discord Clone screenshot

Discord Clone using React, Node, Express, Socket-IO and Mysql

React Express Stripe screenshot

💰 Minimal Boilerplate for Stripe used in React and Express. Charge payments from your customers with this project.

default image

React component that renders Paypal's express check out button

default image

react+router+redux+express 构建淘票票的全栈demo

Reactend Express screenshot

React renderer to build Node.js server

default image

An example app that uses Polaris components and shopify-express

default image

Разработка SPA на React, NodeJS, Express и MongoDB

Starter Express screenshot

Starter project for using Remix with Express

default image

Fullstack example application, using React, Express.js, and Stormpath

Viewer React Express Headless screenshot

Headless viewer: Creates a custom Viewer GUI using react-express

Vscode Python Devicesimulator screenshot

Device Simulator Express, a Microsoft Garage project

Circleci Demo Javascript Express screenshot

Sample Javascript/Express app building on CircleCI

Example Create React App Express screenshot

Example on using create-react-app with a Node Express Backend

default image

Create a GraphQL HTTP server with Express.

default image

Simple, Useful Full Stack Express and React Application

default image

This is an Express view engine which renders React components on server. It renders static markup and *does not* support mounting those views on the client.

default image

Cross platform configuration & build tool for the ExpressLRS radio link

React Express screenshot

Learn React through interactive examples

default image

:fire: React full stack+Express+Mongo implementation blog website tutorial :new_moon_with_face:

default image

A taxi booking app with two parts, the driver and the rider part. The rider needs to request a ride and wait for the driver to start the trip if the request is accepted. This app is written in js(ES6) with the react-native framework and firebase as our BAAS(replaced with ExpressJs). You need to d...

WordExpress screenshot

WordPress using Node, React, GraphQL, and Apollo

Renative screenshot

🚀🚀🚀 Unified Development Platform for iOS, tvOS, Android, Android TV, Android Wear, Web, Tizen TV, Tizen Watch, Tizen Mobile, LG webOS, macOS/OSX, Windows, KaiOS, FirefoxOS Firefox TV platforms

default image



:fire: BURN a React Native boilerplate

Dooboo Expo screenshot

Complete boilerplate for react-native app with expo. Contains typescript, router, test, localization, navigation, hook and etc.

Dooboo Native Ts screenshot

Complete boilerplate for react-native app. Contains, typescript, react-hook, context-api, ts-jest, localization, navigation and etc.

Elements screenshot

React Native components & templates - built with Tailwind CSS

Expo Boilerplate screenshot

Architectures, methods and much more that We use while developing mobile applications

Molecule screenshot

⚛️ – :atom: – :atom_symbol: Boilerplate for cross platform web/native react apps with electron.

React Native Base screenshot

React Native-Redux Boilerplate

default image

A React Native boilerplate with Expo, Redux, React Navigation, Styled Components and some 💕 included.

React Native Boilerplate screenshot

The stable base upon which we build our React Native projects at Mirego

React Native Boilerplate screenshot

Explore 'react-native-boilerplate,' your go-to foundation for React Native projects. Packed with custom components like Buttons, Dropdowns, and TextInputs, this repository streamlines development, making it easy to create standout mobile apps effortlessly.

React Native Chat App Boilerplate screenshot

A React Native chat app boilerplate

default image

Persistent, offline-first state management solution for React Native. Easy to use with minimal config and boilerplate.

React Native Patterns screenshot

React native library that allows you to build pattern components for your application. Built using @shopify/react-native-skia

default image

Better styling for react-native

React Native V2ex screenshot

项目使用了 React Native 构建了一个 V2EX 移动客户端应用。目的是为了构建一个 React Native 快速开发脚手架。客户端数据完全基于 V2EX 开放 API。基于 RN 0.71.5。

default image

React Native / React Native Web Boilerplate

Reactizer 2016 screenshot

(UNMAINTAINED) The most hipster React and React Native boilerplate! :smiling_imp:

ReactNative Redux TypeScript Boilerplate screenshot

React Native Boilerplate app - Redux + TypeScript

default image

A demonstration of sharing javascript react-native code between mobile, desktop and web environments

Template Skia screenshot

A Remotion starter template with React Native Skia included

default image

React Native 学习资源精选仓库(汇聚知识,分享精华)

default image

【开发中】React Native版本的Bilibili客户端,支持iOS和Android用户

Cavy screenshot



An integration test framework for React Native.

default image

React Native date & time picker component for iOS, Android and Windows

Directory screenshot

A searchable and filterable directory of React Native libraries.

Edge React Gui screenshot

Edge React Native GUI for iOS and Android

Expo screenshot



An open-source platform for making universal native apps with React. Expo runs on Android, iOS, and the web.

default image

Swiggy Clone with React-Native

default image

📱🚀 🧩 Cross Device & High Performance Normal Form/Dynamic(JSON Schema) Form/Form Builder -- Support React/React Native/Vue 2/Vue 3

default image

A Hacker News Reader built in React Native for iOS and Android

Lets Code React Native screenshot

We develop the UI/UX in React Native based on some certain design from scratch.

Lyrics King React Native screenshot

Lyrics King is React Native song lyrics search app, built with Expo. Designed with Adobe XD.

M Picker screenshot

React Mobile Picker(web & react-native)

default image



📲 Bootstrap ClojureScript React Native apps

default image

Projeto desenvolvido na missão React Native no NLW #06

Pdftron React Native screenshot

A convenience wrapper for building react native apps with PDFTron mobile SDK.

default image

Pouchdb with async storage

React Conf App screenshot

React Conf 2017 Companion App - built with React Native

React Day Picker screenshot

DayPicker is a customizable date picker component for React, with native TypeScript support.

React Native Activity Feed screenshot

Official React Native SDK for Activity Feeds

React Native Activity View screenshot

iOS share and action sheets for React Native

React Native Alarm Notification screenshot

schedule alarm and local notification in react-native

React Native Amap Geolocation screenshot

React Native geolocation module for Android + iOS

default image

Allows you to listen for incoming SMS messages using React Native

default image

A react-native module for viewing and connecting to Wifi networks on Android devices.

default image

Customizable react native component for number animations.

default image

A simple and customisable React Native component that implements an animated bottom tab bar for React Navigation.

React Native Animated Todo screenshot

Animated ToDo app built with React Native and Reanimated v2

React Native Animation Book screenshot

A book talking about react-native animations, and walking you through from beginner to expert.

React Native Animations screenshot

Repo for animation tutorials from Minh Techie channel

default image

Awesome alerts for React Native, works with iOS and Android.

default image

React Native BaiduMap SDK for Android + iOS

default image

A growing list of organizations that are betting on React Native 💪🏿

React Native Bluetooth Classic screenshot

⚛ Bluetooth classic Android(Bluetooth)/IOS(ExternalAccessory) module for serial communication

default image

React Native Book List App

React Native Bouncy Checkbox screenshot

Fully customizable animated bouncy checkbox for React Native

default image

A Beautiful, Customizable React Native Button component for iOS & Android

default image

A component to select period from calendar like Airbnb

React Native Calendario screenshot

📆 React Native Calendar

default image


React Native Chat Ui screenshot

Actively maintained, community-driven chat UI implementation with an optional Firebase BaaS.

default image

Automating the clean up of a React Native project

default image

Richtext editor for react native

React Native Confetti Cannon screenshot

React Native confetti explosion and fall like iOS does.

default image

Contacts plugin to wrap native contact pickers for iOS and Android.

default image

The React Native crash course by Wix is a self-learning course designed to help you learn everything you need to know before diving into writing production code in React Native.

default image

A high performance, beautiful and fully customizable curved bottom navigation bar for React Native.

React Native Custom Tabs screenshot

Chrome Custom Tabs for React Native.

default image


React Native Dotenv screenshot

Load react native environment variables using import statements for multiple env files.

default image

React Native render for draft.js model

default image

A draggable and sortable grid of react-native

default image

A drag-and-drop system for React Native

React Native Email Link screenshot

📭 Open an email client from React Native (for 'magic link' type functionality).

React Native Encrypted Storage screenshot

React Native wrapper around EncryptedSharedPreferences and Keychain to provide a secure alternative to Async Storage.

default image

A React-Native iOS style calendar implemented using VirtualizedList.

default image

ReactNative iOS app that fetches your current location and display Intstagram photos that were made near to you

default image

UI examples from converted to React Native. Examples of SVG Animation with react-native-svg, flubber, d3

default image

Exit,close,kill,shutdown app completely for React Native on iOS and Android.

default image

Learn React Native (Expo CLI) by examples.

default image

Access additional display metrics on Android devices: status bar height, soft menu bar height, real screen size.

default image

React Native 仿开眼3.1.2版本

default image

Facebook Account Kit SDK wrapper for React Native

default image

Pure javascript UI prototype of iOS Facebook for React Native framework.

default image

A face detection and recognition library for React Native. Faster and Accurate!

default image

Responsive image component to fit perfectly itself.

default image

A React Native module to interact with Apple Healthkit and Google Fit.

default image

Official React Native component for Font Awesome 5

React Native For Designers screenshot

React Native for Designers course

default image

Set of helpers to make form awesome with React Native and Formik

default image

用react-native+mobx开发一个简单的迷你水果商城,支持ios和android。Use react-native + mobx to develop a simple mini fruit mall that supports ios and android.

default image

A React Native app showcasing some examples using react-native-game-engine 🐒✨

default image

Android and iOS client for GitHub trending and popular projects based on React Native.

default image

Internationalization (i18n) for React Native

default image

Google Analytics for React Native! Compatible with react-native-ab

React Native Google Mobile Ads screenshot

React Native Google Mobile Ads enables you to monetize your app with AdMob.

default image

ScrollView with an image in header which becomes a navbar

React Native Image Marker screenshot

🙈Adding text or icon watermark to your image using React Native👀👀

default image

A simple and fully customizable React Native component that implements an Image Slider UI.

React Native Image View screenshot

Modal component to view images with zoom

default image

A React Native Keyboard Accessory (View, Navigation) Component. Sticky views on keyboard.

React Native Keyboard Controller screenshot

Keyboard manager which works in identical way on both iOS and Android

React Native Keyboard Manager screenshot

⚛ Library to prevent issues of keyboard sliding up and cover inputs on React-Native iOS projects.

default image

Capture external keyboard keys or remote control button events

default image

Line SDK wrapper for React Native 🚀

default image

A collection of animated spinners for React Native

React Native Location Tracking screenshot

Track User location and draws the path you have taken

default image

simple app for animated from other scence

default image

A navigation UI ready to drop into your React Native application

default image

A Clustering-enabled map for React Native

default image

Markdown component for React Native

default image

MarkdownView for React Native

default image

Pure JavaScript material menu component for React Native

default image

Base component for touchable elements

default image

A sweet UI component to manipulate your media. Strongly typed.

default image

🥞 Modal citizen of React Native.

default image

Pure JS react native slider component with one or two markers.

default image

🏞 react-native-multiple-image-picker enables applications to pick images and videos from multiple smart albums in iOS/Android, similar to the current Facebook app.

default image

React Native Music Application Example

default image

🗺️naver map for react-native

default image

React Native 仿 ofo 共享单车 App

React Native Opencv Tutorial screenshot

👩‍🏫Fully working example of the OpenCV library used together with React Native

default image

OTP inputs for React-Native

default image

React native sms verification without additional permissions

default image

Parallax scroll view for react-native

default image

🐳 React Native Percentage Circle

default image

📐 Monitor and measure React Native performance

React Native Performance screenshot

Performance monitoring for React Native apps

default image

Perform custom crop, resizing and perspective correction 📐🖼

default image

The best React Native example for phone verification (an alternative to Twitter Digits).

default image

Cross platform photo upload component for react native

default image

A modern and comprehensive CameraRoll/iCloud-library-API for React Native 📸 📹

default image

A well-tested, adaptable, lightweight <Popover> component for react-native

default image

A simple and fully customizable React Native component that implements a popup UI.

default image

An animated progress bar for React Native

default image

:iphone: A React Native wrapper that provides access to the proximity sensor on iOS and Android.

default image

⚡️ A fast implementation of Node's `crypto` module written in C/C++ JSI

default image

A React Native plugin that enables React Native apps to receive sharing photos, videos, text, urls or any other file types from another app

React Native Redux Crypto Tracker screenshot

💎 Learn how to build a Redux + React Native cryptocurrency app

default image

A simple grocery list app with offline support, built with React Native, Redux, Firebase

default image

Building responsive UIs in React Native.

default image

Helps you manage React Native projects that have multiple schemes.

default image

Cross platform scrollable bottom sheet with virtualisation support, native animations at 60 FPS and fully implemented in JS land :fire:

default image

Searchable Dropdown

default image

A clean and highly customizable React Native implementation of a list of settings for a settings page.

default image

React Native shake event detector

default image

react native 分享

default image

A pure JavaScript <Slider> component for react-native and react-native-web

default image

A cross-platform, smooth, lightweight, customizable PIN code input component for React Native.

default image

Use the iOS and Android native Twitter and Facebook share popup with React Native

default image

A demo for implementing a mobile chatroom

React Native Speech screenshot

A text-to-speech library for React Native.

default image

SQLite3 Native Plugin for React Native for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS.

default image

An interactive sticky item inspired by Facebook Stories.

default image

Rate on App/Play Store directly in your React Native app

default image

Better styling for React Native

default image

A wrap SVG component for animated linear gradient

default image

A collection of usage examples of react-native-svg-charts

default image

👆 Swiper component implemented with FlatList using Hooks & Typescript + strict automation tests with Detox

React Native Tableview Simple screenshot

Flexible and lightweight React Native component for UITableView made with pure CSS

default image

A simple React Native component that creates an input for tags, emails, etc.

default image

Tag input component for React Native

default image

React Native TCP socket API for Android, iOS & macOS with SSL/TLS support.

default image

react-native-test-app provides an app for all supported platforms as a package

React Native Ticker screenshot

React Native Number Ticker

default image

An auto-updating timeago component for React Native using moment.js

default image

A simple To Do application written in React Native

default image

A react-native wrapper for showing tooltips

default image

ReactNative component - tooltip menu

React Native Train screenshot

I use this book to train my team, help them to know how to build React-native app in the right way.

default image

Core Unimodule infrastructure and a collection of Unimodules and interfaces that are commonly depended on by other Unimodules

default image

Show an unity view in react native

React Native V2 screenshot

React Native v2 course material for Frontend Masters

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React Native Web Hello World screenshot

An example HelloWorld app that shares code between React Web and React Native

React Native Web Maps screenshot

React Native for Web implementation of react-native-maps

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A cross-platform (iOS / Android), full-featured, highly customizable web browser module for React Native apps.

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Week View Component for react-native

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A react-native implementation for viewing and connecting to Wifi networks on Android and iOS devices.

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React Native Wrapper around Zendesk Chat v2

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:satellite: Discover Zeroconf services using react-native

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A view component for react-native with pinch to zoom, tap to move and double tap to zoom capability.

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React Nodegui screenshot

Build performant, native and cross-platform desktop applications with native React + powerful CSS like styling.🚀

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A routing library for React Native that strives for sensible API parity with react-router 🤖

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A framework for building web apps with React Native compatible API.

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React Native app from crash course

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A series of animation challenges in React Native.

Rn Tourguide screenshot

🚩Make an interactive step by step tour guide for your react-native app (a rewrite of react-native-copilot)

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React Native SegmentedControl library

Slack Clone React Native screenshot

Build a slack clone using react-native, Stream and react-navigation

Swipeout screenshot

React Swipeout(web & react-native)

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An Expo template with Tamagui

Waas Sdk React Native screenshot

Coinbase Wallet as a Service (WaaS) SDK for React Native. Enables MPC Operations for iOS and Android Devices.

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:iphone: Yijian - an iOS Weibo App made with React Native

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Collection of amazing open source React & React native projects

Analytics React Native screenshot

The hassle-free way to add analytics to your React-Native app.

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Declarative Animations Library for React and React Native

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AppsFlyer plugin for React Native

BlueWallet screenshot

Bitcoin wallet for iOS & Android. Built with React Native

Chatwoot Mobile App screenshot

Mobile app for Chatwoot - React Native

Circleci Demo React Native screenshot

A demo React Native project that’s building on CircleCI 2.0 with Workflows

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E-commerce App UI. React native, Expo managed flow, React navigation v5, Notification.

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EpubJS React Native Example

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React Native plugin for ESLint

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Route-centric navigation for React Native

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Using React Native with Firebase

Gl React Native V2 screenshot

DEPRECATED, Please migrate to latest version of gl-react-native that works nicely with expo-gl and unimodules

Hamagen React Native screenshot

Israel's Ministry of Health's COVID-19 Exposure Prevention App

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React Native APIs turned into React Hooks for use in functional React components

Instabug React Native screenshot

In-app feedback and bug reporting tool for React Native

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React Native Push Notification API for iOS.

Lx Music Mobile screenshot

一个基于 React native 开发的音乐软件

M Date Picker screenshot

React Mobile DatePicker(web & react-native)

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React Native mobile app for Magento 2.x

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🛒 MageCart: E-commerce app for Magento 2.x written in React Native

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A Mapbox react native module for creating custom maps

Mattermost Mobile screenshot

Next generation iOS and Android apps for Mattermost in React Native

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MeiTuan App Write In latest React-Native(0.62.2)

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MobileShopping - React Native and Exponent

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Now UI Pro React Native

Opentok React Native screenshot

OpenTok React Native - a library for OpenTok iOS and Android SDKs

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React/React Native/NextJS/Razzle components for Keycloak

React Native screenshot

A framework for building native apps with React.

React Native Accordion screenshot

An Accordion Component for React Native

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A Cross Platform(Android, iOS & Web) ActionSheet with a flexible api, native performance and zero dependency code for react native. Create anything you want inside ActionSheet.

React Native Admob Native Ads screenshot

A simple and robust library for creating & displaying Admob Native Advanced Ads in your React Native App using Native Views.

React Native Ai screenshot

Full stack framework for building cross-platform mobile AI apps

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Set of components and helpers for building complex and beautifully animated charts

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A 60FPS animated tab bar with a variety of cool animation presets 😎

React Native Auth0 screenshot

React Native toolkit for Auth0 API

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An auto height webview for React Native

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Automatic linking of URLs, phone numbers, emails, handles, and even custom patterns in text for React Native

React Native Awesome Card Io screenshot

A complete and cross-platform component for React Native (iOS and Android).

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Pure JavaScript React Native library for uploading to AWS S3

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React Native background service library for running background tasks forever in Android & iOS.

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A library for React-Native to help you download large files on iOS and Android both in the foreground and most importantly in the background.

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A barcode scanner component for react native - not maintained anymore - use react-native-camera

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🏀 React-Native clone of the Facebook Basketball game

React Native Big Calendar screenshot

gcal/outlook like calendar component for React Native

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React Native bridge to InApp Billing on Android.

React Native Branch Deep Linking Attribution screenshot

The Branch React Native SDK for deep linking and attribution. Branch helps mobile apps grow with deep links / deeplinks that power paid acquisition and re-engagement campaigns, referral programs, content sharing, deep linked emails, smart banners, custom user onboarding, and more.

default image

A React Native button component customizable via props

default image

A pure javascript card modal for React Native framework.

React Native Cardview screenshot

Native CardView for react-native (All Android version and iOS)

React Native Carplay screenshot

CarPlay with React Native

React Native Chatbot screenshot

:speech_balloon: Easy way to create conversation chats

default image

A React Native wrapper around ChatGPT to seamlessly integrate it with your applications. It handles authentication, streamed responses, and keeping track of conversations. 100% client-side :robot:

default image

React Native component for creating circular slider :radio_button:

default image

A cross-platform Collapsible Tab View component for React Native

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🗜️Compress Image, Video, and Audio same like Whatsapp 🚀✨

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A react-native component to input confirmation code for both Android and IOS

default image

A CLI tool that bridges React Native modules & UI components with ease 🎉

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:notebook: Command line tool to create a React Native library with a single command

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Style React-Native components with css

React Native Dating App screenshot

Dating app - Exponent and React Native

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React Native Voximplant Demo

default image

A Desktop port of React Native, driven by Qt, forked from Canonical

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📒 React Native is a cross-platform library to build mobile apps using React and JavaScript. This guide is to help you in your React Native journey. this repo contain a great the resources you need to work with React Native art,(Articles, Tutorials)

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Draggable Item

default image

A react-native dropdown component easy to customize for both iOS and Android.

React Native Example screenshot

React Native Activity Feed example application

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A react native module that lets you to register a global error handler that can capture fatal/non fatal uncaught exceptions.

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React Native Image Cache and Progressive Loading based on Expo

default image

Clone facebook react native (IOS - Expo CLI)

default image

A firestack v3 react-native implementation

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React Native flashbar and top notification alert utility

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The card component which has a motion of flip for React Native(iOS/Android)

default image

Material design action button for React Native

default image

Generate forms with native look and feel in a breeze

default image

made for

default image

A cross platform App which shows the contents from

default image

A gesture password component for React Native. It supports both iOS and Android since it's written in pure JavaScript.

React Native Gifted Charts screenshot

The most complete library for Bar, Line, Area, Pie, Donut, Stacked Bar and Population Pyramid charts in React Native. Allows 2D, 3D, gradient, animations and live data updates.

React Native Graph screenshot

📈 Beautiful, high-performance Graphs and Charts for React Native built with Skia

React Native Hold Menu screenshot

📱 A performant, easy to use hold to open context menu for React Native powered by Reanimated 🚀

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A <Hyperlink /> component for react-native that makes urls, fuzzy links, emails etc clickable

default image

A library providing an API for cropping images from the web and the local file system.

React Native Img Cache screenshot

Image Cache for React Native

default image

A react-native wrapper for handling in-app payments

default image

Activity indicator collection for React Native

default image

🍔一个基于 React Native 和 Redux、MobX 实现的展示型 Demo。

default image

Use your own custom input component instead of the system keyboard

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:barber: React Native loading spinner overlay

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React Native map clustering both for Android and iOS.

React Native Map Link screenshot

🗺 Open the map app of the user's choice.

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💅🔧👌 a beautiful, customizable and easy-to-use material design bottom navigation for react-native

default image

A notification bar alert displayed at the top of the screen for react-native

default image

Facebook Messenger Implementation using react-native

React Native Mmkv Storage screenshot

An ultra fast (0.0002s read/write), small & encrypted mobile key-value storage framework for React Native written in C++ using JSI

default image

A fully mocked and test-friendly version of react native (maintainers wanted)

default image

A customizable calendar, time & month picker for React Native (including Persian Jalaali calendar & locale)

default image

🧵 Fast and easy multithreading for React Native using JSI

default image

Shadows and neumorphism/neomorphism for iOS & Android (like iOS).

default image

🏃 UI & UX Prototype of redesigned Nike+ Running for React Native 📱+ React Native DOM (Web) 🌏

default image

Fast and simple in-app notifications for React Native

default image

React Native OpenTok

default image

Tiny Javascript library which provides an elegant UI for user to input one time passcode.

default image

Easy to use page view component

React Native Paper Dates screenshot

Smooth and fast cross platform Material Design date and time picker for React Native Paper

default image

Parallax effects for React Native using Animated API

default image

Parse text and make them into multiple React Native Text elements

default image

📚 PDF viewer for React Native

default image

React Native component for phone number.

default image

Local and remote media gallery with captions, selections and grid view support for react native.

default image

🌄 Photo editor using native modules for iOS and Android. Inherit from 2 available libraries, ZLImageEditor (iOS) and PhotoEditor (Android)

default image

A PIN code component for react native

default image

Print documents using React Native

default image

A simple and fully customizable React Native component that implements a progress stepper UI.

default image

A cross-platform prompt component for React Native.

React Native Pull Refresh screenshot

Custom pull to refresh component for Android

React Native Purchases screenshot

React Native in-app purchases and subscriptions made easy. Support for iOS and Android.

default image

A highly customizable QR code scanning component for React Native

default image

Send your app users to Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon, or other using the newest APIs

React Native Raw Bottom Sheet screenshot

Add Your Own Component To Bottom Sheet Whatever You Want (Android and iOS)

React Native Really Awesome Button screenshot

React Native button component. Awesome Button is a 3D at 60fps, progress enabled, social ready, extendable, production ready component that renders an awesome animated set of UI buttons. 📱

default image

🚀 react native redux FeInn 从零到1让你学会搭建一个APP

default image

React Native Package With One Purpose: To Restart Your React Native Project

React Native Safari View screenshot

A React Native wrapper for Safari View Controller.

default image

A flexible way to handle safe area insets in JS. Also works on Android and Web!

default image

⚠️ Deprecated: use the successor react-native-safe-area-context instead!

default image

a multi (or single) select component with support for sub categories, search, chips.

default image

react-native-segmented-control-tab(for Android/iOS)

default image

React Native Android module to use Android's Intent actions for send text to shareable apps or make phone calls or opening third party apps

default image

SGListView is a memory minded implementation of React Native's ListView

default image

Simple shimmering effect for any view in React Native

default image

Simple React Native carousel with sensible defaults

default image

OAuth login for React Native

React Native Simple Store screenshot

A minimalistic wrapper around React Native's AsyncStorage.

React Native Skeleton Content screenshot

A customizable skeleton-like loading placeholder for react native projects using expo.

React Native Sketch screenshot

🎨 A React Native <Sketch /> component for touch-based drawing.

default image

SMS composer with callbacks for iOS and Android

React Native Spring Scrollview screenshot

React Native Spring ScrollView V3 is a high performance cross-platform native bounces ScrollView for React Native.(iOS & Android)

default image

A React Native component for generating and displaying interactive star ratings

React Native Store screenshot

A simple database base on react-native AsyncStorage.

default image

a sudoku game written in React Native

default image

Responsive Grid View for React Native

default image

Customisable switch component for RN

default image

🌱Build table for react native

default image

Tesseract OCR wrapper for React Native

default image

React Native Text-To-Speech library for Android and iOS

React Native Tutorials screenshot

Repo for React Native tutorials from the Cheetah Coding YouTube Channel

default image

React Native repo with additions for Apple TV and Android TV support.

React Native Ultimate Listview screenshot

A high performance FlatList providing customised pull-to-refresh | auto-pagination & infinite-scrolling | gridview layout | swipeable-row.

default image

A React Native module to upload files and camera roll assets.

default image

Gets the version number and build number of your app.

default image

A sweet & simple chart library for React Native that will make us feel like We're All Gonna Make It.

default image

An inline wrapper for calling out React Native components via tooltip

React Native Watch Connectivity screenshot

Enable communication between apple watch app and react native

default image

Simple React Native Android module to use Android's WebView inside your app

default image

🚀 WeChat login, share, favorite and payment for React-Native on iOS and Android

React Native Youtube Iframe screenshot

A wrapper of the Youtube-iframe API built for react native.

default image

Zip archive utility for react-native

default image

ReactNative 实现的文件上传功能。支持任意文件上传,欢迎Star! !

default image

Demos for react-native components of 'react-native-component'

default image

React Native组件大全,介绍React Native常用组件的使用方法和使用示例

Reactotron screenshot

A desktop app for inspecting your React JS and React Native projects. macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Redux Offline screenshot

Build Offline-First Apps for Web and React Native

default image

simple, expressive API for tailwindcss + react-native

default image

🦎 Use Tailwind CSS in React Native projects

Tflite React Native screenshot

React Native library for TensorFlow Lite

default image

React Native Stripe binding for iOS/Android platforms

default image

victory components for react native

default image

30 days of React Native demos

Ant Design Mobile Rn screenshot

Ant Design for React Native

Argon React Native screenshot

Argon React Native

default image

React Native 组件库

default image

A react native app simulating eleme app,run ios and android.

FinanceReactNative screenshot

[Deprecated] iOS's Stocks App clone written in React Native for demo purpose (available both iOS and Android).

Flash List screenshot

A better list for React Native

Form screenshot



React High Order Form Component(web & react-native)

default image

A Fullstack GraphQL Airbnb Clone with React and React Native

Google Signin screenshot

Google Sign-in for your React Native applications

default image

JPush's officially supported React Native plugin (Android & iOS). 极光推送官方支持的 React Native 插件(Android & iOS)。

Learning React Native screenshot

Code samples for the book Learning React Native.

Material Kit React Native screenshot

Material Kit React Native

default image

Discover Movies and TV shows - React Native

Native Navigation screenshot

Native navigation library for React Native applications

Noder React Native screenshot

The mobile app of written in React Native

React Hook Form screenshot

📋 React Hooks for form state management and validation (Web + React Native)

React Native screenshot

📓 Storybook for React Native!

default image

A cross-platform ActionSheet for React Native

React Native Agora screenshot

React Native around the Agora RTC SDKs for Android and iOS agora

React Native Airbnb Clone screenshot

Airbnb clone app using React Native & Redux

React Native Amap3d screenshot

react-native 高德地图组件,使用最新 3D SDK,支持 Android + iOS

default image

React native bridge for AppAuth - an SDK for communicating with OAuth2 providers

default image

A React Native library providing support for Apple Authentication on iOS and Android.

default image

React Native binding for iOS ARKit

React Native Autocomplete Input screenshot

Pure javascript autocomplete input for react-native

default image

Background and foreground geolocation plugin for React Native. Tracks user when app is running in background.

default image

Emit event periodically (even when app is in the background)

default image

Upload files in your React Native app even while it's backgrounded. Supports Android and iOS, including camera roll assets.

default image

Baidu Map SDK modules and views for React Native(Android & iOS), support react native 0.61+. 百度地图 React Native 模块,支持 react native 0.61+,已更新到最新的百度地图SDK版本。

default image

React-Native library for detecting beacons (iOS and Android)

default image

React Native BLE library

default image

React Native Blur component

default image

🚀 Show a splash screen during app startup. Hide it when you are ready.

React Native Bottom Sheet screenshot

A performant interactive bottom sheet with fully configurable options 🚀

default image

CachedImage component for react-native

default image

Easy to use and visually stunning calendar component for React Native.

default image

A high performance, easy to use, rock solid camera library for React Native apps.

default image

CameraRoll is a react-native native module that provides access to the local camera roll or photo library.

default image

A Canvas component for React Native

React Native Chart Kit screenshot

📊React Native Chart Kit: Line Chart, Bezier Line Chart, Progress Ring, Bar chart, Pie chart, Contribution graph (heatmap)

default image

React Native component for creating animated, circular progress with ReactART

default image's mobile client powered by react-native

default image

Animated collapsible component for React Native, good for accordions, toggles etc

default image

React Native Contacts

default image

Cookie manager for React Native

default image

Step-by-step walkthrough tooltip for your react native app

default image

React Native CountDown

React Native Country Picker Modal screenshot

🇦🇶 Country picker provides a modal allowing a user to select a country from a list. It display a flag next to each country name.

default image

react native datePicker component for both Android and IOS, useing DatePikcerAndroid, TimePickerAndroid and DatePickerIOS

default image

Document Picker for React Native using Document Providers

default image

Document scanner, features live border detection, perspective correction, image filters and more ! 📲📸

React Native Dom screenshot

An experimental, comprehensive port of React Native to the web.

default image

A drag-and-drop-enabled FlatList for React Native

default image

React Native Drawer

default image

Dribbble app built with React Native

React Native Dropdown Picker screenshot

A single / multiple, categorizable, customizable, localizable and searchable item picker (drop-down) component for react native which supports both Android & iOS.

default image

An alert to notify users about an error or something else

default image

Easy React Native Layout & Grid for the Dumb

React Native Express screenshot

The all-in-one guide to React Native

default image

A React Native library for Fabric, Crashlytics and Answers

default image

React Native component wrapping the native Facebook SDK login button and manager

React Native Fbsdk screenshot

A React Native wrapper around the Facebook SDKs for Android and iOS. Provides access to Facebook login, sharing, graph requests, app events etc.

React Native Fingerprint Scanner screenshot

Provide Fingerprint, Touch ID, and Face ID Scanner for React Native (Compatible with both Android and iOS)

default image

FoldView implemented in JavaScript ⛱

default image

Fonts available out of the box in a React Native project

default image


default image

A lightweight Game Engine for React Native 🕹⚡🎮

default image

Geolocation APIs for React Native

React Native Geolocation Service screenshot

React native geolocation service for iOS and android

React Native Gesture Handler screenshot

Declarative API exposing platform native touch and gesture system to React Native.

default image

📝 « One React-Native form component to rule them all »

default image

Yet another Github client written with react-native.

default image

React Native bridge to the Google Analytics libraries on both iOS and Android.

React Native Google Cast screenshot

React Native wrapper for the Google Cast SDK

default image

iOS/Android Google Places Widgets (Autocomplete Modals) and API Services for React Native Apps

default image

A React Native package to interact with Apple HealthKit

React Native Hiapp screenshot

HiApp written in react-native.

default image

A React Native component which renders HTML content as native views

React Native Iap screenshot

react-native native module for In App Purchase.

default image

Quick and easy icons in React Native

default image

iOS/Android image picker with support for camera, video, configurable compression, multiple images and cropping

default image

Pure JavaScript image gallery component for iOS and Android with high-performance and native feeling in mind

default image

Progress indicator for networked images in React Native

default image

🗻 Resize local images with React Native

default image

🚀 tiny & fast lib for react native image viewer pan and zoom

React Native Image Viewing screenshot

Tiny, purely TS, modal component for viewing images 🏙

default image

react native image pan and zoom

default image

A React Native app - Clone Instagram mobile app

default image

Experimental implementation of high performance interactable views in React Native

default image

React native wrapper for Jitsi Meet SDK

default image

A ScrollView component that handles keyboard appearance and automatically scrolls to focused TextInput.

default image

:key: Keychain Access for React Native

React Native Largelist screenshot

The best large list component for React Native.

default image

Project Files for Youtube Tutorial Series

default image

Images etc in Full Screen Lightbox Popovers for React Native

React Native Linear Gradient screenshot

A <LinearGradient /> component for react-native

default image

🌍 A toolbox for your React Native app localization

default image

React Native plug-in that provides GPS location information

default image

React Native Login Screen

default image

:carousel_horse: Looped carousel for React Native

default image

[deprecated in favor of] React Native for macOS is an experimental fork for writing desktop apps using Cocoa

default image

A wrapper on top of MFMailComposeViewController from iOS and Mail Intent on android

default image

A Mapbox GL react native module for creating custom maps

default image

React Native 100% compatible CommonMark renderer

default image

A pure javascript masked text and input text component for React-Native.

default image

:raised_hands: A pure JS react-native component to render a masonry~ish layout for images with support for dynamic columns, progressive image loading, device rotation, on-press handlers, and headers/captions.

default image

Material dropdown with consistent behaviour on iOS and Android

React Native Material Kit screenshot

Bringing Material Design to React Native

default image

Material textfield

default image

Meteor Reactivity for your React Native application :)

default image

⚡️ The fastest key/value storage for React Native. ~30x faster than AsyncStorage!

default image

An enhanced, animated, customizable Modal for React Native.

default image

A React-Native datetime-picker for Android and iOS

default image

A react-native dropdown/picker/selector component for both Android & iOS.

React Native Modalize screenshot

A highly customizable modal/bottom sheet that loves scrolling content.

default image

Animate it! Easily!

default image

Android and iOS Pure JS react native multi slider

default image

react native可视化bundle拆包,支持远程加载和debug,支持官方的0.57~0.63.2版本,使用官方的metro拆包,适用于Android、iOS

React Native Music Control screenshot

Display and manage media controls on lock screen and notification center for iOS and Android.

React Native Netflix screenshot

React Native App from my video Course on Youtube

default image

React Native Network Info API for Android & iOS

default image

React Native NFC module for Android & iOS

React Native Oauth screenshot

A react-native wrapper for social authentication login for both Android and iOS

default image

Handy toolbelt to deal nicely with offline/online connectivity in a React Native app. Smooth redux integration ✈️

default image

可能是目前最用心收集的 React Native 优秀开源项目大全,公众号【aMarno】

default image

A react-native module that can listen on orientation changing of device, get current orientation, lock to preferred orientation.

default image

React Native wrapper for the Android ViewPager and iOS UIPageViewController.

default image

A ScrollView-like component with parallax and sticky header support.

default image

Parallax view for vertical scrollview/listviews with a header image and header content

default image

Android and iOS charts based on react-native-svg and paths-js

React Native Payments screenshot

Accept Payments with Apple Pay and Android Pay using the Payment Request API.

default image

An unified permissions API for React Native on iOS, Android and Windows.

default image

🔽 A Picker component for React Native which emulates the native <select> interfaces for iOS and Android

default image

A <Popover /> component for react-native

default image

Popup menu component for React Native

default image

Progress indicators and spinners for React Native

React Native Pushy screenshot

React Native 极速热更新服务

default image

A QR code scanner component for React Native.

default image

A QR Code generator for React Native based on react-native-svg and node-qrcode.

default image

A React Native Job Queue

React Native Reanimated Carousel screenshot

🎠 React Native swiper/carousel component, fully implemented using reanimated v2, support to iOS/Android/Web. (Swiper/Carousel)

React Native Redash screenshot

The React Native Reanimated and Gesture Handler Toolbelt

default image

Deprecated. A pull-to-refresh ListView which shows a loading spinner while your data reloads

default image

Rename react-native app with just one command

default image

Awesome navigation for your React Native app.

default image

Native navigation primitives for your React Native app.

default image

The high-quality iOS native search bar for react native.

React Native Sensitive Info screenshot

Save sensitive data into Android's Shared Preferences with keystore encryption/iOS's Keychain for React Native

React Native Sensors screenshot

A developer friendly approach for sensors in React Native

default image

A react native clothes shopping app UI.

default image

Side menu component for React Native

default image

A simple modular component for react native (iOS) to capture a signature as an image

default image

A React Native component for drawing by touching on both iOS and Android.

React Native Skia screenshot

High-performance React Native Graphics using Skia

default image

A pure JavaScript <Slider> component for react-native

default image

:candy: Material Design "Snackbar" component for Android and iOS.

default image

React Native Sortable List component

default image

Drag drop capable wrapper of ListView for React Native

default image

Full featured SQLite3 Native Plugin for React Native (Android and iOS)

default image

A simple react-native implementation of step indicator widget compatible with the ViewPager and ListView.

default image

local storage wrapper for both react-native and browser. Support size controlling, auto expiring, remote data auto syncing and getting batch data in one query.

default image

📈 One library to rule all charts for React Native 📊

React Native Swipe List View screenshot

A React Native ListView component with rows that swipe open and closed

default image

A powerful React Native swipe component.

default image

A cross-platform Tab View component for React Native

default image

Native iOS UITableView for React Native with JSON support and more

React Native Testing Library screenshot

🦉 Simple and complete React Native testing utilities that encourage good testing practices.

default image

Text input mask for React Native, Android and iOS

default image

Text inputs with custom label and icon animations for iOS and android. Built with react native and inspired by Codrops.

React Native Touch Id screenshot

React Native authentication with the native Touch ID popup.

React Native Track Player screenshot

A fully fledged audio module created for music apps. Provides audio playback, external media controls, background mode and more!

default image

Pixel–perfect, native–looking typographic styles for React Native ✒️

default image

A React Native video component with controls

React Native Video Processing screenshot

Native Video editing/trimming/compressing :movie_camera: library for React-Native

React Native Vision Camera screenshot

📸 A powerful, high-performance React Native Camera library.

React Native Wechat screenshot

🚀 WeChat login, share, favorite and payment for React-Native on iOS and Android platforms (QQ: 336021910)

default image

WKWebview Component for React Native

default image

A <YouTube/> component for React Native.

React screenshot home site.

default image

电商类Reac Native App

default image

react native 超级 App

default image

This is a project that lets you participate in a fully-immersive, hands-on, and fun learning experience for React Native.

default image

Class to localize the ReactNative interface

default image

React Native的中文参考资料,包括开源库,文字/视频资料,相关工具等

default image


default image

Example app in React Native: sort of like twitter/tumblr

Reading screenshot

iReading App Write In React-Native

Recipes App React Native screenshot

Recipes App in React Native

Rescript React Native screenshot

ReScript bindings for React Native

Sentry React Native screenshot

Official Sentry SDK for React-Native

default image

EleTeam开源项目 - 电商全套解决方案之 React Native 版 - Shop-React-Native。一个类似京东/天猫/淘宝的商城,有对应的服务端支持,由EleTeam团队维护!

Soft Ui React Native screenshot

Start your development with a Design System for React-Native inspired by Soft UI Design System.

Stripe React Native screenshot

React Native library for Stripe.

default image

Forms library for react-native

default image

Tinder clone - React Native.

default image



Customizable set of components for React Native applications

default image



ViroReact: AR and VR using React Native

WatermelonDB screenshot

🍉 Reactive & asynchronous database for powerful React and React Native apps ⚡️

Awesome React Native screenshot

Awesome React Native components, news, tools, and learning material!

default image

Create React Native apps that run on iOS, Android, and web

default image

MERN stack shopping cart, written in TypeScript

Leaflet Nextjs Ts Starter screenshot

Create interactive maps with this starter kit for next.js and the leaflet-maps-react plugin. Written in typescript, visually enhanced by tailwind and lucide-react icons. ✨

Lofi Chill Website screenshot

Build in ReactJS, Redux toolkit , Bootstrap and more libraries

Lottie React Native screenshot

Lottie wrapper for React Native.

Railgun screenshot

Opinionated Vite + React starter template.

default image

🔥 React Starter Project with Webpack 5, Babel 7, TypeScript, Redux-saga, Styled-components, React-jss, Split code, Server Side Rendering.

React Native screenshot

A framework for building native applications using React

default image

Standard set of easy to use animations and declarative transitions for React Native

default image

The standalone app based on official debugger of React Native, and includes React Inspector / Redux DevTools

default image

Device Information for React Native iOS and Android

default image

🚩 FastImage, performant React Native image component.

React Native Firebase screenshot

🔥 A well-tested feature-rich modular Firebase implementation for React Native. Supports both iOS & Android platforms for all Firebase services.

React Native Gifted Chat screenshot

💬 The most complete chat UI for React Native

default image

:sunrise_over_mountains: A React Native module that allows you to use native UI to select media from the device library or directly from the camera.

default image

React Native Mapview component for iOS + Android

React Native Navigation screenshot

A complete native navigation solution for React Native

default image

React Native Notifications

default image

Mobile, desktop and website Apps with the same code

React Native Reanimated screenshot

React Native's Animated library reimplemented

default image

The first declarative React Native router

React Native Share screenshot

Social share, sending simple data to other apps.

default image

Swiper/carousel component for React Native featuring previews, multiple layouts, parallax images, performant handling of huge numbers of items, and more. Compatible with Android & iOS.

default image

SVG library for React Native, React Native Web, and plain React web projects.

default image

The best Swiper component for React Native.

React Native Template screenshot

Clean, efficient and scalable React Native template with pre-configured common set of packages to quick-start a new app.

React Native Vector Icons screenshot

Customizable Icons for React Native with support for image source and full styling.

default image

A <Video /> component for react-native

React Native Web screenshot

Cross-platform React UI packages

React Native Webrtc screenshot

The WebRTC module for React Native

React Native Website screenshot

The React Native website and docs

React Native Webview screenshot

React Native Cross-Platform WebView

React Native Windows screenshot

A framework for building native Windows apps with React.

React Navigation screenshot

Routing and navigation for your React Native apps

Rocket.Chat.ReactNative screenshot

Rocket.Chat mobile clients

default image

Starter project for building desktop app with tray status using Tauri, and React.

Ui Kit screenshot

Ui Kit


Livepeer UI Kit: Video primitives for React

Vite React Tailwind Starter screenshot

Template created with React v18 and TailwindCSS, created in Vite! And of course it includes Prettier and ESLint etc!

Codespaces Learn With Me screenshot

This is a Codespaces React template that leverages a Code Tour to guide beginners through writing their first lines of React.

Expo Router V2 Authflow Appwrite screenshot

Expo Router - File Based Routing for React Native, tabs template with auth flow using context api

Graphql Starter Kit screenshot

💥 Monorepo template (seed project) pre-configured with GraphQL API, PostgreSQL, React, and Joy UI.

default image

Lightweight utility for converting Markdown into valid React-email templates. This tool simplifies the process of creating responsive and customisable email templates by leveraging the power of React and Markdown.

React Email Tailwind Templates screenshot

✨ Open-Source Emails built with React & TailwindCSS.

React Kindling screenshot

🔥 A template to build, test, and share React components and hooks easily.

React Phoenix Ts screenshot

Phoenix Web app template with asset pipelines for React and TypeScript

React Quiz App Template screenshot

"Xeven Quiz" A quiz App template built with ReactJS, Typescript and Styled Components that saves your time, energy and money! Are you ready to create your very own dynamic quiz application that scales effortlessly? It provides a solid foundation and follows best practices and coding conventions.

Rjsf Tailwind screenshot

A Tailwind theme for react-jsonschema-form

Sap Fiori Templates screenshot

SAP BTP & Fiori App templates implemented with third-party frontend frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular.

Shadcn Admin screenshot

Admin Dashboard UI built with Shadcn and Vite.

Simplefolio React screenshot

A clean, beautiful and responsive React-based portfolio template for developers!

Vite Boilerplate screenshot

This template provides a minimal setup to get TWA working in Vite with React, TypeScript, HMR and some ESLint rules.

Catalog screenshot

The Magic Patterns Catalog is an open-source website that lists the most popular React component libraries, helping you find the perfect component.

Luxe screenshot



Library of dark mode components to illuminate your applications.

NavigateUI screenshot

Components for UI

Purescript Lumi Components screenshot

Library of our UI components

Raftyui screenshot

React + TailwindCSS Component Library

React Print Pdf screenshot

Build and generate PDF using React 📄 UI kit for PDFs and print documents. Simple, reusable components and templates to create great invoices, docs, brochures. Use your favorite front-end framework React to build your next PDF.

Twigs screenshot



Themeable, Customisable and Fully Accessible React Component Library from SurveySparrow

default image

An advanced starter project for interacting with Ethereum on the Internet Computer (Beta)

Astro Nomy screenshot

An modern example app built using Astro v4 & shadcn/ui. Inspired by Taxonomy.

Blockly Samples screenshot

Plugins, codelabs, and examples related to the Blockly library.

default image

🚀 Fullstack ShapCoders Bootcamp - by Hugo Rafael

Terminal screenshot

Terminal style website

Wails screenshot



Create beautiful applications using Go

default image

Feature-Rich blogs admin panel built with strapi CMS

Cella screenshot



TypeScript template to build SaaS with vite + hono + postgres + drizzle + react + shadcn.

Enhanced Button screenshot

An enhanced version of the default shadcn-button component

Hashnode Next screenshot

The fastest way to go headless with Hashnode. Beautifully simple Hashnode starter-kit powered by Next.js and shadcn/ui.

Jsplumb screenshot

Visual connectivity for webapps

Next Mobbin Clone screenshot

Replicate the design of to test the news components of shadcn-ui. #builtinpublic

Next Supabase Stripe Starter screenshot

The highest quality SaaS starter with Next.js, Supabase, Stripe, and shadcn/ui

React Native Reusables screenshot

shadcn/ui for React Native: Copy, paste, and tailor React Native components to suit your specific requirements.

Shadcn Chat screenshot

Customizable and re-usable chat component for you to use in your projects. Built on top of shadcn.

default image

Landing page template using Shadcn, React, Typescript and Tailwind

Strapi Plugin Publisher screenshot

A plugin for Strapi Headless CMS that provides the ability provides the ability to easily schedule publishing and unpublishing of any content type.

Agentkit screenshot

Starter-kit to build constrained agents with Nextjs, FastAPI and Langchain

Extensive React Boilerplate screenshot

Extensive React Boilerplate: ✔️NextJS ✔️Auth ✔️I18N ✔️MUI ✔️Forms

Next Starter Blog screenshot

NEXT.js starter blog with MDX, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, and pre-configured Development Environment with Husky, Lint Staged and Commitizen

Partykit Nextjs Chat Template screenshot

Next.js template for building a real-time chat application using PartyKit

Portfolio Blog screenshot

This is a Next.js personal portfolio/blog site where a site owner can showcase their work and experiences.

RunningDev screenshot

Modern nextjs template

Saas Kit Supabase screenshot

A template for building Software-as-Service (SAAS) apps with Reactjs, Nextjs and Supabase

Satus screenshot



Starter template

Spliit screenshot



Free and Open Source Alternative to Splitwise. Share expenses with your friends and family.

Supabase Ssr Starter screenshot

🌿 Supabase SSR Starter with Nextjs

Vini Boilerplate screenshot

Boilerplate to start using Next and all modern technologies.

Examples screenshot

Integration Examples with Directus

Gojo screenshot



A collaborative brainstorming app.

Portfolio screenshot

My personal portfolio website built using React and three js

Vscode Preview Docs screenshot

A VSCode Extension that enables you to preview documentation sites within your IDE ✨.

Remix Cloudflare Template screenshot

📜 All-in-one remix starter template for Cloudflare Pages

Remix Knowledge Base screenshot

Knowledge Base starter kit with WYSIWYG, Markdown, GPT, and Multi-language support. Built with Remix, Tailwind CSS and Prisma.

Remix Shadcn screenshot

Remix + Vite + shadcn/ui starter template.

Blog screenshot



一个对 Docusaurus 进行魔改的博客

React Dashboard screenshot

A static react admin dashboard (Materio theme mockup)

React Static Site Boilerplate screenshot

Demo boilerplate for generating a static site with React

Api Platform screenshot

Create REST and GraphQL APIs, scaffold Jamstack webapps, stream changes in real-time.

Modernize React MUI Dashboard Theme screenshot

Admin UI Kit with Material UI & React. 2 stunning dashboards, 9 ready-to-use applications, Redux toolkit integration, Axios mock API and Figma design files included.

Wrappixel Bundle - 34 Premium Dashboards screenshot

A huge bundle of premium admin & dashboard UI kits. 10 Bootstrap, 8 Angular, 4 React, 2 Vuejs.

Divjoy React Boilerplate Generator screenshot

Customize and generate a full-stack React boilerplate. React, Nextjs, Tailwind, Bootstrap, Firebase, Supabase and many more combinations.

Remix Boilerplate screenshot

SaaSKits is a SaaS boilerplate built with Remix, Stripe, Prisma and Resend to help you bootstrap your SaaS idea quickly.

SaaS BaseKit screenshot

Full-stack and Production-Ready SaaS Boilerplate and Starter Kit for Next.js/React.

Shipixen Next.js Boilerplate screenshot

A hyrbid Next.js boilerplate + site generator. Uses Tailwind, Shadcn UI, MDX and Contentlayer. - Next.js Boilerplate screenshot

The Next.js boilerplate for busy founders, with all you need to build and launch your startup.

Next Starter screenshot

A Next.js starter template, packed with features like TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Next-auth, Eslint, testing tools and more. Jumpstart your project with efficiency and style. screenshot

Where I blog about technology, my personal life, tools that I've built and many more 🤓

Ryosuke Gatsby Blog screenshot

Static PWA React-powered portfolio and blog built with GatsbyJS

Vike React screenshot

🔨 React integration for Vike

default image



Highly Extensible, Declarative Static Site Generator

default image

👻 Zero-configuration framework-agnostic static prerendering for SPAs

Static Cms screenshot

A Git-based CMS for Static Site Generators

Nextra screenshot



Simple, powerful and flexible site generation framework with everything you love from Next.js.

Flybook screenshot

:airplane: FlyBook is a simple utility to generate static website such as gh-pages, manual of you projects

React Static screenshot

⚛️ 🚀 A progressive static site generator for React.

Awesome Gatsby screenshot

⚛️ 📄 🚀 Awesome list for the mighty Gatsby.js, a blazing fast React static site generator.

Gossip screenshot



A serverless static blog engine based on GitHub Issue System.

Minista screenshot

Static site generator with 100% static export from React and Vite.

Quiqr Desktop screenshot

Hugo CMS and Publishing Application

Awesome Web CV screenshot

:pencil: Single Page Web Application for Your Outstanding CV

Liftoff screenshot

🚀 Liftoff is a flexible static-site generator that pulls content from Airtable screenshot

Blazing fast I guess

Phenomic screenshot

DEPRECATED. Please use Next.js instead.

default image

A community showcase of projects built with Azure Static Web Apps 🎉 Visit:

Lume screenshot



🔥 Static site generator for Deno 🦕

Simple Next App screenshot

Deploy to GitHub Pages using the new Actions Workflow ✨

Unlimited Blog Works screenshot

A simple static blog generator for publishing on GitHub Pages

Rdoc screenshot



⚛️📄🚀 Fast static site generator for React, Just write Markdown file. @react-doc

Radish screenshot



A delightful React-based static site generator that outputs plain HTML & CSS.

Nimblog screenshot

🏗 Build static blog with lines of HTML and Markdown. screenshot

My 🏠 on the ☁️. Portfolio, showcases, snippets, dev logs, and ideas

PRSS screenshot



Build blazing fast blogs, documentation sites, showcases and more.

Gatsby screenshot



The best React-based framework with performance, scalability and security built in.

Monobase screenshot

React static site generator

Nextein screenshot

A static site generator with markdown + react for Next.js

Nextjs App Router Blog screenshot

A simple blog built with NextJS 13 App Router and Typescript to show its features

Cuttlebelle screenshot

The react static site generator that separates editing and code concerns

Website screenshot

The website for cuttlebelle

Contentz screenshot

Create Content, Get a Highly Optimized Website

default image



The Next Website Builder for High-Performance Marketing

Gen screenshot



Compositor JSX static site generator

X0 screenshot



Document & develop React components without breaking a sweat

Charge screenshot



⚡️ An opinionated, zero-config static site generator.

Outstatic screenshot

Outstatic - A static CMS for Next.js

Analog screenshot



The fullstack meta-framework for Angular. Powered by Vite

default image

Online reference to the Endless Sky game

Profileio screenshot

Static site and resume generator from YAML based profile for students and researchers. Generates ready to deploy branches via github actions.

Basejump screenshot

Easily add auth, teams and billing to your Supabase app

Kickstart App screenshot

Kickstart is the Nextjs boilerplate for building apps fast.

Saasrock - Remix Fullstack Boilerplate screenshot

️The SaaS Boilerplate to build your MVP with +25 built-in SaaS features: Auth, Admin portal, App dashboard, Stripe Subscriptions, Workflows, Blog, Knowledge Base, Entity Builder (auto-generated CRUD and API), Events, Email Marketing, Page Blocks, Notifications, Onboarding, Feature Flags, and more. screenshot

💠 Personal website and blog made using Next.js, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS and Notion

Boilerbay - The Next.Js SaaS Bundle screenshot

A bundle of Next.js landing pages & fullstack boilerplate. Next.js, Tailwind, Prisma and many more features.

DirectoryKit screenshot

A Next.js directory template. Build a directory website fast. Next.js, Typescript, Tailwind, Prisma, Stripe

Nextbase Pro - Nextjs Supabase Starter screenshot

️Nextbase is a powerful Next.js Supabase SaaS starter kit. Start your SaaS with authentication, payments, organizations, edge functions, admin panel, blog, feedback collection, changelog, roadmap and more.

Supastarter - Next.js + Prisma SaaS boilerplate screenshot

A premium SaaS fullstack starter. Next 14 (app router), lucia-auth, Prisma, trpc, next-intl, multiple payment integrations (lemonsqueezy or stripe), a blog, a landing page and more!

Amazon Clone screenshot

A Full Stack Amazon Clone which created using ReactJS with full E-Commerce Functionality!!

Artemis Dev Tool screenshot

An Apollo GraphQL Query Schema Testing Tool

default image

A dashboard for monitoring Webpack build stats.

Business Website Template screenshot

A business website template for a company built using React 18 (with TypeScript 4), Material UI 5, Django 4, and Django REST Framework 3.

Dental_Clinic screenshot

A single page material theme for a dental clinic website is a sleek and modern design that showcases all the important information about a dental clinic in one place. The theme uses Google's Material design principles, which emphasizes simplicity and functionality.

Email Editor screenshot

A drag and drop email editor using Next.js, Zustand and MUI

EShop Ecommerce Site screenshot

eShop: This is a eCommerce website where you can buy various products at very less price. It is a full fledged MERN stack project with payment integration with Progressive Web App feature and deploy with CI/CD

Fast Connect screenshot

Standalone React WebRTC Application

GdMoney screenshot

Use case style digital image marketplace like nft. I developed this system by gathering a lot of my frontend/backend knowledge

Mini Slack screenshot


Mui Datagrid Full Edit screenshot

An easy way of @mui/x-data-grid: with exporting excel/csv, advanced filters, search and paginator, without setting, for free

Mui Italia screenshot

Material-UI theme inspired by BootstrapItalia.

Natds Js screenshot

React components library by Natura & Co. Design System

Rmk React Mui screenshot

RMK React MUI is a React UI library of utility components, hooks and contexts

Sabil screenshot



A full-functional (Work in progress now) ecommerce web application that is developed by using MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js)

Safe React Components screenshot

Safe react component library

2do Txt screenshot

todo.txt-compatible task manager

3d Product Configurator screenshot

3D product configurator by using react.js and three.js

default image

A full stack GraphQL banking application using React, Node & TypeScript.

default image

A ranked list of awesome React open-source libraries and tools. Updated weekly.

BrowserTime screenshot

open source browser history page with analytics

Budgie Stream screenshot

Stream system output to your Sonos devices. Built with Electron, React and Express

default image

A starting point to build a web API to work with Azure Cosmos DB using .NET 5 and Azure Cosmos DB .NET SDK V3, based on Clean Architecture and repository design pattern. Partition key is also implemented through the repository pattern.

Codeforces Diary screenshot

Get the list of all questions you attempted on a particular date on codeforces, along with your account stats.

Dauntless Builder screenshot

Create and share Dauntless builds with your friends!

Dynonary English screenshot

Dynonary - Free Web App To Help You Learn English

default image

Collection of web developer utilities packaged as a desktop app. Technologies: React, Typescript, Redux, Axios, React-Query, Electron

default image

Expense tracker using Google Sheets as a storage written in React

Flat Ui Colors screenshot

Clone of Flat UI Colors built with React

Flipkart screenshot

flipkart-clone using react js express js mongo db razorpay complete e-commerce website using MERN stack client server MVC architecture redux redux-thunk ecomerce project live example

default image

Food Eazy is an online food ordering platform built using MERN stack

Hk Independent Bus Eta screenshot

獨立無廣告巴士預報 App

default image

A LaTeX and WYSIWYG editor with academic search functionality and other helpful tools

Instagram Mern screenshot

Full-Stack Instgram Clone using MERN Stack and

JQWidgets screenshot

Angular, Vue, React, Web Components, Blazor, Javascript, jQuery and ASP .NET Framework,

default image



Manage npm dependencies through a modern UI. screenshot

Store your journal as an encrypted markdown file on Dropbox and edit/view it from any browser

Microsoft Todo Browser Ext screenshot

An open source third-party browser extension for Microsoft To Do

Nested Comments screenshot

Demonstration of nested comments functionality often used in Social or Collaborative applications like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit etc

default image




Online_trading_platform screenshot

A full stack online stock trading platform, built with React and Django

PasswordKeeper screenshot

Web-app to help you securely store your encrypted passwords in your Google Drive.

Personal Kanban screenshot

Personal Kanban Board is an agile project management tool that helps you visualise your work, limit your work-in-progress (WIP) and to craft & optimise your work flow to get the maximum output. To achieve this, it makes use of columns and cards. Personal Kanban offers visual clue, columns, WIP l...

default image

A React web application to query and share any PostgreSQL database.

default image

The repository for the Client Application of Monday Morning, the official student media body of NIT Rourkela.

default image

A simple point of sale app built in nodejs and reactjs

React Quiz App screenshot

A Simple React Quiz App

React Vscode Portfolio screenshot

A vscode inspired portfolio website

default image

GigaTables is a ReactJS plug-in to help web-developers process table-data in applications and CMS, CRM, ERP or similar systems.

default image

Content management system (CMS) and blogging application software based on React/Redux, Node.js, Express and MongoDB.

Resume Builder screenshot

Resume Builder is a free open-source project that allows anyone to easily maintain and build any kind of resume.

default image



React's cross-platform UI for Web and Native (Android, iOs)

SearchJumper screenshot

Yet another awesome web extension for switching search engines, can also search anything (selection text / image / link / find in page) on any engine with a simple right click or a variety of menus and shortcuts. Build with React & Material-UI. (WIP). 搜索酱/搜尋醬/検索ちゃん

Seven23 screenshot

Fully manual budget app to track personal expenses. 100% opensource, with privacy by design.

default image

Real-time audio spectrogram generator for the web

Spyglass screenshot

Kubernetes just got a whole lot clearer with Spyglass. We are a one-stop shop for cluster health metrics, cluster visualization, and cost optimization.

SyntaxMeets screenshot

Syntaxmeets. Create rooms Call your friends Sip Chai, Chat, Create, and Code. A coding platform to code simultaneously with your friends and design your algorithms on SyntaxPad.

Tmdb Viewer screenshot

A movie browsing/favoriting app

TweetSage screenshot

What your tweets tell about you? Get personalized answers to your questions based on your recent tweets. Our website analyzes your Twitter activity to provide you with accurate and relevant responses to your queries

Ui Schema screenshot

Use JSON-Schema with React, generate Forms + UIs with any design system, easy creation of complex custom widgets.

Uno Game screenshot

:flower_playing_cards: An UNO Game made in Javascript

default image

:cn: Walker Management Center By React

Wanna screenshot



✔ Wanna is an implementation of a 21st-century to-do list app.

Watch Any Movie screenshot

A Netflix Clone App built using React js , Material UI & OMDb API that allows searching of 1000+ movies and provides information about their plot, IMDB rating, MetaScore, Genre, and Year in which it is published, along with high-quality audio and video streaming.

default image

Woocommerce CRUD With ReactJs

default image



A dynamic web app to track life goals and progress on timelines, with media uploading capability. Built with Node.js, Firebase, React, Victory, & Material-UI

default image



An easiest authentication system on top of NestJS, TypeORM, NEXT.js(v9.3) and Material UI(v4).

Browser Extension screenshot

Browser extension that enhances the FACEIT experience and adds useful features

Bull Monitor screenshot

Standard UI for Bull and BullMQ.

Chat Ui React screenshot

React component for conversational UI

Chatify screenshot

Personal Chat Room or Workspace to share resources and hangout with friends build with React.js, Material-UI, and Firebase.

default image

This is Clueless official website where you can make your developer profile as well as meet new people across the world.

Cocktails screenshot

UI for browsing IBA cocktails

Discord Clone screenshot

Discord (with unique roles in each server, image, audio sharing, auto render video links in messages, discord loading logo between page renderings) with React, React Router, Material UI, SASS, Styled components and firebase CRUD

Ecohabit screenshot

EcoHabit is a web app project that aims to create awareness of the environment and help people build environmental friendly habits.

Edumeet screenshot

edumeet - multiparty web-meetings using mediasoup and WebRTC

default image

This is a tool which allows you to download saves or mods for Nintendo Switch emulators using a compatible Emusak backend

Filmpire screenshot

A netflix clone project named Filmpire. It combines the desire to unleash powerful creativity with the industry's most advanced JavaScript tools including React.js, Material UI, Alan AI, and more.

Fullstack Mern Movie 2022 screenshot

MoonFlix - Fullstack Responsive Movie Website 2022

Geekr screenshot



Habrahabr, but with a new client

default image

DEPRECATED: feature moved to main generator

Googlekeepclone screenshot

A clone of Google Keep with its original Material Design aesthetics

Hyperspace screenshot

The new beautiful, fluffy client for Mastodon in React + TypeScript

Markdown Dungeon screenshot

This is an example that how to use Markdown creating a dungeon, please give a

Material Auto Rotating Carousel screenshot

Introduce users to your app with this Material-style carousel.

Material Ui Layout screenshot

Declarative layout for Material UI

default image



MSON Lang: Generate an app from JSON

Mui React Hook Form Plus screenshot

The complete type-safe material-ui and react-hook-form combo and beyond with simple api.

default image

Next.js, Styled-Components, Material UI, Redux, Typescript Boilerplate (Docker Ready)

Notistack screenshot

Highly customizable notification snackbars (toasts) that can be stacked on top of each other

Ow Mod Manager screenshot

Outer Wilds Mod Manager (Legacy)

Personal Income Tax Calculator screenshot


Portfolio screenshot

My personal website

default image

React.js Isomorphic Web Application Architecture - Learn to build a complete website for a blogging platform like Medium, FreeCodeCamp, MindOrks etc using React.js, Redux, Material-UI, Express.js, Typescript, Webpack, Babel, and Docker. OpenSource project by AfterAcademy

React Awesome Query Builder screenshot

User-friendly query builder for React

React Crypto Tracker screenshot

Watch Full Tutorial on my channel:

React Material Dashboard screenshot

Material design admin dashboard powered with React

default image

Bringing Material Palette API to React Native

React Phone Input 2 screenshot

:telephone_receiver: Highly customizable phone input component with auto formatting

default image

E-commerce website using React, Redux, Hooks, Stripe and Firebase

React Time Tracking screenshot

time tracker app on react

default image

How I use React + Redux + Material-UI + TypeScript – you do you

Reactive Resume screenshot

A one-of-a-kind resume builder that keeps your privacy in mind. Completely secure, customizable, portable, open-source and free forever. Try it out today!

default image

An online quiz app made using react, typescript and material-ui

Resume Builder screenshot

Creating a resume is a bit tedious task for any working professional from any industry. One has to keep it short, simple, and with the latest work experience. This Resume Builder project will help to build your resume-builder by auto-generating it on your own and helping working professionals wit...

Sekai Viewer screenshot

Web Database Viewer of Project Sekai

ShopPoint screenshot

:loudspeaker: A mern stack e-commerce app

default image



a blog based on of react,webpack3,dva,redux,material-ui,fetch,generator,markdown,nodejs,koa2,mongoose,docker,shell,and async/await 基于react+koa2技术栈的个人开源博客系统

Social Media App screenshot

Full stack, fully-featured social media web application using React, Firebase, Redux, Express, and Material-UI. Implemented backend REST API server with Node.js and Express, user login and authentication, image uploads, notifications, cloud functions, deploying to Firebase

Spotify Stats screenshot

Your spotify profile's top artists and tracks with charts and playlist creator.

Syncano Dashboard screenshot

The Syncano Dashboard built with React.

default image

Todo Application using ReactJs, Firebase, Express and MaterialUI

Tss React screenshot

Dynamic CSS-in-TS solution, based on Emotion

Tubular React screenshot

Material UI table with local or remote data-source. Featuring filtering, sorting, free-text search, export to CSV locally, and aggregations.

default image

:bird: Twitter Clone with Microservice Architecture using Java 17, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, PostgreSQL, S3 bucket, JWT, TypeScript, React.js, Redux-Saga, Material-UI

Universal Json Schema screenshot

:scroll: Universal JSON Schema Form - Currently Support for React - Material UI components for building Web forms from JSON Schema.

Usehooks Ts screenshot

React hook library, ready to use, written in Typescript.

default image

Websocket based group chat app built with and react.

Weldev Project React Mui Ts Bp screenshot

React, TypeScript, MUI boilerplate by Welcome, Developer.

default image

Clone da GUI do Windows 11 desenvolvida utilizando ReactJS, NextJS, MaterialUI e ReactDND.

default image

A frontend for admin area of WordPress, using WP REST API and React. It works with Self-Hosted WordPress

Wq screenshot



wq: a modular framework supporting web / native apps for mobile surveys and geospatial data collection. Powered by Django REST Framework, Redux, React, and Material UI.

default image

Create Adobe-CEP extension with React, Material-UI, Native Node modules, Webpack, Babel and ExtendScript

Awesome Material Ui screenshot

A curated list of Material-UI resources and related projects. The main idea is that everyone can contribute here, so we can have a central repository of informations about Material-UI that we keep up-to-date

Bs Material Ui screenshot

Reason bindings for material-ui

default image

Clojurescript library for using

Components Extra screenshot

React molecule-components based on Material-ui.

Core screenshot



Datatable for React based on material-ui's table with additional features. Support us at

Create Mui Theme screenshot

online tool for creating material-ui themes

Feliz.MaterialUI screenshot

Feliz-style Fable bindings for Material-UI

FoodHub Frontend Client screenshot

Front-end for food delivery application created using reactjs along with redux and Material-UI, walkthrough -

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Full Stack Kanban App | React Node MongoDB Material-UI

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Gatsby plugin for Material-UI with built-in server-side rendering support

Material Components screenshot

Stateless UI components for react that follow material design

Material Dashboard React screenshot

React version of Material Dashboard by Creative Tim

Material Kit React screenshot

Material Kit React free and open source by Creative Tim

Material React Table screenshot

A fully featured Material UI V5 implementation of TanStack React Table V8, written from the ground up in TypeScript

Material Table screenshot

Datatable for React based on material-ui's table with additional features

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An another React Data tables component.

Material Ui Fullscreen Dialog screenshot

A fullscreen dialog for Material-UI.

Material Ui Image screenshot

Material style image with loading animation

Material Ui Password Field screenshot

A password field using Material-UI.

Material Ui Popup State screenshot

boilerplate for common Material-UI Menu, Popover and Popper use cases