React styled-components

Gatsby Gitbook Starter screenshot

Generate GitBook style modern docs/tutorial websites using Gatsby + MDX

W3T Stablo Blog screenshot

Stablo is a minimal blog website template built with Next.js, TailwindCSS & Sanity CMS

Next.js screenshot

The React Framework

React Boilerplate screenshot

:fire: A highly scalable, offline-first foundation with the best developer experience and a focus on performance and best practices.

default image

📱🚀 🧩 Cross Device & High Performance Normal Form/Dynamic(JSON Schema) Form/Form Builder -- Support React/React Native/Vue 2/Vue 3

default image

The standalone app based on official debugger of React Native, and includes React Inspector / Redux DevTools

Grommet screenshot

a react-based framework that provides accessibility, modularity, responsiveness, and theming in a tidy package

Rebass screenshot



:atom_symbol: React primitive UI components built with styled-system.

Elementor screenshot

The most advanced frontend drag & drop page builder. Create high-end, pixel perfect websites at record speeds. Any theme, any page, any design.

React95 screenshot

🌈🕹 Windows 95 style UI component library for React

default image



Flexible invoicing desktop app with beautiful & customizable templates.

React Firebase Starter screenshot

Boilerplate (seed) project for creating web apps with React.js, GraphQL.js and Relay

MasterPortfolio screenshot

🔥 The Complete Customizable Software Developer Portfolio Template which lets you showcase your work and provides each and every detail about you as Software Developer.

React95 screenshot

A React components library with Win95 UI

Arc screenshot



React starter kit based on Atomic Design

React screenshot



An implementation of GitHub's Primer Design System using React

React Express screenshot

Learn React through interactive examples

default image



:zap: RAN! React . GraphQL . Next.js Toolkit :zap: - SEO-Ready, Production-Ready, SSR, Hot-Reload, CSS-in-JS, Caching, CLI commands and more...

default image

An example app with all the UI components of NativeBase

React Data Table Component screenshot

A responsive table library with built-in sorting, pagination, selection, expandable rows, and customizable styling.

React Boilerplate Cra Template screenshot

:fire: Setup Create React App with React Boilerplate. Highly scalable & Best DX & Performance Focused & Best practices.

React Native Express screenshot

The all-in-one guide to React Native

React Rainbow screenshot

🌈 React Rainbow Components. Build your web application in a snap.

X0 screenshot



Document & develop React components without breaking a sweat

Kuma Ui screenshot

🐻‍❄️ A Headless, Utility-First, and Zero-Runtime UI Component Library ✨

default image

Modern React UI library 💅👩‍🎤🍭

default image

SaaS Boilerplate - Open Source and free SaaS stack that lets you build SaaS products faster in React, Django and AWS. Focus on essential business logic instead of coding repeatable features!

default image

A well-structured production ready Next.js boilerplate with Typescript, Redux, Jest, Enzyme, Express.js, Sass, Css, EnvConfig, Fetch, Reverse Proxy, Bundle Analyzer and Built-in Project CLI.

Gatsby Advanced Starter screenshot

A high performance skeleton starter for GatsbyJS with an advanced feature set.

Gluestack Ui screenshot

React & React Native UI Library for Web & Mobile (Universal Themed & Unstyled Components)

default image

:electron: An Electron boilerplate including TypeScript, React, Jest and ESLint.

Orbit screenshot



React components of open-source Orbit design system by

React Portfolio Template screenshot

Modern React Portfolio Template (FREE)

default image

Create themes for your app using styled-components

Next Saas Starter screenshot

⚡️ Free Next.js responsive landing page template for SaaS products made using JAMStack architecture.

Landy React Template screenshot

Landy is an open-source React landing page template designed for developers and startups, who want to create a quick and professional landing page for their business or project.

default image

🚀 Ultimate universal starter with lazy-loading, SSR and i18n. [not maintained]

Slash Admin screenshot

A modern react admin. It is based on react 18, vite and TypeScript. It's fast !

Neopop Web screenshot

NeoPOP components library based on CRED's design system

Lightence Ant Design React Template screenshot

Free and easy-to-use admin template based on React 17+

default image

A simple and customisable React Native component that implements an animated bottom tab bar for React Navigation.

Gatsby Portfolio Dev screenshot

A portfolio for developers

default image

Create Tailwind CSS React components like styled components with class names on multiple lines and conditional class rendering

Saleor Storefront screenshot

A GraphQL-powered, NextJs-based, PWA storefront for Saleor. IMPORTANT: This project is [DEPRECATED] in favor of saleor/react-storefront soon to become our default demo and storefront starter pack.

Ovine screenshot



Build entirety admin system ui blazing fast with json.

default image

Websocket based group chat app built with and react.

Hiui screenshot



HIUI is a solution that is adequate for the fomulation and implementation of interaction and UI design standard for front, middle and backend.

Dashpress screenshot

Generate powerful admin apps without writing a single line of code - Run `npx dashpress` to see some magic!

Nextjs Firebase Authentication screenshot

Next.js + Firebase Starter

React Native Animation Book screenshot

A book talking about react-native animations, and walking you through from beginner to expert. screenshot

Source for

Gatsby Universal screenshot

🔮 An opinionated Gatsby v2 starter for state-of-the-art marketing sites.

React Screenshot Test screenshot

A dead simple library to screenshot test React components

Example Storefront screenshot

Example Storefront is Reaction Commerce’s headless ecommerce storefront - Next.js, GraphQL, React. Built using Apollo Client and the commerce-focused React UI components provided in the Storefront Component Library (reactioncommerce/reaction-component-library). It connects with Reaction backend w...

React Redux Saga Boilerplate screenshot

Starter kit with react-router, react-helmet, redux, redux-saga and styled-components

Spotify Profile screenshot

A web app for visualizing personalized Spotify data built with React, Express, and the Spotify API

SAAS Starter Kit Pro screenshot

🚀A boilerplate for building Software-as-Service (SAAS) apps with Reactjs, and Nodejs

React Native Starter screenshot

Professional react-native starter kit with everything you'll ever need to deploy rock solid apps

Dashpress screenshot

The effortless way to build admin apps - Run `npx dashpress` to see some magic!

Pup screenshot



The Ultimate Boilerplate for Products.

Lobe Ui screenshot

🍭 Lobe UI - an open-source UI component library for building AIGC web apps

Buffet screenshot



Buffet.js — React Components Library made with styled-components

Gatsby Starter Ecommerce screenshot

Gatsby starter for creating an eCommerce site using the Moltin eCommerce Api

Boilerplate screenshot

Boilerplate to use in our React Avançado course

Rimble Ui screenshot

React components that implement Rimble's Design System.

Nextjs Admin Template screenshot

Free admin dashboard template based on Next.Js with @paljs/ui component package

React Native Animated Todo screenshot

Animated ToDo app built with React Native and Reanimated v2

Devblog screenshot

A lightweight, customizable personal blog template built with GatsbyJS and React

Nextjs Woocommerce screenshot

🔥 Next.js (React) headless eCommerce site with Typescript, WordPress (WooCommerce) backend and Algolia search

Design System screenshot's design system :rocket:

Govuk React screenshot

An implementation of the GOV.UK Design System in React using CSSinJS

default image

A plugin for Strapi Headless CMS that provides end to end comments feature with their moderation panel, bad words filtering, abuse reporting and more. screenshot

🔥 The Complete Customizable Software Developer Portfolio Template which lets you showcase your work and provides each and every detail about you as Software Developer.

Nextjs Redux Starter screenshot

Next.js + Redux + styled-components + Express =

React Components By Ruvkr screenshot

A collection of Responsive Animated Mobile friendly Lightweight React Components

React Director Admin Template screenshot

ReactJS version of Director Responsive Admin Template Free

React Next Boilerplate screenshot

:rocket: A basis for reducing the configuration of your projects with nextJS, best development practices and popular libraries in the developer community.

default image



🦚 UI kit for decentralized apps

React Datepicker screenshot

An easily internationalizable, accessible, mobile-friendly datepicker library for the web, build with styled-components.

React Boilerplate Typescript screenshot

⚠️ MOVED TO react-boilerplate/react-boilerplate-cra-template

default image

⚡ The most simple & robust boilerplate for your React projects.

Nextjs Material Kit screenshot

NextJS version of Material Kit React by Creative Tim

Grommet Starter New App screenshot

A tutorial to show how to use Grommet with create-react-app.

default image

Defines themes via flexible color selectors for use with styled-components

Patternplate screenshot

📘 patternplate connects design and engineering to establish a single source of truth for your team.

Smartblock screenshot

intuitive block based wysiwyg editor built with React and ProseMirror

default image

A boilerplate with Django on the backend, React on the frontend, and much more!

default image

A library to enable BEM flavored modifiers (and responsive modifiers) in styled components.

default image

Unified CSSinJS theming solution for React

Gatsby Admin Template screenshot

Free admin dashboard template based on Gatsby with @paljs/ui component package

Eth Hot Wallet screenshot

Ethereum wallet with erc20 support / web wallet - built using react, web3, eth-lightwallet

Bestbags Nodejs Ecommerce screenshot

A responsive ecommerce website using Node js, Express js, and MongoDB

Crystallize Nextjs Boilerplate screenshot

Fully featured Next.js / React eCommerce boilerplate. Combine rich marketing content with product information to create highly converting online stores. Fully tuned for performance with JAMStack edge page generation.

Reactackle screenshot

Open-source components library built with React and Styled-Components.

Precise Ui screenshot

:triangular_ruler: React UI Component Library powered by ZEISS.

The Weirdos NFT Website Starter Code screenshot

Build a cool NFT Collection website landing page with React JS . This website is created using Gsap for cool scrolling and animation. If you want to learn how to create this website then you can follow below tutorial link in the ReadMe.

Carbon screenshot



Carbon by Sage | ReactJS UI Component Library

React Native For Designers screenshot

React Native for Designers course

Flawwwless Ui screenshot

Flawwwless ui library for React.js.

default image

Production ready blog + boilerplate for Next.js 3.X

Flexboard screenshot

React component library for re-sizable sidebars

Gatsby Mdx Blog Starter Project screenshot

Gatsby MDX Blog Starter Project

default image

Ts App


Boilerplate project for a TypeScript API (Express, tsoa) + UI (React/TSX)

default image

Amazon Chime React Component Library with integrations with the Amazon Chime SDK.

Scalable React Boilerplate screenshot

:star: Scalable feature-first React micro-framework made for Udacity Alumni collaborative projects

Spresso Search screenshot

Visual metasearch engine built with TypeScript, React, Redux & Express

React Web Editor screenshot

The react-web-editor is a WYSIWYG editor library. you can resize and drag your component. It also has simple rich text editor

default image

a short doc comparing the popular CSS-in-JS libraries styled-components and emotion

default image

A Store System built with Electron, React, Material-UI, Redux, Redux-Saga, MySQL and Sequelize.

Strapi Plugin Sitemap screenshot

🔌 Generate a highly customizable sitemap XML in Strapi CMS

Strapi Plugin Sitemap screenshot

🔌 Generate a highly customizable sitemap XML in Strapi CMS

Strapi Plugin Config Sync screenshot

:recycle: CLI & GUI for continuous migration of config data across environments

Strapi Plugin Config Sync screenshot

:recycle: CLI & GUI for continuous migration of config data across environments

Adminlte 3 React screenshot

React 18.2.0 start-up project with AdminLTE 3.2.0 template

default image

React, Redux, Webpack, Material UI, Boostrap 4, Code Splitting, HMR

Firefly screenshot

Web app boilerplate for beginners based on Firebase and React 🔥 screenshot

Organization site for general info, documentation, blogs & contribution guidelines.

Gatsby Portfolio screenshot

A template for portolio pages

default image

A highly scalable foundation with a focus on best pratices and simplicity to start your React Native project in seconds.

Square React Dashboard screenshot

[2018] React Dashboard Template built with TypeScript

React Terminal Component screenshot

Terminal emulator component for React. Emulate a terminal with autocomplete, commands, a file-system and themes.

Tina Starter Grande screenshot

Archived: Tina Grande was a Gatsby starter with an early version of TinaCMS integration screenshot

My Personal Portfolio Website - V1

Next Dark Mode screenshot

🌑 Enable dark mode for Next.js apps

Rendition screenshot

A library of React UI components

React Collapse Pane screenshot

The splittable, draggable, collapsible panel layout library 🎉

Styled Bootstrap Components screenshot

The bootstrap components made with styled-components 💅

Styled React Boilerplate screenshot

Minimal & Modern boilerplate for building apps with React & styled-components

Reactfolio screenshot

Reactfolio is a sleek and responsive personal portfolio template built using React, perfect for showcasing your work and skills in a professional manner.

Starter Pack screenshot

Combines React (ft. hooks), Redux, Redux-saga and TypeScript with Auth0 as a starting point for modern web apps with solid authentication

Truvisory screenshot

This project is meant to provide resources to users who want to access good LinkedIn posts which contains resources to learn any Technology, Design, Self-Branding, Motivation etc. You can visit project by:

Dev Portfolio screenshot

A fully customizable developer portfolio website made in react with dark mode support

Storybook Addon screenshot

Develop themable components with Emotion/Styled Components/Material-UI with help of Storybook & React Theming

Ui screenshot



React Styled Components with bootstrap grid system

Gatsby Starter Morning Dew screenshot

:rocket: A Gatsby theme/starter to build lightning-fast blog/websites

Monobase screenshot

React static site generator

Gatsby Starter Portfolio Minimal screenshot

A Gatsby Starter to create a clean one-page portfolio with Markdown content.

Gatsby Starter Saas Marketing screenshot

☁️ A simple one page marketing site starter for SaaS companies and indie hackers

React Admin screenshot

🎉 A magical react admin

Aksara Ui screenshot

Aksara Design System, from

Automatic Gatsbyjs App Landing Page screenshot

Automatic GatsbyJS App Landing Page - Automatically generate iOS app landing page using GatsbyJS

default image

👆DragAndDropBoard is a simple React Native library, enabling to create a scrollable board component with carousel, sortable columns and draggable cards for your iOS and Android apps

Preact Fluid screenshot

✅ A minimal UI kit for Preact

default image

SnailJS - Slow and thoughtful development with Node and React

Styled Theme screenshot

Extensible theming system for styled-components

Gatsby Absurd screenshot

An absurd Gatsby starter

Gatsby Starter Hoodie screenshot

🚀 gatsby-starter-hoodie is a gatsby starter developed for developers to build tech blogs.

default image

Strapi Plugin displays Entity Relationship Diagram of all models, fields and relations.

Template Nextjs Personal Website screenshot

A Next.js Personal Website with a Native Authoring Experience

React Tournament Brackets screenshot

React component library for displaying bracket leaderboards

Scalable React Typescript Boilerplate screenshot

:star: Scalable micro-framework featuring React and TypeScript

Gatsby Theme Superstylin screenshot

💅 A Gatsby Theme with styled-components

React Native Tutorials screenshot

Repo for React Native tutorials from the Cheetah Coding YouTube Channel

React Adminlte Dash screenshot

This project is No Longer Maintained. React implementation of AdminLTE themed dashboard

Gatsby Starter Glass screenshot

A Minimal & Beautiful Gatsby Personal Blog Starter With Nice Glassmorphism UI

default image

A frontend for admin area of WordPress, using WP REST API and React. It works with Self-Hosted WordPress screenshot

This is the ✨ source code for my personal website, built with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Contentlayer, and 🚀 deployed on Vercel 🔼. You can use this repository as a template to build your own personal website. 😊

Rinse React screenshot

🚿 Rinse, React, repeat. A boilerplate to build a React component library.

Site screenshot



🌈 The new, new Hack Club website (uses Next.js & Theme UI).

Portfolio React screenshot

A portfolio website built with react js

React Crossword screenshot

A flexible, responsive, and easy-to-use crossword component for React apps.

React Tailwindcss Portfolio screenshot

A simple React app that uses Context API, custom Hooks, Tailwind CSS & Framer Motion.

Theme Builder screenshot

The theming system helps you in building a theme of your choice and apply it to test live. Why wait? Just give it a try.

Class101 Ui screenshot

💅A React-based UI Component Library.

Styled Bootstrap screenshot

💅🏻 A styled-component implementation of Bootstrap

default image

Minimal Next.js boilerplate

default image

Fully customizable Web Admin/Dashboard starter kit based on React

default image

为开发者、设计师和产品经理准备的 UI 设计语言

default image

Continuously updated JS infrastructure for modern web dev

default image

react boilerplate used best practices and focus on performance

Nextjs Antd Admin screenshot

A multi-functional and comprehensive admin dashboard using Next.js (SSR React), Ant Design and styled-components

Components screenshot

@brianlovin and @mxstbr's component library

default image

A React Native boilerplate with Expo, Redux, React Navigation, Styled Components and some 💕 included.

default image

SPA template built with ASP.NET Core 7.0 + React + Redux + TypeScript + Hot Module Replacement (HMR)

Gatsby Theme Legals Prismic screenshot

Super polished, responsive legal pages that you can plug onto your Gatsby project 🌻🔨⚖️

Gatsby V2 Tutorial Starter screenshot

Gatsby V2 Starter - product of step by step tutorial

default image



Craft your own web-based chatbot

Commercelayer Sanity Template screenshot

A multi-country ecommerce template built with Commerce Layer, Next.js, Sanity studio, and deployed to Netlify.

React Fondue screenshot

This repository is deprecated, please use

React Mobx State Tree screenshot

Create React App with MobX State Tree, Styled Components and GraphQL

Gatsby Starter Apple screenshot

🍎 Gatsby blog starter kit with beautiful responsive design

Portfolio 2020 screenshot

Simple reactjs portfolio of Motasim Foad

Sanity Remix Template screenshot

Sanity Studio v3 embedded into a Remix Vite application configured for Vercel hosting with visual editing

Styled Typography screenshot

Typograpy components for react and styled-components

default image

Código produzido no vídeo "Code/Drops #16 - Tema light/dark com React, Styled Components e TypeScript"

Fflow screenshot



fflow is an easy-to-use open-source tool for all developers to create their React application.

Gatsby Advanced Blog screenshot

Gatsby starter for advanced blog

React Redux Graphql Apollo Bootstrap Webpack Starter screenshot

react js + redux + graphQL + Apollo + react router + hot reload + devTools + bootstrap + webpack starter

Architectui React Theme Free screenshot

ArchitectUI React admin template is a simple yet fully customizable admin dashboard for web apps and other software.

default image

Are your looking for a remote developer job? Solve this frontend developer challenge and show us what you can do and what you are an expert at!

Gatsby Shopify Theme screenshot

🛒 Simple theme to build a blazing simple and fast store with Gatsby and Shopify.

Gatsby Starter Cv screenshot

A simple starter to get up and developing your digital curriculum with GatsbyJS

default image



:fire: BURN a React Native boilerplate

default image

Our next.js boilerplate with sane base configuration.

Sanity Template Nextjs Clean screenshot

A clean Next.js template with a native authoring experience

OpPortfolio screenshot

A clean portfolio template made with ReactJS.

Discord Clone screenshot

Discord (with unique roles in each server, image, audio sharing, auto render video links in messages, discord loading logo between page renderings) with React, React Router, Material UI, SASS, Styled components and firebase CRUD

default image

React based boilerplate for creating scalable and well documented Design Systems. Live demo

React Material You Theme screenshot

Implementation of Material You in a React project and the MUI component library.

default image

A portfolio template for datascientists using reactjs

Razzle Material Ui Styled Example screenshot

Razzle Material-UI example with Styled Components using Express with compression

Ui screenshot



UI building blocks for Sanity.

default image

ReactJS 16.11 + new React Context API +react Router 4 + webpack 4 + babel 7+ hot Reload + Bootstrap 4 + styled-components

default image

🚀 A minimal react boilerplate featuring easy-peasy state management and styled-components

default image

Next.js with material-ui and styled-components screenshot

A collection of kits to help bootstrap your next project.

default image

⚛️ React-Redux application sample with all the best practices

Matchbox screenshot

🔥 A react UI component library

default image

:cn: Walker Management Center By React

Aurora screenshot



Shared UI Library for Ticketmaster

Github React Portfolio Template screenshot

✨A performant, accessible, progressive React portfolio template that uses the GitHub REST API.

default image

Responsive, themeable style system for React Native and React Native Web

Ryosuke Gatsby Blog screenshot

Static PWA React-powered portfolio and blog built with GatsbyJS

Blog Template Using Nextjs Typescript Tailwindcss screenshot

This project is a simple blog template using next js, typescript and tailwind css. blog+nextjs+tailwind+typescript.

default image

Collection of web developer utilities packaged as a desktop app. Technologies: React, Typescript, Redux, Axios, React-Query, Electron

default image

A <1kB library for styling React components as if with CSS-in-JS, without CSS-in-JS

Gatsby Starter Shopifypwa screenshot

💚:shopping_cart:💚 Bodega is a Shopify PWA using Gatsby JS + Netlify CMS

default image

react application deconstructed to Bit components, to be a shared-library

Re Jok screenshot

Re Jok


A React UI Component library built with styled-components

Dukaan screenshot



Dukaan - An E-commerce Store

Leaf Ui screenshot

🍃 Leaf-UI: A react component library built using styled-components

Material Components screenshot

Stateless UI components for react that follow material design

Cra Template Must Have Libraries screenshot

✨ A starter CRA professional React v17 project with must-have ReactJS libraries including TypeScript, SCSS, Redux, Toolkit, Material-UI, Styled Components, React Router, Jest & Enzym, Folder structure, Generate templates, ESLint, Prettier, Recoil

Gen screenshot



Compositor JSX static site generator

3d Product Configurator screenshot

3D product configurator by using react.js and three.js

Meteor Apollo Starter Kit screenshot

Meteor, Apollo, React, PWA, Styled-Components boilerplate

Nextjs Sanity Template screenshot

Starter Sanity + Next.js

Molecule screenshot

⚛️ – :atom: – :atom_symbol: Boilerplate for cross platform web/native react apps with electron.

default image

An enterprise-class React UI components library

React Portfolio Starter Code Files screenshot

Build a Stunning portfolio with React JS and framer-motion. This portfolio is created using framer-motion for cool transitions and animation. If you want to learn how to create this portfolio then you can follow below tutorial link in the ReadMe

Solid Nextjs screenshot

Solid is a free Next.js template specifically crafted for startups, SaaS, and software websites.

Ultraviolet screenshot

A monorepo Design System with React components.

Ultraviolet screenshot

A monorepo Design System with React components.

Web screenshot



The official Nord website and documentation

Web screenshot



The official Nord website and documentation

React Template screenshot

An enterprise react template application showcasing - Testing strategy, Global state management, middleware support, a network layer, component library integration, localization, PWA support, route configuration, lazy loading and CI/CD

Components Extra screenshot

React molecule-components based on Material-ui.

Gatsby Starter Docz screenshot

📝 Gatsby starter with Docz and a blog for your documentation

Gatsby Portfolio screenshot

creative personal & portfolio template based on gatsby. designed so you can showcase your work and write your blogs.

Truthy React Frontend screenshot

Truthy CMS's Frontend application written in ReactJS & Redux Saga. This project includes UI implementation of User Management, Role Management, Permission Management, Email Module, Account Settings, OTP, RBAC support, Localization, and many more.

Chaseohlson screenshot

🤠 My website, built with Gatsby, Styled-Components & DatoCMS

React Website Starter screenshot

Simple setup for websites built in React with styled-components, styled-system, and x0.

Xstate Sample Kit screenshot

Sample or starter kit for developing web applications with reactjs, xstate, typescript, xstate/test, storybook, typedoc, fp-ts, and other libraries.

Gatsby Starter Typescript Rebass Netlifycms screenshot

My default Gatsby setup. Includes rich MDX support.

Nxt Lnk screenshot

Custom bio links for creatives who love coding. A perfect custom alternative for linktree, bio and other shortner platform.

Eleventy React screenshot

Use React components in Eleventy.

System Props screenshot

Responsive, theme-based style props for building design systems with React. Written in TypeScript.

Tiptop screenshot



Online Shopping for Men

Component Library Starter screenshot

a small starter for building a component library with styled-components

Hackathon Website Template screenshot

A cool website template for your upcoming hackathon.

Newsreader screenshot

Building a newsreader using the HackerNews Api, React, React Testing Library, Styled Components, Axios & Memo

Next.js Pro Boilerplate screenshot

:atom: :rocket: A complete Next.js boilerplate with Typescript, Jest, Storybook, React Testing Library, ESLint, and Prettier. Ready to development and production

Portfolio screenshot

Portfolio made with reactJs for github pages. Supports light and dark theme.

React Super Styled screenshot

Responsive JSX layouts with Styled Components

Styled Starter screenshot

Starter Kit with React, Next.js, Styled System and Catalog to get projects going with a design theme, built-in styleguide and browser testing

default image


Deca Ui screenshot

DecaUI is production-ready themeable component library built with StitchesJS. [ARCHIVED]

Styled Frontend screenshot

A wee E-Commerce website powered by Stripe, Auth0, Strapi and Next.js

Gatsby Starter Event Calendar screenshot

A customisable calendar event page built with Gatsby integrated with Google Spreadsheet

Landing Page React screenshot

This gorgeous responsive website is a static landing page built with React, styled-components, react-router, and react hooks. All the components are reusable and can be used for any dynamic content. It's fully responsive for all the platforms and hosted using Netlify

Brevifolia Next Tinacms screenshot

A simple starter blog built with Next.js & TinaCMS

React Redux Nextjs Bootstrap Pwa Starter screenshot

a progressive web app starter with next js redux + redux-persist + bootstrap

Chessguessr screenshot

Guess the continuation of a chess game

Gatsby Starter Portfolio screenshot

Gatsby.js Starters by LekoArts. Primarily aimed at Designers & Photographers. Minimalistic & fast websites!

React Redux Hooks Starter screenshot

React-redux boilerplate using hooks :fishing_pole_and_fish:

Themeprovider Storybook screenshot

Use your theme-provider on your favourite storybook

Minimalist Profile screenshot

:bust_in_silhouette: A simple and minimalist profile template

Nextjs Semantic screenshot

Next.js + Fomantic-UI + Styled Components

Gatsby Starter Typescript Power Blog screenshot

Personal Blog/Website with Gatsby and Typescript

Atomize screenshot

library for creating atomic react components

Cairo By Example screenshot

Verbosely Documented, Minimal Starknet Contract Examples.

Gatsby Advanced Blog System screenshot

📰 This repository is a demo from the article about how to build our own blog using Gatsby.

Trendy Resume screenshot

👋 Junho's new Résumé, themed like a shopping mall website! You can make your own with this template too 🔥 (2020)

React Firebase Essentials screenshot

A fully-featured single-page app template, hosted and running in minutes. Based on Create-React-App and Firebase. Written with React-Hooks.

Vital Ui Kit React screenshot

Simple, Themeable, Customizable React UI library

Clean Arch Nextjs Starter screenshot

Clean architecture starter for Next.js with TypeScript. All the tools you need to build your next project.

Gatsby Strapi Starter screenshot

Ultimate Gatsby Starter

Stackoverflow App screenshot

Stack Overflow desktop app with fast and clean UI

Wave screenshot



Design System of FREE NOW

Mini Slack screenshot


Brix Ui screenshot

☄️ The library of reusable UI components for React, made in minimalistic and light style, adopting modern technologies and approaches.

Clean Arch Nextjs Starter screenshot

Clean architecture starter for Next.js with TypeScript. All the tools you need to build your next project. screenshot

Curated collection of free Gatsby themes.

Grommet Controls screenshot

grommet 2 controls screenshot

My personal blog project built with Next.js, Chakra UI and Typescript.

Figmagic Example screenshot

Using Figmagic (simplifying design token generation and asset extraction) with Webpack 5, React 16, Styled Components.

Juggernaut screenshot

An unstoppable boilerplate

Chic Ui screenshot

Opinionated UI Component Library for React

Halcyon Site screenshot

Site for all Halcyon themes

Micro Frontend Starter screenshot

Micro frontend monorepo example setup using Lerna, TypeScript and React

Next Mdx Digital Garden Starter screenshot

An opinionated starting point for Digital Garden content authoring.

React Native Storybook Boilerplate screenshot

Compelling boilerplate setup for starting development of a React Native UI library. React-Native+React-Native-Web+Storybook=❤️

Rowfish screenshot

A better docusaurus theme and a fullstack development learn site

Gatsby Markdown Typescript Personal Website screenshot

Gatsby Personal/Resume Website

Tina Starter Alpaca screenshot

NextJS Documentation starter powered by TinaCMS

Html Pdf Invoice Template screenshot

An HTML invoice template for use in a browser and with HTML to PDF generation.

default image

Next.js, Styled-Components, Material UI, Redux, Typescript Boilerplate (Docker Ready)

GdMoney screenshot

Use case style digital image marketplace like nft. I developed this system by gathering a lot of my frontend/backend knowledge

Fe Theme screenshot

A React UI library using styled-component to build consistent, responsive, theme able UI

Nextjs Website screenshot

A react/nextjs implementation website.

Gatsby Starter Typescript Deluxe screenshot

A Gatsby starter with TypeScript, Storybook, Styled Components, Framer Motion, Jest, and more.

Ui screenshot



✨ Buffer's UI Components library and Style Guide✨

Dash_trich_components screenshot open source components library for Dash Plotly. Contribute!

Gatsby Simple Blog screenshot

an easily configurable gatsby-starter-blog with overreacted looking and tags, breadcrumbs, disqus, i18n, eslint, algolia supported

Cdbreact screenshot

Contrast Design Bootstrap : Elegant UI Kit and reusable components for building mobile-first, responsive websites and web apps

Wibe Studio Starter Files screenshot

Build a stunning Fashion Studio Website Landing page with React JS. This website is created using locomotive-scroll for smooth scrolling. Also, GSAP and Framer-Motion for some custom animations and effects. You can learn to make this website by visiting the tutorial link from the description.

React Chat Ui screenshot

Build your own chat UI with React Chat UI components in a few minutes. React Chat UI Kit from is an open source UI toolkit for developing web chat applications.

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GSSoC'23 Official Website

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🔥 React Starter Project with Webpack 5, Babel 7, TypeScript, Redux-saga, Styled-components, React-jss, Split code, Server Side Rendering.

Strapi Plugin Publisher screenshot

A plugin for Strapi Headless CMS that provides the ability provides the ability to easily schedule publishing and unpublishing of any content type.

Strapi Plugin Publisher screenshot

A plugin for Strapi Headless CMS that provides the ability provides the ability to easily schedule publishing and unpublishing of any content type.

Nextjs Boilerplate Advanced screenshot

Next.js boilerplate made with Chakra-UI + Typescript + React-table + React-hook-form

Kitchn screenshot



@tonightpass delicious React @styled-components (currently under construction...)

Kitchn screenshot



@tonightpass delicious React @styled-components (currently under construction...)

Smores React screenshot

🍭 Marshmallow React components

Ck Gatsby Blog screenshot

A beautiful and featureful gatsby blog starter for bloggers. It is an open-source project. V2 screenshot

My 2nd portfolio website

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An advanced starter project for interacting with Ethereum on the Internet Computer (Beta)

Revista Gatsby Blog Magazine screenshot

Modern, clean Gatsby Blog/Magazine template. Easy to customize, and ready to publish articles.

GNUI screenshot



💅 Nordcloud's design system for SaaS products.

Ui screenshot



React UI Components used in Buttercup products

Cube Ui Kit screenshot

UI Framework for Cube Projects. Based on React Aria.

Builderz Solana Dapp Scaffold screenshot

Builderz Solana dApp Scaffold (Nextjs14, App Dir, Typescript, TailwindCSS, MaterialUI, web3.js, ThemeSwitch (Dark/Light), Sonner Toast Notifications, Modal & Drawer)

Analogwp Templates screenshot

Style Kits for Elementor adds a number of intuitive styling controls in the Elementor editor that allow you to apply styles globally or per page.

React Boilerplate screenshot

This starter kit is designed to get you up and running with a bunch of awesome front-end technologies.

Metronome screenshot

A cross-platform metronome. Includes a tempo tapper, themes, and more!

Portfolio screenshot

The Complete Customizable Software Developer Portfolio Template which lets you showcase your work and provides each and every detail about you as Software Developer. Clone the code, make changes, run the code, deploy the app.

Strapi Plugin Mux Video Uploader screenshot

A Strapi plugin for managing uploads to Mux.

React Template screenshot

The quickest way to start playing around with Primer React

Fictoan React screenshot

An intuitive, designer-friendly framework to build UI with just markup.

Gatsby Blog Starter screenshot

A Gatsby Blog Starter with Styled Components

Gatsby Blog Starter screenshot

A Gatsby Blog Starter with Styled Components

Tina Docs Starter screenshot

Documentation Starter powered by MDX using Tina

Dental_Clinic screenshot

A single page material theme for a dental clinic website is a sleek and modern design that showcases all the important information about a dental clinic in one place. The theme uses Google's Material design principles, which emphasizes simplicity and functionality.

Portfolio Blog screenshot

This is a Next.js personal portfolio/blog site where a site owner can showcase their work and experiences.

Theme Switching With React And Styled Components screenshot

Build a React theme switcher app with styled-components

Lerna Template screenshot

🐉 Lerna TypeScript template

Nextjs Template screenshot

An enterprise Next.js template application showcasing - Testing strategies, Global state management, Custom environments, a network layer, component library integration, localization, Image loading, Custom App, Custom document, IE 11 compatibility and Continuous integration & deployment.

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Advanced SEO for Vite + ReactJS Project

Gatsby Starter Scientist screenshot

Gatsby template for scientist/lab profile

Personal Site screenshot

Personal website built with Next.JS and Strapi

React Graphql Ts Template screenshot

An enterprise react graphql template application showcasing - Testing strategy, Global state management, middleware support, a network layer, component library integration, localization, PWA support, route configuration, lazy loading and CI/CD screenshot

Where I blog about technology, my personal life, tools that I've built and many more 🤓

Nextjs Boilerplate Simple screenshot

Simple boilerplate for Next.js, with TypeScript, SASS/SCSS, Styled Components, Jest, ESLint, Prettier, and deployed with Vercel.

React Quiz App Template screenshot

"Xeven Quiz" A quiz App template built with ReactJS, Typescript and Styled Components that saves your time, energy and money! Are you ready to create your very own dynamic quiz application that scales effortlessly? It provides a solid foundation and follows best practices and coding conventions.

Trip To Heaven screenshot

The project is a clone of the MakeMyTrip website, which is a popular travel booking platform. The team's objective was to showcase their proficiency in various web development technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Redux, and Json-Server.

Elements screenshot

Design kit for Avail rental management software

Fow.ui screenshot



🎨 UI library for @FowApps products.

Gatsby Clean Blog Starter screenshot

:pencil2: Gatsby starter for personal blog

Gatsby Starter Haon screenshot

✍️ Blog Theme : Customize your blog with this theme and write an article. screenshot

My portfolio built with NextJS, Chakra UI, GraphCMS and TypeScript.

React Dashboard screenshot

A static react admin dashboard (Materio theme mockup)