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🤖 Headless UI for building powerful tables & datagrids for TS/JS - React-Table, Vue-Table, Solid-Table, Svelte-Table

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⚡ Empowering JavaScript with native platform APIs. ✨ Best of all worlds (TypeScript, Swift, Objective C, Kotlin, Java). Use what you love ❤️ Angular, Capacitor, Ionic, React, Solid, Svelte, Vue with: SwiftUI, Jetpack Compose, Flutter and you name it compatible.

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Authentication for the Web.

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Write components once, run everywhere. Compiles to React, Vue, Qwik, Solid, Angular, Svelte, and more.

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Build AI-powered applications with React, Svelte, Vue, and Solid

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🤖 Headless UI for Virtualizing Large Element Lists in JS/TS, React, Solid, Vue and Svelte

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Finite state machines for building accessible design systems and UI components.

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🔨 Like Next.js / Nuxt but as do-one-thing-do-it-well Vite plugin.

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🎆 A simple fireworks library! Ready to use components available for React, Vue 3, Svelte, Angular, Preact, Solid, and Web Components.

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🍺 Scaffolding your Chrome extension! Boilerplates: react \ vue \ svelte \ solid \ preact \ alpine \ lit \ stencil \ inferno \ vanilla

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An extensible form library for Svelte, Solid and React

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🤞 The SolidJS component library you've hoped for.

Generouted screenshot

Generated file-based routes for Vite

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🥯Papanasi is the Frontend UI library to use cross Frameworks. A set of components to use in Angular, Preact, Qwik, React, Solid, Svelte, Vue and Web Components

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Provides 10 Free Beautiful dashboard templates built with Tailwind CSS for React, Next.js, Svelte, Solid, Angular, Vue and Nuxt.js

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Component library for giscus, a comment system powered by GitHub Discussions.

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Effortless Icon Packs & Components for Svelte, React, Vue and more..

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Recastui - Simple, Accessible & Whitelabel UI Components & Design System for your Applications ⚡