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Shadcn UI screenshot
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Popular component library built with Radix UI and Tailwind CSS. Shadcn UI is a collection of components that you can copy and paste. It is written in Typescript and works with React, Next.js, Vite, Remix, Gatsby, Astro and Laravel.

Shadcn Blocks screenshot

Official collection of blocks built on shadcn-ui. Blocks are larger ready-made components like dashboards, signup pages, and landing page sections.

Nextbase Pro - Nextjs Supabase Starter screenshot

️Nextbase is a powerful Next.js Supabase SaaS starter kit. Start your SaaS with authentication, payments, organizations, edge functions, admin panel, blog, feedback collection, changelog, roadmap and more.

Saasrock - Remix Fullstack Boilerplate screenshot

️The SaaS Boilerplate to build your MVP with +25 built-in SaaS features: Auth, Admin portal, App dashboard, Stripe Subscriptions, Workflows, Blog, Knowledge Base, Entity Builder (auto-generated CRUD and API), Events, Email Marketing, Page Blocks, Notifications, Onboarding, Feature Flags, and more.

Shipixen Next.js Boilerplate screenshot

A hyrbid Next.js boilerplate + site generator. Uses Tailwind, Shadcn UI, MDX and Contentlayer.

Supaboost screenshot

All-in-One Supabase, NextJS & Typescript SaaS starter template. Auth & Authorization from Supabase with custom Roles. Secure PostgreSQL database schema. SQL script to create Triggers, Functions, RLS & Tables.Company/team based application (made for B2B SaaS). Automatic Type updates based on Datab...

Next Shadcn Dashboard Starter screenshot

Admin Dashboard Starter with Nextjs14 and shadcn ui

Auto Form screenshot

A React component that automatically creates a @shadcn/ui form based on a zod schema. screenshot

✦ My personal website built using Next.js, Tailwind CSS, shadcn/ui, Contentful, Raindrop, Supabase and deployed on Vercel.

Tauri Ui screenshot

🦀 Create modern Tauri desktop apps in just a few simple steps with shadcn/ui. React, Next.js, Sveltekit.

Tauri Ui screenshot

🦀 Create modern Tauri desktop apps in just a few simple steps with shadcn/ui. React, Next.js, Sveltekit.

Chadnext screenshot

ChadNext - Quick Starter Template for your Next project includes Next.js 14 App router, Shadcn UI, LuciaAuth, Prisma, Server Actions, Stripe, Internationalization and more.

One Stop Shop Ecommerce Starter screenshot

Online marketplace built using Nextjs 13 App Router with server components, server actions, parallel and intercepting routes as well as Drizzle ORM.

Relivator screenshot

Next.js 14: Store, Landing, Admin Dashboard ▲ i18n, Stripe, Shadcn Tailwind, Drizzle Zod Trpc TypeScript Auth Page, Lucide CSS Radix UI, Responsive React Server Components, MySQL and Neon Postgre TS ORM, Intl App Router, Mdx Docs User Actions Kit, SaaS Commerce Shop Pricing Payments, Dark Mode, M...

Next Saas Stripe Starter screenshot

An open-source SaaS Starter built using Next.js 14, Prisma, Planetscale, Auth.js, Resend, React Email, Shadcn/ui, Stripe and Server Actions.

Basejump screenshot

Easily add auth, teams and billing to your Supabase app

Scribbly screenshot

Scribbly is a web application built with Next.js and Prisma that allows users to create and manage their digital journal. With a user-friendly interface powered by Radix UI and Shadcn/UI components, Scribbly makes journaling a breeze. It includes features such as customizable reminders, secure us...

Shadcn Table screenshot

Shadcn table component with server-side sorting, filtering, and pagination.

Nativecn Ui screenshot

Beautiful and customizable React Native components

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Turborepo starter with shadcn/ui pre-configured.

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Shiny visual effects for your design system. In less than a minute.

Kaminari screenshot

Next.js project starter. Configured with tailwindcss and shadcn-ui

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A Next.js 13 application with authentication and payments, built with PlanetScale, Drizzle ORM, Lucia, Tailwind and LemonSqueezy

Spliit screenshot



Free and Open Source Alternative to Splitwise. Share expenses with your friends and family.

Date Range Picker For Shadcn screenshot

DateRangePicker is a reusable component for shadcn using Radix UI and Tailwind CSS. Includes preset date ranges, text entry, calendar selection and date comparison

Digital Garden screenshot

An open source blog (digital garden) template for developers

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Landing page template using Shadcn, React, Typescript and Tailwind

Shadcn Chat screenshot

Customizable and re-usable chat component for you to use in your projects. Built on top of shadcn.

Shadcn Tag Input screenshot

A tag input component built with Shadcn UI

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Next.js Starter Template for building chatbots with Mendable

Palettify screenshot

Beautiful themes for your website that you can copy and paste into your apps.

Astro Nomy screenshot

An modern example app built using Astro v4 & shadcn/ui. Inspired by Taxonomy.

Easyreadme screenshot

Easyreadme helps you simplify README creation and generate visually stunning ones with the help of AI and elegant pre-designed templates.

Shadcn Ui Theme Explorer screenshot

A theme explorer for shadcn UI

Jolly Ui screenshot

shadcn/ui compatible react aria components that you can copy and paste into your apps. Accessible. Customizable. Open Source.

Gradient Picker screenshot

Fancy Gradient Picker built with Shadcn UI, Radix UI and Tailwind CSS.

Ai Fusion Kit screenshot

A feature-rich, highly customizable AI Web App Template, empowered by Next.js.

React Starter screenshot

Full-featured typescript starter for React application

Shadcn Extension screenshot

An open source component collection , that extend your ui library , built using shadcn component

Next Prisma Tailwind Ecommerce screenshot

Open-Source Full-stack E-Commerce Storefront with Admin Panel. Built with Typescript, Next.js 13 App Dir, Tailwind CSS ( @shadcn-ui ) and Prisma.

Next Prisma Tailwind Ecommerce screenshot

Open-Source Full-stack E-Commerce Storefront with Admin Panel. Built with Typescript, Next.js 13 App Dir, Tailwind CSS ( @shadcn-ui ) and Prisma.

Next Starter screenshot

A Next.js starter template, packed with features like TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Next-auth, Eslint, testing tools and more. Jumpstart your project with efficiency and style.

Enhanced Button screenshot

An enhanced version of the default shadcn-button component

Next Projects screenshot

6 projects to understand Next.js core concepts, using MongoDB, Firebase and NextAuth.js.

Codox screenshot



A starter template for modern web development with nextjs 14 (app route), tailwindcss, typescript, trpc, clerk auth, and prisma.

Next Shadcn Landing screenshot

Easy to setup. Customizable. Quick. Responsive.

Next Mobbin Clone screenshot

Replicate the design of to test the news components of shadcn-ui. #builtinpublic

Fluid screenshot



Fluid let's you easily build Shopify Hydrogen headless storefronts by organizing your content with Sanity.

Reliverse screenshot

Incremental Turborepo Starter and CMS ▲ Next.js 13, Tauri Apps UI, Solito Expo ▲ i18n, Stripe, Shadcn, Tailwind, Drizzle Zod Trpc, TypeScript, Auth, Lucide CSS Radix UI, Responsive React Server, TS ORM, Intl App Router Docs, User Actions Kit, SaaS Commerce Shop, Subscriptions Payments, T3 Turbo F...

Astro Shadcn Ui Template screenshot

This template helps you build apps with Astro, Tailwind CSS, and Shadcn UI.

Ui screenshot



UI components for your LLM application

Nextjs Dapp Template screenshot

Open source Next.js app template for the MultiversX blockchain. Including Shadcn UI and Tailwind.

Next Template screenshot

Next.js Starter Template with TypeScript, Tailwindcss, Shadcn-ui, ESLint, and Prettier

Next Entree screenshot

Next.js 14+ starter template with app router, shadcn/ui, typesafe env, icons, and configs setup.

Next Gallery Modal screenshot

This is a WordPress-like image upload gallery modal component made with NextJS + Tailwind CSS + Typescript + shadcn-ui + Supabase.

Pokemon screenshot

A Next.js 13 application built using the new router, server components and server actions, as well as NextAuth.js, Drizzle ORM and Turso in an Nx monorepo

Vscode Preview Docs screenshot

A VSCode Extension that enables you to preview documentation sites within your IDE ✨.

Credenza screenshot

Ready-made responsive modal component for shadcn/ui.

Shadcn Ui Customizer screenshot

POC - shadcn/ui themes with color pickers

Cella screenshot



TypeScript template to build SaaS with vite + hono + postgres + drizzle + react + shadcn.

Kazooo screenshot



This template provides a solid foundation for your web application using popular packages such as Prisma, Radix UI, Supabase, Lucide React, Next.js 13, SWR, and Yup. With built-in authentication using Supabase and seamless integration with a Supabase database, you can jumpstart your development p...

Nike Shop screenshot

Nike Shop is a Fullstack Next JS E-commerce store. Having all necessary features of a real life store, users can pay with stripe, add to cart and view dynamic data rendered from the admin dashboard.

Shadcn Admin screenshot

Admin Dashboard UI built with Shadcn and Vite.

Vite React Ts Tailwind Starter screenshot

A boilerplate for quickly creating React applications with the best developer experience.

Shadverse screenshot

A collection of projects built with the awesome shadcn-ui component library

Remotion Template NextJS screenshot

(WIP) A secure & opinionated NextJS template for Remotion v4

Shadcn Ui Expansions screenshot

More components built on top of shadcn-ui.

Venefish screenshot

Boilerplate for React TypeScript projects using Next.js, shadcn/ui, Tailwind and Firebase on Vercel!

Limetta screenshot

Elevate your financial management with Limetta. Our user-friendly Next.js app simplifies expense tracking, offers multiple account management, easy money transfers, and efficient dues tracking.

Nextjs Velite Blog Template screenshot

A static blog template built using NextJS 14, Velite, Tailwind, Shadcn/UI and MDX. Follow along on YouTube!

Pexllecn screenshot

Building a complete nextjs starter supported by shadcn components

Plate Playground Template screenshot

A Next.js 14 template with Plate playground.

Vini Boilerplate screenshot

Boilerplate to start using Next and all modern technologies.

Vini Boilerplate screenshot

Boilerplate to start using Next and all modern technologies.

Ecommerce Admin screenshot

Full Stack E-Commerce + Dashboard & CMS: Next.js 13 App Router, React, Tailwind, Prisma, MySQL, Clerk Auth.

Rjsf Tailwind screenshot

A Tailwind theme for react-jsonschema-form

Trpc Insta screenshot

Instagram using tRPC (with a NextJS backend) & React Server Components: Next Auth, Prisma & Shadcn UI.

Pricing Page Shadcn screenshot

Pricing Page template made with Shadcn UI & Next.js 14. Completely customizable

Turbocharger screenshot

A monorepo app built with Turborepo, Next.js 14, shadcn-ui, stripe, and more.