React scss

Next.js screenshot

The React Framework

NativeScript screenshot

⚡ Empowering JavaScript with native platform APIs. ✨ Best of all worlds (TypeScript, Swift, Objective C, Kotlin, Java). Use what you love ❤️ Angular, Capacitor, Ionic, React, Solid, Svelte, Vue with: SwiftUI, Jetpack Compose, Flutter and you name it compatible.

Electron React Boilerplate screenshot

A Foundation for Scalable Cross-Platform Apps

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A starter boilerplate for a universal webapp using express, react, redux, webpack, and react-transform

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Get started with React, Redux, and React-Router.

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React + Redux starter kit / boilerplate with Babel, hot reloading, testing, linting and a working example app built in

Semi Design screenshot

🚀A modern, comprehensive, flexible design system and React UI library. 🎨 Provide more than 2800+ Design Tokens, easy to build your design system. Make Semi Design to Any Design. 🧑🏻‍💻 Design to Code in one click

Elementor screenshot

The most advanced frontend drag & drop page builder. Create high-end, pixel perfect websites at record speeds. Any theme, any page, any design.

Primereact screenshot

The Most Complete React UI Component Library

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Mobile, desktop and website Apps with the same code

DeveloperFolio screenshot

🚀 Software Developer Portfolio Template that helps you showcase your work and skills as a software developer.

Homarr screenshot



Customizable browser's home page to interact with your homeserver's Docker containers (e.g. Sonarr/Radarr)

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🦍 A configurable component library for web built on React.

Coreui Free React Admin Template screenshot

CoreUI React is a free React admin template based on Bootstrap 5

React Infinite Calendar screenshot

✨ Infinite scrolling date-picker built with React, with localization, range selection, themes, keyboard support, and more.

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Free Open Source High Quality Dashboard based on Bootstrap 4 & React 16:

Dumi screenshot



📖 Static Site Generator for component library development

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A Chrome Extensions boilerplate using React 18 and Webpack 5.

React Awesome Slider screenshot

React content transition slider. Awesome Slider is a 60fps, light weight, performant component that renders an animated set of production ready UI general purpose sliders with fullpage transition support for NextJS and GatsbyJS. 🖥️ 📱

Jekyll Admin screenshot

A Jekyll plugin that provides users with a traditional CMS-style graphical interface to author content and administer Jekyll sites.

Vuesion screenshot

Vuesion is a boilerplate that helps product teams build faster than ever with fewer headaches and modern best practices across engineering & design.

React Md screenshot

React material design - An accessible React component library built from the Material Design guidelines in Sass

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Create an isomorphic React app in less than 5 minutes

Covalent screenshot

Teradata UI Platform built on Angular Material

Fractal screenshot

A tool to help you build and document website component libraries and design systems.

Gatsby Starter Decap Cms screenshot

Example Gatsby + Decap CMS project

Gatsby Starter Decap Cms screenshot

Example Gatsby + Decap CMS project

Gatsby Starter Decap Cms screenshot

Example Gatsby + Decap CMS project

Gatsby Starter Lumen screenshot

A constantly evolving and thoughtful architecture for creating static blogs with Gatsby.

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:fire: React full stack+Express+Mongo implementation blog website tutorial :new_moon_with_face:

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🖥🔋Web Extension starter to build "Write Once Run on Any Browser" extension

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React 示例项目 · 简易留言板。本项目拥有完善的文档说明与注释,让您快速上手 React 开发 SPA。Webpack / ES6 + Babel / Redux / React Router —— An Excellent React Starter,可能是东半球最佳的 React Starter,基于 Vue Cli 二次开发

Reactql screenshot

Universal React+GraphQL starter kit: React 16, Apollo 2, MobX, Emotion, Webpack 4, GraphQL Code Generator, React Router 4, PostCSS, SSR

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Django 5, React, Bootstrap 5 with Python 3 and webpack project boilerplate

React Rainbow screenshot

🌈 React Rainbow Components. Build your web application in a snap.

React Starter Kit screenshot

Start your first React App. By using React, Redux, and React-Router.

React Resume Template screenshot

A personal resume website template built with React.js, Typescript, Next.js, and styled with Tailwind css

Apollo Universal Starter Kit screenshot

Apollo Universal Starter Kit is a SEO-friendly, fully-configured, modular starter application that helps developers to streamline web, server, and mobile development with cutting-edge technologies and ultimate code reuse.

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A well-structured production ready Next.js boilerplate with Typescript, Redux, Jest, Enzyme, Express.js, Sass, Css, EnvConfig, Fetch, Reverse Proxy, Bundle Analyzer and Built-in Project CLI.

Electron Vite React screenshot

:electron: Electron + Vite + React + Sass boilerplate.

WordExpress screenshot

WordPress using Node, React, GraphQL, and Apollo

React Dashboard screenshot

🔥React Dashboard - isomorphic admin dashboard template (React.js, Bootstrap, Node.js, GraphQL, React Router, Babel, Webpack, Browsersync) 🔥

Mobiscroll screenshot

Cross platform UI controls for progressive web and hybrid apps (plain JS, jQuery, Angular and React)

React Reduction screenshot

React Reduction - Free Admin Template Built with React and Bootstrap4

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Chrome Extension Boilerplate with React + Vite + Typescript

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🚀 A Chinese style component library powered by React

Mdb React Ui Kit screenshot

React 18 & Bootstrap 5 & Material Design 2.0 UI KIT

Inkline screenshot

Inkline is the intuitive UI Components library that gives you a developer-friendly foundation for building high-quality, accessible, and customizable Vue.js 3 Design Systems.

Nextjs Starter screenshot

A starter project for Next.js with authentication

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😎 🐣 A starter boilerplate for a universal web app with the best development experience and a focus on performance and best practices.

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Simple React Webpack Babel Starter Kit

React Spaces screenshot

React components that allow you to divide a page or container into nestable anchored, scrollable and resizable spaces.

Home screenshot



The personal website/portfolio template by Hashir Shoaib. Built using React and Bootstrap.

Next Wordpress Starter screenshot

📝 Bring WordPress to the static world with Next.js

Selectivity screenshot

Modular and light-weight selection library

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✨ React component library for building declarative multi-step flows.

Commercejs Nextjs Demo Store screenshot

Commerce demo store built for the Jamstack. Built with Commerce.js, Next.js, and can be one-click deployed to Netlify. Includes product catalog, customer login, categories, variants, cart, checkout, payments (Stripe) order confirmation, and printable receipts.

React Frontend Dev Portfolio screenshot

Easy to adapt and deploy React portfolio inspired with solutions found at GitHub.

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🚀 Ultimate universal starter with lazy-loading, SSR and i18n. [not maintained]

Slash Admin screenshot

A modern react admin. It is based on react 18, vite and TypeScript. It's fast !

Volt React Dashboard screenshot

Free and open source React.js admin dashboard template and UI library based on Bootstrap 5

Woo Next screenshot

:rocket: React WooCommerce theme, built with Next JS, Webpack, Babel, Node, Express, using GraphQL and Apollo Client

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(DEPRECATED) Minimal starter with hot module replacement (HMR) for rapid development.

React Redux Boilerplate screenshot

Awesome React / Redux boilerplate and tutorial.

React Component Library screenshot

A project skeleton to get your very own React Component Library up and running using Rollup, Typescript, SASS + Storybook

Open Source Saas Boilerpate screenshot

Free SaaS boilerplate (Python/PostgreSQL/ReactJS/Webpack)

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A minimal React-Redux boilerplate with all the best practices

Nutui React screenshot

京东风格的移动端 React 组件库 、支持多端小程序(A React UI Toolkit for Mobile Web)

Saleor Storefront screenshot

A GraphQL-powered, NextJs-based, PWA storefront for Saleor. IMPORTANT: This project is [DEPRECATED] in favor of saleor/react-storefront soon to become our default demo and storefront starter pack.

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React version of Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Hiui screenshot



HIUI is a solution that is adequate for the fomulation and implementation of interaction and UI design standard for front, middle and backend.

Lottie React screenshot

A lightweight React library for rendering complex After Effects animations in real time using Lottie.

Gatsby Starter Bee screenshot

🐝Full Package | Simple | Fresh UI | Blog Template :: Let's start to blogging with gatsby-starter-bee!

Taroify screenshot

Taroify 是移动端组件库 Vant 的 Taro 版本,两者基于相同的视觉规范,提供一致的 API 接口,助力开发者快速搭建小程序应用。

Ka Table screenshot

Lightweight MIT React Table component with Sorting, Filtering, Grouping, Virtualization, Editing and many more

React Isomorphic Boilerplate screenshot

🌟 An universal React isomorphic boilerplate for building server-side render web app.

Pcui screenshot



UI component library for the web

React Redux Universal Hot Example screenshot

A starter boilerplate for a universal webapp using react, redux, express and feathers

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React redux easy boilerplate

React Chrome Extension screenshot

chrome extension boilerplate with ReactJs using inject page strategy

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A simple responsive admin template using react and material-ui

DisqusJS screenshot

:speech_balloon: Render Disqus comments in Mainland China using Disqus API

React Screenshot Test screenshot

A dead simple library to screenshot test React components

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A boilerplate for playing around with react, redux and react-router with the help of webpack.

Laravel React screenshot

Laravel 8 and React 17 boilerplate

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A starter project for modern React apps with Redux

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React, React-Router 4, MobX and Webpack 2-boilerplate with async routes.

Nextjs Prisma Boilerplate screenshot

Full stack boilerplate with Next.js, Prisma, Tailwind, TypeScript, Docker, Postgres, documentation, frontend and backend unit and integration tests with Jest, Cypress end-to-end tests, Github Actions CI/CD workflows, and production deployment with Traefik and Docker.

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A production-ready boilerplate built with Python 3, Flask and ES6 React/Redux

Next Ecommerce screenshot

A beautiful ecommerce made with Next.js

Stackoverflow Clone Frontend screenshot

Clone project of a famous Q/A website for developers built using MySQL, Express, React, Node, Sequelize :globe_with_meridians:

Buffet screenshot



Buffet.js — React Components Library made with styled-components

React Windows Ui screenshot

Build Windows native look & feel apps using ReactJS. Provides a set of accessible, reusable and composable react components that make it super easy to create websites and apps.

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Cross platform configuration & build tool for the ExpressLRS radio link

Qwik Ui screenshot

Qwik's official Headless and styled components library

Printable Mockups screenshot

Create printable UI mockups & wireframes templates

Carbon Components Angular screenshot

An Angular implementation of the Carbon Design System for IBM.

Light Blue React Template screenshot

Light Blue React Template - Admin Dashboard Template built with React

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🔨 A boilerplate project to quickly build a Chrome extension using TypeScript and React (built using webpack).

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Open Source Universal User Registration System – NodeJS React Apollo GraphQL JWT MongoDB

Website screenshot

Website of FOSS@Amrita, Powered by JAMStack

Backpack screenshot

Backpack Design System

Purity Ui Dashboard screenshot

Purity UI Dashboard - Free and Open Source Chakra UI Dashboard

One Click Hugo Cms screenshot

Hugo template with Decap CMS

One Click Hugo Cms screenshot

Hugo template with Decap CMS

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A starter boilerplate for an Ethereum dapp using web3.js v1.0, truffle, react, and parity

Gatsby Style Guide Guide screenshot

A boilerplate for creating your own custom style guide

Carbon Web Components screenshot

Carbon Design System variant on top of Web Components

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A clean, extensible react + redux boilerplate with universal/isomorphic rendering, testing and more

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A reusable CRM project for real-world business based on React 16, Redux & Material-UI 4

React Portfolio screenshot

A boilerplate portfolio in react :tada:

Nextjs Dashboard screenshot

A Next.JS boilerplate with the famous Open Source Boostrap Admin Template, CoreUI.

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Fully hackable text editor developed for exact sciences with built-in KaTeX and AsciiMath support. Extensible via plugins and themes. Exportable as HTML, PDF and GFM.

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Electron boilerplate with React, Redux, and TypeScript

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A simple, yet comprehensive React + Redux application, complete with DevTools.

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🎉 React library to render components only on specific viewports 🔥

Webrix screenshot



Powerful building blocks for React-based web applications

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Live editing development on desktop app

React Firebase Admin screenshot

React ⚛️ starter kit with Firebase 🔥 and Bulma for setting up an admin dashboard - Highly scalable, PWA, Serverless

Webpack React Boilerplate screenshot

Minimal React 16 and Webpack 4 boilerplate with babel 7, using the new webpack-dev-server, react-hot-loader, CSS-Modules

Gatsby Starter Wordpress screenshot

LOOKING FOR MAINTAINER - - - A GatsbyJS starter template that leverages the WordPress API, ACF and more screenshot

🔥 The Complete Customizable Software Developer Portfolio Template which lets you showcase your work and provides each and every detail about you as Software Developer.

Shopify Next.js Tailwind screenshot

Learn the Shopify + Next.js + Tailwind CSS Stack! SWR, Hydrogen, + more

Monday Ui React Core screenshot

Official UI resources for application development in React.js

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Use react + typescript + webpack to enhance your chrome extension development experience

Astroplate screenshot

Astroplate is a free starter template built with Astro, TailwindCSS & TypeScript providing everything you need to jumpstart your Astro project. Get started with Astroplate and save yourself hours of work!

Frontend Boilerplates screenshot

Collection of Boilerplates with ES6, Vue, React, Nuxt, TypeScript, SCSS, Nodejs. Using good practices and file structures to inspire your real projects.

Satus screenshot



App router Next.js starter template

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A free UI toolkit based on some common libraries for building beautiful responsive website, compatible with Bootstrap v5.

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a starter-template with typescript, react, mobx and vite/webpack...

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A boilerplate written in ES6 using ReactJS (along with React Router and RefluxJS), SASS, Gulp, and Browserify.

Team Blog Hub screenshot

RSS based blog starter kit for teams

Elementz screenshot

:space_invader: A React UI Component library for building modern applications easily & quickly

React Director Admin Template screenshot

ReactJS version of Director Responsive Admin Template Free

Foxhound screenshot

A text-focused blog theme for WordPress (in React)

Gatsby Prismic Starter Prist screenshot

Gatsby starter for portfolios and blogs using Prismic CMS

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WordPress theme built with ReactJS and Redux calling WP-REST-API for content

Gatsby Starter Calpa Blog screenshot

Calpa's Blog (GatsbyJS Starter X Netlify CMS)

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:fire: :rocket: React, Redux, Firebase Boilerplate

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Minimalistic ES6+ React boilerplate with Hot Reloading using Webpack 4 and Babel 7

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Lightweight, easy-to-use, configurable, and extensible mobile front-end development framework.

Gatsby Starter Dimension screenshot

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Dimension, designed by HTML5 UP. Check out for more Gatsby starters.

default image

⚡ The most simple & robust boilerplate for your React projects.

Nextjs Material Kit screenshot

NextJS version of Material Kit React by Creative Tim

Satus screenshot



Next.js starter template

Yellowcake screenshot

A starter project for creating lightning-fast websites with Gatsby v2 and Netlify-CMS v2 + Uploadcare intergration.

default image

Electron React Webpack Typescript Boilerplate with Custom Window and Titlebar Menus.

default image

Electron React Webpack Typescript Boilerplate with Custom Window and Titlebar Menus.

default image

Defines themes via flexible color selectors for use with styled-components

Smartblock screenshot

intuitive block based wysiwyg editor built with React and ProseMirror

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React 17 Boilerplate with Webpack 6, Tailwind 2, using babel, SASS/PostCSS, HMR, dotenv and an optimized production build

default image

A component library for React

Nextplate screenshot

Nextplate is a free starter template built with Next.js and TailwindCSS. It provides you with almost everything you need to jump-start your Next.js project. Try Nextplate and save yourself hours of work.

React Rollup Boilerplate screenshot

Boilerplate for creating React component libraries, bundled with Rollup.js to ESM and/or CJS Modules, Storybook, Typescript

React Redux Sass Starter screenshot

Everything you need to get started with a basic React application

Syncano Dashboard screenshot

The Syncano Dashboard built with React.

Gatsby Starter Bootstrap screenshot

Gatsby starter for bootstrap

default image

react+router+redux+express 构建淘票票的全栈demo

Universal React Starter Kit screenshot

服务端渲染的 React 手脚架。使用 React, Redux, and React-Router!一个简单优美的脚手架

default image

React + RR4 + Mobx + Isomorphic starter.

Astro Ecommerce screenshot

Astro Ecommerce - Ready to use components

Vortex React screenshot

🐠 A react starter kit. Redux or mobx, react-router-dom, webpack3, all is in.

default image

React 16 and Webpack 4 starter pack

Flawwwless Ui screenshot

Flawwwless ui library for React.js.

Gatsby Starter Foundation screenshot

A starter to launch your blazing fast personal website and a blog, Built with Gatsby and Netlify CMS. Made with ❤ by Stackrole

default image

Simple base app using react, react-router v4, hot-reload & sass.

default image

React Redux Testing Template using Jest and Enzyme

Vant React screenshot

Lightweight 2kb Mobile UI Components built on React and TS, inspired by Vant@

Zoomkoding Gatsby Blog screenshot

✍️ Simple & Neat UI & Full Featured Blog Template

default image

A lightning-fast boilerplate for building Adobe CEP Extensions in React, Vue, or Svelte built on Vite + TypeScript + Sass

Scalable React Boilerplate screenshot

:star: Scalable feature-first React micro-framework made for Udacity Alumni collaborative projects

default image


Fluid Type Scale Calculator screenshot

Generate font size variables for a fluid type scale with CSS clamp.

default image

A Full MERN Stack Boilerplate for Web Apps including a local authentication system. Uses React, Express.js, MongoDB, Redux, Passport.js, Webpack, Testing, and more.

Gatsby Starter Business screenshot

Gatsby Business Website Starter

default image

💅 A fast and ready-to-go with a well-thought-out structure Electron app boilerplate with ReactJS, TypeScript, CSS / SASS modules, Electron Vite, Eslint, Prettier, GitHub Action releases and more.

default image

Opinionated Next JS project boilerplate with TypeScript and Redux

default image

A Tauri + Next.js (SSG) template, with TailwindCSS, opinionated linting, and GitHub Actions preconfigured

Ebs Design screenshot

A React-based UI toolkit for enterprise grade applications

default image

Node.js+Koa.js+PostgreSQL+React.js+Webpack+Mocha+Makefile, a starter kit for new apps

Syna screenshot



Highly customizable open source theme for Hugo based static websites

Wheel screenshot



Don't reinvent the wheel for every new Rails project. Use sane Defaults.

default image

E-commerce website using React, Redux, Hooks, Stripe and Firebase

Shopper React screenshot

:warning: [ABANDONED] An eCommerce administration built with Laravel 5 for create online shop.

Hexo Theme Doc screenshot

A documentation theme for the Hexo blog framework

ReactPortfolioTemplate screenshot

Portfolio template for developers, build in React.

Kaminari screenshot

Next.js project starter. Configured with tailwindcss and shadcn-ui

Tiny Ui screenshot

⚛️ A friendly UI component set for React.js

Adminlte 3 React screenshot

React 18.2.0 start-up project with AdminLTE 3.2.0 template

default image

blog-admin @react、@typescript、@apollographql

default image

React, Redux, Webpack, Material UI, Boostrap 4, Code Splitting, HMR screenshot

Organization site for general info, documentation, blogs & contribution guidelines.

Kit screenshot



ReactQL starter kit (use the CLI)

Next React Graphql Apollo Hooks screenshot

React, Apollo, Next.js, GraphQL, Node.js, TypeScript high performance boilerplate with React hooks GraphQL implementation and automatic static type generation

Ecommerce Site Template screenshot

A beautiful e-commerce template powered by React, Redux and other modern web tech.

default image

Powerful ASP.NET Core 3 templates with React, true server-side rendering and Docker support

default image

Open Source Universal React Redux GraphQL Boilerplate

default image

Webpack 5 boilerplate with support of most common loaders and modules (see tags and description)

Folio screenshot



Interactive Portfolio with Next, GSAP, Tailwind, and React

default image

Simple and compact boilerplate for ReactJS project with expressJS

Ptemplate screenshot

A personal website template that's not a pain in the ass to setup and use

React Cordova Boilerplate screenshot

TodoMVC example for react with development tools to build a cordova application

Ui screenshot



[Archived] 🔩 Klarna's UI components library

default image

Boilerplate for React apps with routing, code splitting, & server side rendering

Truvisory screenshot

This project is meant to provide resources to users who want to access good LinkedIn posts which contains resources to learn any Technology, Design, Self-Branding, Motivation etc. You can visit project by:

Nextjs Advanced Starter screenshot

Use Tailwind CSS, ESLint, Prettier & absolute imports instantly. Easily extendable zero-config template for pros and beginners. screenshot

Public site for Virtual Coffee

Core screenshot



The Form Tools Core.

default image

React UI components for rapid development.

default image

Antdfront is a set of multi tab experimental react microfrontend template

Blog screenshot



A Blog on Customizing Docusaurus

default image

Starter for Express, React, Redux, SCSS applications

Gatsby Starter Forty screenshot

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Forty, designed by HTML5 UP. Check out for more Gatsby starters.

Gatsby Serif Theme screenshot

Serif is a beautiful small business theme for Gatsby.

Gatsby Starter Delog screenshot

A blog for designers and developer, built with Gatsby and Netlfiy CMS. Live demo

default image

webpack5 react 项目模板,支持 typescript,使用 SWC 编译,体验超快速度

default image

Preconfigured React project with webpack build system and jest unit testing

default image

a minimalist starter repo for React and Node to deploy to heroku

Boss Lite screenshot

Boss Lite - React Redux Material Admin Template

default image

Learning react

default image

material-ui components for Dash screenshot

🧛🏻‍♂️ Dark website for a dark theme

React Universal Saga screenshot

Universal React Starter Kit ft. Redux Saga

Fundamental React screenshot

React implementation of the reusable component library designed in Fundamental Library Styles

default image



React component library for KaiOS apps

Starter Kit Universally screenshot

Ueno.'s react starter kit

default image

Free Open Source High Quality Dashboard based on Bootstrap 4 & React 16 + Next.js:

Cassette screenshot

📼 A flexible media player component library for React that requires no up-front config screenshot

My Personal Dev Site, built with Next.js and Chakra UI

default image

SnailJS - Slow and thoughtful development with Node and React

default image

A TypeScript boilerplate for combining Payload and Next.js into a single Express server

default image

Step by step creation of a Universal React + Redux Boilerplate

Electron React Python Template screenshot

Multi-platform Electron template, using React & Redux Toolkit on the front-end and Python/Flask for microservices on the back-end.

Fundamental Styles screenshot

SAP Design System component library for building SAP user interfaces with any web technology.

Next Js Boilerplate screenshot

React Modal Video screenshot

Accessible React Modal Video Component

Github Portfolio screenshot

Create a Portfolio Website using your GitHub username. This website template is constructed with next.js and tailwind CSS, allowing you to display your work and skills as a software developer.

React Boilerplate screenshot

A slightly opinionated yet dead simple boilerplate for React 17.x, Webpack 5 and React Router v5

default image

A Laravel REST API backend with React/Redux, hot module reloading in development and route-level code splitting

Cwg React Starter screenshot

Pre-configured and Ready to use React Starter App. To save time in settings things up for new project. Almost everything needed is already configured. Just clone and start developing without wasting time in doing same stuffs for every project. (#codewithghazi)

Pwa Boilerplate screenshot

✨ PWA Boilerplate is highly scalable and is designed to help you kick-start your next project 🔭.

default image

Starter kit for building Chrome/Firefox extensions

default image

Starter kit for building Chrome/Firefox extensions

default image

Amexio is a rich set of Angular 7 (170+) components powered by HTML5 & CSS3 for Responsive Design and with 80+ Material Design Themes, UI Components, Charts, Gauges, Data Point Widgets, Dashboards. Amexio is completely Open Sourced and Free. It's based on Apache 2 License. You can use it in your ...

Gatsby Netlify Cms screenshot

Example website built with Gatsby V2 and Netlify CMS 📝

default image

An Universal ReactJS/Redux Boilerplate

React Template Admin screenshot

A lightweight React18 backend management template

React Formik Ui screenshot

A simple component library, composed out of pure HTML form elements to make your live easier composing forms with Formik and React

Typing Test screenshot

Typing test website build with React

Express Webpack React Redux Typescript Boilerplate screenshot

:tada: A full-stack boilerplate that using express with webpack, react and typescirpt!

default image

Components, principles, documentation and templates for the City of Helsinki design system.

default image

A boilerplate for a Koa Redux React application with Webpack, Mocha and SASS

Now Ui Kit React screenshot

React version of Now UI Kit by Creative Tim

Portfolio screenshot

An open source portfolio site built on Nextjs and React

default image

React library to render browser specific content

Portfolio React screenshot

A portfolio website built with react js

Rinse React screenshot

🚿 Rinse, React, repeat. A boilerplate to build a React component library.

Formation screenshot

React component library

React Admin Nest screenshot

React和Ant Design和 Nest.js 和 Mysql 构建的后台通用管理系统。持续更新。 screenshot

General Coordinates Network (GCN) web site

React Uswds screenshot

USWDS 3.0 components built in React

Himalaya Ui screenshot

Elevate your Next.js web development with our open-source UI library, offering a comprehensive suite of customizable components for building modern and user-friendly interfaces.

Packard Belle screenshot

Windows 98 React Component Library

Pokedex screenshot

A simple Pokémon catalogue, built with React, Material-UI and PokéAPI.

React Template Easily screenshot


default image

Minimal Next.js boilerplate

Next Leaflet Starter screenshot

🍃 A Next.js starter with Leafet to quickly build React apps with a map!

default image

Synergy is a framework for building modular, configurable and scalable UI components for React-DOM projects

Node Blog screenshot

🔥✨ A react blog project base on nodejs, nestjs, mongoose, typescript, react, ant-design,nextjs

default image

为开发者、设计师和产品经理准备的 UI 设计语言

Typescript React_best_practices Vite_template screenshot

<⚡⚛️> Start your React project with Vite following code best practices (TypeScript, Linting, testing, CI/CD…)

Next Typescript screenshot

We make cool shit that performs, and we start with this template.

Iceberg screenshot

Front-End Boilerplate built with React + Babel + Webpack + SASS

One React Template screenshot

Flatlogic One - React Template and Theme

Sofia React Template screenshot

🔮 Sofia React Template - Admin Dashboard Template built with React

Breko Hub screenshot

Babel React Koa Hot Universal Boilerplate

Instapack screenshot

All-in-one TypeScript and Sass compiler for web applications! :package: :rocket:

default image



:beginner: react-photonkit boilerplate with electron

Gatsby Starter Strata screenshot

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Strata, designed by HTML5 UP. Check out for more Gatsby starters.

Gatsby Starter Stellar screenshot

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Stellar. Check out for more Gatsby starters.

React Fondue screenshot

This repository is deprecated, please use

default image

A file explorer theme for React Sortable Tree

TW Elements React screenshot

TW Elements for React - 𝙃𝙪𝙜𝙚 collection of Tailwind + React components, sections and templates 😎

TW Elements React screenshot

TW Elements for React - 𝙃𝙪𝙜𝙚 collection of Tailwind + React components, sections and templates 😎

Appointment Scheduler screenshot

An appointment scheduler built using React, Twilio and Cosmic

default image

一個简洁的 antd-react-admin 应用 -- React + Antd 后台管理系统

default image

Isomorphic/universal boilerplate with react, redux, webpack and express

Fogga Kanban screenshot

[2017] React Kanban Dashboard Template

Portfolio 2020 screenshot

Simple reactjs portfolio of Motasim Foad

default image

The Sass counterpart of the material-ui framework for React

default image



A React-powered WordPress theme prototype.

default image

Get started with using React in a WordPress plugin

default image

基于React + Webpack + Babel的开发脚手架

default image

Boilerplate for Koa & React

default image

🏗 Quickly create react + typescript project development environment and scaffold for developing npm package components

default image

Simple boilerplate

React Amis Admin screenshot

一个开箱可用的Amis + React 低代码开发环境

React Redux Graphql Apollo Bootstrap Webpack Starter screenshot

react js + redux + graphQL + Apollo + react router + hot reload + devTools + bootstrap + webpack starter

Admin Panel screenshot

Admin panel developed by react and typescript.

default image

React Boilerplate

Architectui React Theme Free screenshot

ArchitectUI React admin template is a simple yet fully customizable admin dashboard for web apps and other software.

Chrome Extension With React And Typescript Starter Pack screenshot

Chrome Extension with React and Typescript Starter Pack

Discord Clone screenshot

Discord (with unique roles in each server, image, audio sharing, auto render video links in messages, discord loading logo between page renderings) with React, React Router, Material UI, SASS, Styled components and firebase CRUD

Gatsby V2 Starter Lumen screenshot

A minimal, lightweight and mobile-first starter for creating blazing-fast static blogs

default image

Open-source and npm-published React component library.

Gatsby Shopify Theme screenshot

🛒 Simple theme to build a blazing simple and fast store with Gatsby and Shopify.

default image

This is a starter code to start the project built with Laravel 9 + InertiaJs + ReactJs, which already includes multiple layout admin templates with login for authentication

Pattern Library screenshot

AXA CH UI component library. Please share, comment, create issues and work with us!

BooGi screenshot



Generate GitBook-like modern docs/tutorial websites using Gatsby

Create Apollo App screenshot

Create Apollo App is a command-line tool designed to generate fully-configured starter Apollo GraphQL projects with essential dependencies for developing web, server and mobile applications and zero build configuration.

Css Components screenshot

CSS Components

default image


React Multi Select screenshot

A Multi Select component built with and for React

default image

Everything you need to develop, test and deploy your own cockpit plugin

Gatsby Bigcommerce Netlify Cms Starter screenshot

Example Gatsby, BigCommerce and Netlify CMS project meant to jump start JAMStack ecommerce sites.

Finastra Design System screenshot

The Finastra Design System provided as a theme and components library

React Devui screenshot

UI components based on React and DevUI Design

Reactly Starter Kit screenshot

Deployable React + Webpack 2 starter kit

Gatsby Portfolio screenshot

Sample DatoCMS website built with GatsbyJS

Gatsby Starter Leaflet screenshot

🍃 A Gatsby starter with Leafet to quickly build React apps with a map!

Material Ui Currency Textfield screenshot

Currency textfield for React Material UI

default image

A portfolio template for datascientists using reactjs

default image

A basic template that consists of the essential elements that are required to start building a Single Page Application using React, React Router, Redux, Bootstrap 4, Sass, and Webpack

Ueno Gatsby Starter screenshot

Opinionated Gatsby starter by Ueno.

default image

🚀 my portfolio thingy which also happens to be a template

Dashui Free Nextjs Admin Template screenshot

Dashui free nextjs admin dashboard template, built with latest react. Build your next project with DashUI React.

default image

Complete boilerplate for Electron apps using Fable and Elmish with hot module reloading, time-travel debugging, etc.

Firestarta screenshot

Next.js SaaS boilerplate with NextAuth, Prisma, Supabase, Shadcn/ui & Lemon Squeezy Subscriptions

Paragon screenshot

💎 An accessible, theme-ready design system built for learning applications and Open edX.

default image

React Admin Dashboard Template

default image

:zap: JavaScript boilerplate for a full stack app built using React.js, Next.js, Express.js, react-bootstrap, SCSS and full SSR with eslint.

default image

A project boilerplate and reference example of a universal, reactiflux, progressive web application

default image

A real-time chat application built using React (Create React App on the frontend) and NodeJS/Express/ Backend

default image

Set up a modern web app with clean architecture by running one command.

default image

A basic template that consists of the essential elements that are required to start building a React (v16.3) application using Webpack (v4)

default image

🧐 A sensible universal starter kit for React + Redux

Matchbox screenshot

🔥 A react UI component library

Evolutility Ui React screenshot

Framework for building CRUD UIs for Hasura GraphQL with models rather than code.

default image

Next.js static site starter based on the Dimension template.

Pcui Graph screenshot

A PCUI extension for creating node-based graphs

default image

Webpack 5 Boilerplate for JS/React/TS apps.

Nextjs Boilerplate screenshot

A super powerful NextJS boilerplate developed following the Feature driven pattern

default image

:cn: Walker Management Center By React

Yasei screenshot



Social media made with React, Node, Express and MongoDB (MERN)

Igniteui Webcomponents screenshot

Ignite UI for Web Components is a complete library of UI components, giving you the ability to build modern web applications using encapsulation and the concept of reusable components in a dependency-free approach.

default image

Jam3 NextJS Generator for SPA, SSG, SSR and JAMStack applications

default image

Jam3 NextJS Generator for SPA, SSG, SSR and JAMStack applications

Blog Template Using Nextjs Typescript Tailwindcss screenshot

This project is a simple blog template using next js, typescript and tailwind css. blog+nextjs+tailwind+typescript. screenshot

Blog, Gatsby Theme(Starter), Built with Gatsby

default image

This project is a basic setup for an app written in TypeScript that has a front-end and back-end using React on the front-end and ExpressJS on the back-end.

default image

online shop template - React, Redux, Firebase, Stripe

Antd Admin Boilerplate screenshot

[deprecated][废弃] 以 antd 为基础组件构建的一套中后台管理系统的基本架构模板

default image

react application deconstructed to Bit components, to be a shared-library

default image

A realtime React starter kit powered by GraphQL Subscriptions. The app is a slack clone and features real-time messaging and social authentication.

Astro Design System screenshot

This is a theme/starter project for design systems built in Astro. You can install and import your own component library and document all your design decisions and components.

default image

A straightforward starter for Node javascript web projects. Using Koa, MobX and ReactJS (with universal / isomorphic server rendering)

Material Components screenshot

Stateless UI components for react that follow material design

Cra Template Must Have Libraries screenshot

✨ A starter CRA professional React v17 project with must-have ReactJS libraries including TypeScript, SCSS, Redux, Toolkit, Material-UI, Styled Components, React Router, Jest & Enzym, Folder structure, Generate templates, ESLint, Prettier, Recoil

Gallery App React screenshot

A React application example for the gallery space template.

Meteor Apollo Starter Kit screenshot

Meteor, Apollo, React, PWA, Styled-Components boilerplate

UUI screenshot



Universal Utility-first UI Library

Next Medium Blog Boilerplate screenshot

Next.js medium style blog boilerplate

Truthy React Frontend screenshot

Truthy CMS's Frontend application written in ReactJS & Redux Saga. This project includes UI implementation of User Management, Role Management, Permission Management, Email Module, Account Settings, OTP, RBAC support, Localization, and many more.

Hackathon Website Template screenshot

A cool website template for your upcoming hackathon.

Mantine Template screenshot

Simple SPA responsive template made with React and Mantine for showcase websites.

React Redux Starter Kit screenshot

Modular starter kit for React+Redux+React Router projects.

Clever Bootstrap 4 Admin Template With AngularJS Angular 2 Support screenshot

Clever is Boostrap 4 Admin Template with Angular 2 and AngularJS support

Gatsby Portfolio screenshot

creative personal & portfolio template based on gatsby. designed so you can showcase your work and write your blogs. screenshot discussions

default image

Starter kit for React with Router, Redux, Observable + RxJS

default image

A dashboard for monitoring Webpack build stats.

Yep React screenshot

yep react UI component 组件

Admin Template For React screenshot

:earth_asia: Admin template for React, React Redux, Redux Saga, React Router, i18n and integrated OAuth login

Poemkit screenshot

React toolkit for building a full website that also is a Micro-Frontend Architecture.

React Vite Ts Boilerplate screenshot

Very Fast React Boilerplate(React + Vite + Typescript + scss)

Seven23 screenshot

Fully manual budget app to track personal expenses. 100% opensource, with privacy by design.

Gatsby Bulma Quickstart screenshot

🚀 + ⚛️ A Quick Way to bootstrap your next Gatsby + Bulma site.

Portfolio screenshot

The personal website/portfolio of Hashir Shoaib. Built using Nextjs and Bootstrap5.

Xstate Sample Kit screenshot

Sample or starter kit for developing web applications with reactjs, xstate, typescript, xstate/test, storybook, typedoc, fp-ts, and other libraries.

Boundless Nextjs Ecommerce Template screenshot

Next.js E-Commerce template. Strong TypeScript, Ready to use, For high-performance e-commerce websites.

Gatsby Material Kit React screenshot

Adapt Material Kit React to Gatsby

Ibm Products screenshot

A Carbon-powered React component library for IBM Products

Commercejs Nextjs Vercel screenshot

Serverless eCommerce demo store built for the Jamstack. Built with Commerce.js, Next.js and can be one click deployed to Vercel. Includes product catalogue, categories, variants, cart, checkout, order confirmation and printable receipts. This is an open source project.

Modular Admin React Pro screenshot

Modular Material Admin + React: free dashboard theme built with MaterialUI + TypeScript | Pro Version

Nextjs Blog Starter Kit screenshot

NextJS Blog + Contentful Typescript Starter kit with Static Export 🚀

Nextjs Blog Starter Kit screenshot

NextJS Blog + Contentful Typescript Starter kit with Static Export 🚀

Quarkify screenshot

An awesome lightweight React UI Component library

React Typescript Webpack Starter screenshot

A starter project for using React, TypeScript, SCSS using Webpack 5.

Portfolio screenshot

Portfolio made with reactJs for github pages. Supports light and dark theme.

React Searchkit screenshot

React component library for interacting with a REST API.

React Var Ui screenshot

React component library for variable setting and preview.

Nutritrack screenshot

A simple landing page template built with NextJS and TailwindCSS, just for you!

Ibm Security screenshot

A Carbon-powered React component library built by IBM Security

React Hello screenshot

Start a React project in 30 seconds: React, Bootstrap, SASS, Gitpod. Video Tutorial.

Material Bliss Jekyll Theme screenshot

A Material Theme for Jekyll created with React, Redux, and React-Router transpiled with Webpack

Material Bliss Jekyll Theme screenshot

A Material Theme for Jekyll created with React, Redux, and React-Router transpiled with Webpack

Admin ECommerce ReactJS screenshot

Admin e-commerce PWA built in React Redux based on Create React App for Zahir Accounting Challenge

Carbon Ui Builder screenshot

Build Carbon UI components for your product in a fraction of time that it normally takes.

Mdb4 React Ui Kit screenshot

React Bootstrap with Material Design - Powerful and free UI KIT

React Portfolio Template screenshot

A modern and responsive portfolio template screenshot

我的个人博客,使用 Next.js、TypeScript、MDX 和 TailwindCSS 构建。My blog built with Next.js, TypeScript, MDX, and TailwindCSS.

Blog Template screenshot

Scientific blog template based on

Chakra UI Admin Dashboard Template screenshot

Collection of custom made components using Chakra UI.

Laravel React Boilerplate screenshot

Laravel React Boilerplate with Ant Design, Route-Level Code Splitting, Redux, Sanctum Auth

Nature Ui screenshot

Nature ui is a Modular React based component library with built in support for tailwindcss.

Reactizer 2016 screenshot

(UNMAINTAINED) The most hipster React and React Native boilerplate! :smiling_imp:

React Phoenix Users Boilerplate screenshot

Elixir/Phoenix + React + users template/boilerplate.

React Phoenix Users Boilerplate screenshot

Elixir/Phoenix + React + users template/boilerplate.

React Time Tracking screenshot

time tracker app on react

Nextjs Tailwind Contentlayer Blog Starter screenshot

Blog starter template with modern frontend tech stack like Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Contentlayer, i18Next

Strapi React Snipcart screenshot

React E-Commerce App Built on Top of Strapi

Minimalist Profile screenshot

:bust_in_silhouette: A simple and minimalist profile template

Sendit Astro Template screenshot

Sendit template on Astro

Notion Next.js Blog Starter Kit screenshot

Notion + Next.js Blog Starter Kit - Next.js + Notion ISR static page blog starter kit

React Redux Starter screenshot

React starter kit with redux and react-router

Trendy Resume screenshot

👋 Junho's new Résumé, themed like a shopping mall website! You can make your own with this template too 🔥 (2020)

Artemis Dev Tool screenshot

An Apollo GraphQL Query Schema Testing Tool

Gatsby Starter Resume screenshot

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Resume by startbootstrap

Gatsby Starter Typescript Power Blog screenshot

Personal Blog/Website with Gatsby and Typescript

Koa React Notes Web screenshot

🤓 This is a simple SPA built using Koa as the backend, Vue as the first frontend, and React as the second frontend. Features MySQL integration, user authentication, CRUD note actions, and more.

Gatsby Markdown Blog Starter screenshot

Gatsby Markdown Blog Starter, demo link:

React Purity Dashboard screenshot

React Dashboard - Purity UI Dashboard | AppSeed

React Query Zustand Ts Vite Boilerplate screenshot

A React boilerplate with Typescript using Vite. Includes React-query, Zustand, Tailwindcss, EsLint + Prettier, Husky Commit Lint, Jest with PWA support

React Query Zustand Ts Vite Boilerplate screenshot

A React boilerplate with Typescript using Vite. Includes React-query, Zustand, Tailwindcss, EsLint + Prettier, Husky Commit Lint, Jest with PWA support

React Query Zustand Ts Vite Boilerplate screenshot

A React boilerplate with Typescript using Vite. Includes React-query, Zustand, Tailwindcss, EsLint + Prettier, Husky Commit Lint, Jest with PWA support

Taro2 Template screenshot

可用于生产环境的taro项目模版,技术栈:taro + taro-ui + typescript + dva / mobx + sass,无需过多关注项目配置,预置功能包括但不限于页面/组件/store/service模版一键生成/编译自动生成路由列表和组件入口/代码规范强制检查/请求拦截封装/小程序CI等,实现多端项目的高效快速开发。目前已有1.x / 2.x / 3.x 版本。

Common Mapping Client screenshot

CMC is a starter-kit for creating web-based mapping applications

Gatsby Starter Bootstrap Netlify screenshot

Bootstrap and netlify CMS starter for Gatsby

Gatsby Strapi Starter screenshot

Ultimate Gatsby Starter

default image

An online quiz app made using react, typescript and material-ui

Paper And Ink screenshot

An awesome Material Dashboard crafted with ReactJs based on Material UI’s components!

Portfolio screenshot

open source portfolio, made with Nextjs and tailwindcss

React Typescript Webpack screenshot

React-Typescript-Webpack was config with React, Typescript, and Webpack without CRA. Faster to start your next react project.

Discount App Components screenshot

A library of discounts-focused React components to help in building Shopify apps.

React Ssr Starter screenshot

🔥 ⚛️ A React boilerplate for a universal web app with a highly scalable, offline-first foundation and our focus on performance and best practices.

Violet Design screenshot

A high quality UI Toolkit built on React.

Fullstack Nextjs App Template screenshot

A full-stack sample web application based on Next.js that creates a simple whole-website architecture

Gatsby Firebase Starter screenshot

🔥 Starter Project / Boilerplate for Authentication and creating Dynamic pages from collections with Firebase and Gatsby.js.

Gatsby Starter Ceevee screenshot

🚀 Gatsby Starter - CeeVee

React Bootstrap Datetimerangepicker screenshot

React date & time range picker component base on bootstrap-daterangepicker. This date range picker component for Bootstrap creates a dropdown menu from which a user can select a range of dates. Features include limiting the selectable date range, localizable strings and date formats, a single dat...

React Starter Kit screenshot

React Starter Kit - Fiercely quick front-end boilerplate and workflows, React.js, Babel, PostCSS, Webpack

Blog.eleven screenshot

Eleven-labs blog

default image


Dapp Starter screenshot

A dApp starter kit template to quick start a dapp project with Next.js + Tailwind CSS + Ethers + wagmi + RainbowKit.

Gatsby Starter Photon screenshot

Gatsby.js V2 starter template based on Photon. Check out for more Gatsby starters.

Gumdrops screenshot

GumGum's React Reusable Component Library

Brevifolia Gatsby Forestry screenshot

A simple starter blog built with Gatsby & Forestry

Nextjs Template screenshot

Full-featured template for JAMstack websites using next.js

Lofi Chill Website screenshot

Build in ReactJS, Redux toolkit , Bootstrap and more libraries

React Material Dashboard screenshot

Material design admin dashboard powered with React

Tina Starter Alpaca screenshot

NextJS Documentation starter powered by TinaCMS

Express React Hmr Boilerplate screenshot

A boilerplate for scaffolding production-ready MERN stack projects.

Gatsby Starter Breeze screenshot

A Gatsby starter for graceful blogging in Chinese.

Gatsby Starter Hpp screenshot

A simple Gatsby starter with TypeScript and many tools

PERN Advanced Starter screenshot

Advanced PERN stack starter kit (PostgresSQL, Express, React, & Node), complete with ESLint, Webpack 4, Redux, React-Router, and Material-UI kit.

Fork Design screenshot

React UI library that have 50+ components and 1300 + svg icons. Also support dark mode and icons lazy load

GdMoney screenshot

💸 Use case style digital image marketplace like nft. I developed this system by gathering a lot of my frontend/backend knowledge

GdMoney screenshot

💸 Use case style digital image marketplace like nft. I developed this system by gathering a lot of my frontend/backend knowledge

default image

Woocommerce CRUD With ReactJs

Astro Docs Template screenshot

The Advanced Astro Docs Template

HelloBooks screenshot

A Single-Page Library Management App built with nodejs, express and react and redux

Nextjs Reactstrap screenshot

Next.js with Reactstrap (React dashboard web application with Bootstrap 4 Components from Reactstrap).

Dash_trich_components screenshot open source components library for Dash Plotly. Contribute!

Flexible Gatsby screenshot

Flexible-Gatsby is a simple and clean theme for Gatsby

React Simple Starter screenshot

:zap: Webpack custom create-react-app with HMR

Website screenshot

Source code of the Laravel Cameroon meetup website.

Web Client screenshot

Reconmap's web client written in React. Manage all your pentest projects from a single place.

Dandelion Starter screenshot

Dandelion Starter - React Dashboard Starter Template

Website screenshot

Fully responsive, SEO-friendly website with the aim of providing services and access to all groups of didactic courses and general purposes to students of the University of Milan.

Silverlux screenshot

All the technologies used are free and open-source. You are free to use this template for a personal or commercial purposes. I'm using this template for my blog as well at Don't forget to star the repo if you like this template.

Silverlux screenshot

All the technologies used are free and open-source. You are free to use this template for a personal or commercial purposes. I'm using this template for my blog as well at Don't forget to star the repo if you like this template.

Silverlux screenshot

All the technologies used are free and open-source. You are free to use this template for a personal or commercial purposes. I'm using this template for my blog as well at Don't forget to star the repo if you like this template.

Astro Lane screenshot

Astro Lane, a blog theme made for you!

Unft Marketplace screenshot

A digital art marketplace built using Next.js, Stripe, and Cosmic.

Vite3.0 React18 TypeScript Router Dom6 Mobx6 Eslint Prettier Template screenshot

vite3-react18-react-TypeScript-router-dom6-zustand-Eslint-prettier-husky start template.

Clockface screenshot

UI Kit for building Chronograf

default image

A Remix demo app with CSS, Tailwind, Radix UI and other headless UI components.

Ui screenshot



An open-source design library for building simple, useful, and impactful design.

Coreproject V3 Ui screenshot

v3 CoreProject UI - a modern anime streaming platform frontend powered with svelte and sveltekit

React Template Ts screenshot

Scalable starter boilerplate for React applications

Antd Multipurpose Dashboard screenshot

A free, open source, Vite, Typescript admin theme created using Ant Design 5

Theme Nextjs Bea screenshot

News site built with NextJS, Typescript and Prezly SDK

Coreproject V3 Ui screenshot

v3 CoreProject UI - a modern anime streaming platform frontend powered with svelte and sveltekit

Portfolio V2 screenshot

Second version of my personal portfolio built using Next.js, TypeScript, and Chakra UI.

React Creme screenshot

Comprehensive UI Tool Kit for React

Anv Ui Components screenshot

AnyVision React components library

Ck Gatsby Blog screenshot

A beautiful and featureful gatsby blog starter for bloggers. It is an open-source project.

Mekuri screenshot



📕 Page transition animation for React

Neeto Ui screenshot

A component library from BigBinary.

Commerceplate screenshot

Shopify Storefront Boilerplate Using Nextjs and Tailwindcss

Enlite Starter screenshot

Enlite Starter - React Dashboard Starter Template with Firebase Auth

Coreproject V3 Ui screenshot

v3 CoreProject UI - a modern anime streaming platform frontend powered with svelte and sveltekit

Vidify screenshot



Vidify is a modern, customizable video player for React applications, designed to provide seamless video playback and a personalized UI experience.

default image

An advanced starter project for interacting with Ethereum on the Internet Computer (Beta)

Next Typescript Tailwindcss Sass Starter screenshot

Use TypeScript, TailwindCSS & Sass to quick start your new Next.js app!!

Portfolio Website Nextjs screenshot

This repository contains the code and assets for my personal portfolio website, showcasing my skills, projects, experience, and more. Built using Next.js and styled with SASS. Feel free to contribute and use it. screenshot

🤓 My portfolio built using Next.js, Chakra UI, MDX, TypeScript, and Vercel.

Template Nextjs screenshot

Esta plantilla es ideal para desarrolladores que desean crear una aplicación web con Next.js

Ui screenshot



React UI Components used in Buttercup products

Vc Theme B2b Vue screenshot

B2B Mercury theme is a fresh look on the field of eCommerce solutions. This is a place where common B2B and B2C scenarios are combined with the most bleeding edge technologies to deliver blazing fast and fully functional solution. It implements common business use-cases needed for a vast majority...

Vite React Motoko screenshot

Starter project for Vite + React + TypeScript + Motoko

Design System screenshot

A Storybook project for UI development of React components for the MetaBrainz projects

default image

基于 React + Threejs 制作的一个模仿腾讯 Up2017 年度发布会的粒子效果模板

Devextreme React Template screenshot

Responsive Application Layout Templates​ based on DevExtreme React Components

Discord Bot Website Template screenshot

Minimal and awesome discord bot website created with ❤ using NextJS

Macpaw Ui screenshot

UI Kit for MacPaw Web Projects

Nextui Saas Template screenshot

This project is a starter template for SaaS applications landing page using Next.js 14, NextUI v2, and Tailwind CSS.

Shadcn Portfolio screenshot

A portfolio template, which uses shadcn-ui and Next.JS.

Slickgrid React screenshot

Slickgrid-React is a wrapper of the lightning fast & customizable SlickGrid datagrid, it also includes multiple Styling Themes

Analogwp Templates screenshot

Style Kits for Elementor adds a number of intuitive styling controls in the Elementor editor that allow you to apply styles globally or per page.

default image

一个基于react typescript的组件库

Gatsby Starter Henlo screenshot

The most advanced starter for Gatsby & Netlify CMS. Extensible, block based starter for Netlify CMS. Built with performance in mind, styled with TailwindCSS.

React Boilerplate screenshot

This starter kit is designed to get you up and running with a bunch of awesome front-end technologies.

React Crud Icons screenshot

67 SVG icons for CRUD applications, packaged as a React component with light & dark themes and tooltip. screenshot

My personal page

Super Admin screenshot

Admin Backend management solution under construction 🔨... 管理后台多tab缓存标签页解决方案,正在建设中 🔨...

Vite Template screenshot

Vite SSR BOOST template

default image

The new home of my blog/resource sharing website. Uses graphql to query markdown files for content that is then fed into templated react components.

React Template screenshot

react 模板。

Mayflower screenshot

Mayflower Mono Repo (react and pattern lab and documentation)

Mono screenshot



DB UX Design System Monorepo - Provides Design Tokens and components for Web UIs

React Admin screenshot

🐬 Dolphin Admin React is an open source, lightweight, out-of-the-box, elegant and exquisite, internationalized backend management template based on React + TypeScript + Vite + antd + TailwindCSS.

Mezzanine screenshot

An enterprise-class UI design language and React UI library

React Ui screenshot

React UI is a themeable and performant UI library for React apps.

Super Vite screenshot

⚡ A vite react typescript boilerplate with pre-configured sass, redux-tool-kit, tailwind, eslint, prettier & jest, i18n internalization, Dockerfile... built in cli coming soon ⚒️

Xtreme Admin Nextjs Free screenshot

Free next js admin template.

Dashboard screenshot

Dashboard is an administrative tool that allows users to manage projects and documents with ease.

default image

Documentation Website For Mirror World SDKs

Flow Core screenshot


Flow Core screenshot


Component Library screenshot

Vue 3 UI library for healthcare and not only. We are full configurable mobile first UI library. Our components are accessibility-friendly and follow best practices in terms of design and coding. We provide raw source and aim to be developer-friendly, configurable-first and performance-oriented.

Flotiq Blog screenshot

Gatsby starter for the Flotiq Blog

default image

My portfolio website / playground

React Mustache Template Component screenshot

React Mustache Template Component

React Starter screenshot

Enterwell's template for web apps based on the React and Next.js.

Blueprint Styler screenshot

Custom themes and styles for Palantir's Blueprint js React component library

Comet screenshot



React with TypeScript Component Library based on USWDS 3.0

Engage Ui screenshot

Engage UI is a React component library designed to help developers and designers creater the delightful web experiences.

default image

Raaghu Themes - React, are themes created for micro frontend design system for modern web apps, which is an open source, Bootstrap enabled collection of reusable elements and components guided by clear standards, capable of giving the designers the necessary tools to develop beautiful, responsive...

Shopify Next.js Tailwind screenshot

Learn the Shopify + Next.js + Tailwind CSS Stack! SWR, Hydrogen, + more

Shopify Next.js Tailwind screenshot

Learn the Shopify + Next.js + Tailwind CSS Stack! SWR, Hydrogen, + more screenshot

💻 Personal blog site using GatsbyJs, ReactJs, and NodeJs

PWA Vite React Boilerplate screenshot

A boilerplate GitHub template to create repositories for: PWA using Vite, React and TypeScript

Qg Web Template screenshot

Single Website Experience (SWE) is the template for the website.

React Clipboardjs Copy screenshot

react copy/cut component

Npm React screenshot


React Glass screenshot

😆 Painless React development

Denhaag screenshot

Work in Progress: Den Haag Design System based on the NL Design System architecture

Next Power Starter screenshot

A powerful ⚡ starter template with simplicity and flexibility in mind

Revitesse Lite screenshot

Vite + React Starter Template. Always keep fresh!

Applique Ui screenshot

A design system build by Myntra

Cra Template Complete Web App screenshot

CRA template with: typescript, axios, sass, react-router, redux and much more already configured.

Fd Design System screenshot

FD Design System

Food screenshot



Modern e-commerce self-hosted platform: clients will be happy to order delicious food!

Gatsby Theme Usubeni screenshot

Gatsby Theme For Blog

Menefex screenshot

Company Website ✨ | Founder & Creator: Michael Fransman

Nextjs Boilerplate Simple screenshot

Simple boilerplate for Next.js, with TypeScript, SASS/SCSS, Styled Components, Jest, ESLint, Prettier, and deployed with Vercel. screenshot

A blog by Niko Heikkilä. Powered by coffee, VS Code, and Gatsby.

Required screenshot

Simple authentication flow application (discontinued)

Rmk React Mui screenshot

RMK React MUI is a React UI library of utility components, hooks and contexts

Vite React Typescript screenshot

⚛️ A simple vite react typescript starter template with husky, conventional commit, eslint, stylelint, prettier, sass, tailwindcss, material ui, tanstack routing, redux and saga, vitest and cypress

Website screenshot

The website for cuttlebelle

Gatsby Clean Blog Starter screenshot

:pencil2: Gatsby starter for personal blog

Gene Ui Components screenshot

The Gene UI components library designed for BI tools

default image



Textkernel OneUI library of reusable UI components