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The best way to build a modern backend + admin UI. No black magic, all TypeScript, and fully open-source, Payload is both an app framework and a headless CMS.

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Learn how to build an incredible e-commerce webshop with an admin dashboard and CMS using Next 14, Stripe, TypeScript, and Payload CMS.

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A TypeScript boilerplate for combining Payload and Next.js into a single Express server

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Payload CMS plugin which provides a visual live editor directly in the Admin UI. Works for collections and globals. Compatible with any kind of JS/TS based frontend technology.

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Extends payload CMS with Meta's lexical RichText editor - a much more advanced and customizable richtext editor

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Angular Full Stack Boilerplate Starter with PayloadCMS, Nx and Express. Free Open-Source Web App Boilerplate.

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A workflow plugin for Payload CMS