React nextjs

Mosaic screenshot

The All-in-one Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Template. The all-in-one admin dashboard template for creating stunning and fully responsive web applications. Mosaic is built on top of Tailwind CSS and coded in HTML, React, Vue, and Laravel.

Shadcn UI screenshot
🚀 Trending

Popular component library built with Radix UI and Tailwind CSS. Shadcn UI is a collection of components that you can copy and paste. It is written in Typescript and works with React, Next.js, Vite, Remix, Gatsby, Astro and Laravel.

Cruip Bundle - 22 Tailwind Templates screenshot
🍱 Best Overall Bundle

22 beautiful Tailwind CSS templates available for Nextjs, React, Vue & HTML. An amazing collection of work at an very competitve price.

Boilerbay - The Next.Js SaaS Bundle screenshot

A bundle of Next.js landing pages & fullstack boilerplate. Next.js, Tailwind, Prisma and many more features.

Shadcn Blocks screenshot

Official collection of blocks built on shadcn-ui. Blocks are larger ready-made components like dashboards, signup pages, and landing page sections.

Next Supabase Stripe Starter screenshot

The highest quality SaaS starter with Next.js, Supabase, Stripe, and shadcn/ui

Nextbase Pro - Nextjs Supabase Starter screenshot

️Nextbase is a powerful Next.js Supabase SaaS starter kit. Start your SaaS with authentication, payments, organizations, edge functions, admin panel, blog, feedback collection, changelog, roadmap and more.

Wrappixel Bundle - 34 Premium Dashboards screenshot

A huge bundle of premium admin & dashboard UI kits. 10 Bootstrap, 8 Angular, 4 React, 2 Vuejs.

Nextbase Nextjs Supabase Starter screenshot

🚀⚡️ Free Boilerplate and Starter kit for Next.js 14+, Supabase, Tailwind CSS 3.2 and TypeScript. 🚀 Next.js 🔥 Supabase 💻 TypeScript 💚 ESLint 🎨 Prettier 🐶 Husky 🧹 Lint-Staged 🧪 Jest 🧪 Testing Library 🕹️ Playwright ✍️ Commitizen 💬 Commitlint 💻 VSCode 🌪️ Vercel 🎨 PostCSS 🍃 Tailwind CSS ⚛️ React Query

Taxonomy screenshot

An open source application built using the new router, server components and everything new in Next.js 13.

Remult screenshot



Full-stack CRUD, simplified, with SSOT TypeScript entities

Makerkit - Fullstack Next.js + Supabase Starter screenshot

A Fullstack boilerplate with Next.js, Supabase, firebase, Auth, Typescript, Multi-Tenancy, Stripe, Blogging, Documentation and Marketing pages. screenshot

A SaaS boilerplate built on Nextjs, NextAuth & Tailwind.

SaaS BaseKit screenshot

Full-stack and Production-Ready SaaS Boilerplate and Starter Kit for Next.js/React.

DirectoryKit screenshot

A Next.js directory template. Build a directory website fast. Next.js, Typescript, Tailwind, Prisma, Stripe

Divjoy React Boilerplate Generator screenshot

Customize and generate a full-stack React boilerplate. React, Nextjs, Tailwind, Bootstrap, Firebase, Supabase and many more combinations.

Shipixen Next.js Boilerplate screenshot

A hyrbid Next.js boilerplate + site generator. Uses Tailwind, Shadcn UI, MDX and Contentlayer. - Next.js Boilerplate screenshot

The Next.js boilerplate for busy founders, with all you need to build and launch your startup.

Bedrock screenshot

full-stack Next.js & GraphQL boilerplate with user authentication, subscription payments, teams, invitations, emails and everything else you need.

Supastarter - Next.js + Prisma SaaS boilerplate screenshot

A premium SaaS fullstack starter. Next 14 (app router), lucia-auth, Prisma, trpc, next-intl, multiple payment integrations (lemonsqueezy or stripe), a blog, a landing page and more!

Supaboost screenshot

All-in-One Supabase, NextJS & Typescript SaaS starter template. Auth & Authorization from Supabase with custom Roles. Secure PostgreSQL database schema. SQL script to create Triggers, Functions, RLS & Tables.Company/team based application (made for B2B SaaS). Automatic Type updates based on Datab...

Kickstart App screenshot

Kickstart is the Nextjs boilerplate for building apps fast.

Precedent screenshot

A full stack starter for Nextjs with Auth.js and Prisma CMS. An opinionated collection of components, hooks, and utilities for your Next.js project.

Ts Nextjs Tailwind Starter screenshot

🔋 Next.js + Tailwind CSS + TypeScript starter and boilerplate packed with useful development features

Next Shadcn Dashboard Starter screenshot

Admin Dashboard Starter with Nextjs14 and shadcn ui

Simple screenshot

A clean and simple website template for displaying any app or idea.

Neon screenshot



Shine a spotlight on your next startup idea with this elegant landing page template.

Open PRO screenshot

A dark SaaS website template to show off your startup or software. Built with Tailwind and available in Nextjs, React, Vue & HTML versions.

Tidy screenshot



A dark & white website template designed for showcasing mobile apps.

Creative screenshot

The perfect landing page template for launching communities and creative sites.

Community screenshot

A beautiful forum template fit for any community and tech news portal.

Tidy screenshot



An elegant website template to show off your company's corporate side.

FinTech screenshot

A stylish landing page perfect for showcasing modern apps and services.

Hyperui screenshot

Free Tailwind CSS components for application UI, ecommerce and marketing with support for dark mode, RTL and Alpine JS 🚀

Choc Ui screenshot

Prebuilt ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Chakra UI Higher Order Components

Podcast screenshot

A fabulous podcast website template for hosting and sharing your shows.

Cube screenshot



A fabulous landing page template for quickly iterating on ideas, startups and software.

Docs screenshot



Create comprehensive product docs with this handy documentation template.

DevSpace screenshot

A gorgeous personal blog template to share your thoughts and ideas.

JobBoard screenshot

A modern and clean job board template built with Tailwind. Available in Nextjs, React, Vue & HTML versions.

Saas UI Pro screenshot

An advanced component library built with React & Chakra UI.

W3T Stablo Blog screenshot

Stablo is a minimal blog website template built with Next.js, TailwindCSS & Sanity CMS

Talent screenshot

A stunning website template suitable for SaaS apps, recruiting networks, and more.

Commerce screenshot

Next.js Commerce

Next.js screenshot

The React Framework

Refine screenshot



A React Framework for building internal tools, admin panels, dashboards & B2B apps with unmatched flexibility.

Medusa screenshot



Building blocks for digital commerce

Next Auth screenshot

Authentication for the Web.

NativeBase screenshot

Mobile-first, accessible components for React Native & Web to build consistent UI across Android, iOS and Web.

Saleor screenshot



Saleor Core: the high performance, composable, headless commerce API.

Reactive Resume screenshot

A one-of-a-kind resume builder that keeps your privacy in mind. Completely secure, customizable, portable, open-source and free forever. Try it out today!

Apitable screenshot

🚀🎉📚 APITable, an API-oriented low-code platform for building collaborative apps and better than all other Airtable open-source alternatives.

Tinacms screenshot

A fully open-source headless CMS that supports Markdown and Visual Editing

default image

Learn Blockchain, Solidity, and Full Stack Web3 Development with Javascript

Nextra screenshot



Simple, powerful and flexible site generation framework with everything you love from Next.js.

Baseweb screenshot

A React Component library implementing the Base design language

Api Platform screenshot

Create REST and GraphQL APIs, scaffold Jamstack webapps, stream changes in real-time.

Jsplumb screenshot

Visual connectivity for webapps

default image



Build AI-powered applications with React, Svelte, Vue, and Solid

Next Js Boilerplate screenshot

🚀🎉📚 Boilerplate and Starter for Next.js 14+ with App Router and Page Router support, Tailwind CSS 3.4 and TypeScript ⚡️ Made with developer experience first: Next.js + TypeScript + ESLint + Prettier + Husky + Lint-Staged + Jest + Testing Library + Cypress + Storybook + Commitlint + VSCode + Netlif...

Tailwind Nextjs Starter Blog screenshot

This is a Next.js, Tailwind CSS blogging starter template. Comes out of the box configured with the latest technologies to make technical writing a breeze. Easily configurable and customizable. Perfect as a replacement to existing Jekyll and Hugo individual blogs.

Builder screenshot

Drag and drop headless CMS for React, Vue, Svelte, Qwik, and more

Next.js Notion Starter Kit screenshot

Deploy your own Notion-powered website in minutes with Next.js and Vercel.

Primereact screenshot

The Most Complete React UI Component Library

Next Enterprise screenshot

💼 An enterprise-grade Next.js boilerplate for high-performance, maintainable apps. Packed with features like Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, ESLint, Prettier, testing tools, and more to accelerate your development.

Material Kit React screenshot

React Dashboard made with Material UI’s components. Our pro template contains features like TypeScript version, authentication system with Firebase and Auth0 plus many other

Nextjs Subscription Payments screenshot

Clone, deploy, and fully customize a SaaS subscription application with Next.js.

Usehooks Ts screenshot

React hook library, ready to use, written in Typescript.

Homarr screenshot



Customizable browser's home page to interact with your homeserver's Docker containers (e.g. Sonarr/Radarr)

LiveTerm screenshot

💻 Build terminal styled websites in minutes!

default image



🦍 A configurable component library for web built on React.

Headless Wp Starter screenshot

🔪 WordPress + React Starter Kit: Spin up a WordPress-powered React app in one step

default image

Hacker News clone rewritten with universal JavaScript, using React and GraphQL.

Next Themes screenshot

Perfect Next.js dark mode in 2 lines of code. Support System preference and any other theme with no flashing

Ethereum Boilerplate screenshot

The ultimate NextJS Ethereum Dapp Boilerplate which gives you maximum flexibility and speed. Feel free to fork and contribute. Although this repo is called "Ethereum Boilerplate" it works with any EVM system and since it uses Moralis SDK You can even use it on Solana! Happy BUIDL!👷‍♂️

Plasmic screenshot

Visual builder for React. Build apps, websites, and content. Integrate with your codebase.

Saas screenshot



Build your own SaaS business with SaaS boilerplate. Productive stack: React, Material-UI, Next, MobX, WebSockets, Express, Node, Mongoose, MongoDB. Written with TypeScript.

Builderbook screenshot

Open source web application to learn JS stack: React, Material-UI, Next.js, Node.js, Express.js, Mongoose, MongoDB database.

Notion Blog screenshot

A Next.js site using new SSG support with a Notion backed blog

Open React Template screenshot

A free React / Next.js landing page template designed to showcase open source projects, SaaS products, online services, and more. Made by

Material Tailwind screenshot

@material-tailwind is an easy-to-use components library for Tailwind CSS and Material Design.

FloatUI Templates IO screenshot

Beautiful and responsive UI components and templates for React and Vue (soon) with Tailwind CSS.

Openchakra screenshot

⚡️ Full-featured visual editor and code generator for React using Chakra UI

Tail Kit screenshot

Tail-kit is a free and open source components and templates kit fully coded with Tailwind css 3.0.

React Awesome Slider screenshot

React content transition slider. Awesome Slider is a 60fps, light weight, performant component that renders an animated set of production ready UI general purpose sliders with fullpage transition support for NextJS and GatsbyJS. 🖥️ 📱

Notion Clone screenshot

Edit Notes like in Full-Stack App using React/Express.

Nobelium screenshot

A static blog build on top of Notion and NextJS, deployed on Vercel.

Superplate screenshot

A well-structured production-ready frontend boilerplate with Typescript, React Testing Library, styled-component, React Query, .env, Axios, Bundle Analyzer, Prettier and 30+ plugins. superplate creates projects for React.js, Next.js, and refine.

Tailwind Landing Page Template screenshot

Simple Light is a free landing page template built on top of TailwindCSS and fully coded in React / Next.js. Made by

default image

Datatables for React using Material-UI

React Express screenshot

Learn React through interactive examples

Craftzdog Homepage screenshot

My homepage

default image



:zap: RAN! React . GraphQL . Next.js Toolkit :zap: - SEO-Ready, Production-Ready, SSR, Hot-Reload, CSS-in-JS, Caching, CLI commands and more...

React Three Next screenshot

React Three Fiber, Threejs, Nextjs starter

Saas Starter Kit screenshot

🔥 Enterprise SaaS Starter Kit - Kickstart your enterprise app development with the Next.js SaaS boilerplate 🚀

Virtual Event Starter Kit screenshot

Open source demo that Next.js developers can clone, deploy, and fully customize for events.

Outstatic screenshot

Outstatic - A static CMS for Next.js

Ecommerce_sanity_stripe screenshot

Modern Full Stack ECommerce Application with Stripe

Jamstack Ecommerce screenshot

A starter project for building performant ECommerce applications with Next.js and React

React Native Express screenshot

The all-in-one guide to React Native

Portfolio screenshot

My personal portfolio website built using React and three js

React Resume Template screenshot

A personal resume website template built with React.js, Typescript, Next.js, and styled with Tailwind css

default image

A well-structured production ready Next.js boilerplate with Typescript, Redux, Jest, Enzyme, Express.js, Sass, Css, EnvConfig, Fetch, Reverse Proxy, Bundle Analyzer and Built-in Project CLI.

Next JS Landing Page Starter Template screenshot

🚀 Free NextJS Landing Page Template written in Tailwind CSS 3 and TypeScript ⚡️ Made with developer experience first: Next.js 14 + TypeScript + ESLint + Prettier + Husky + Lint-Staged + VSCode + Netlify + PostCSS + Tailwind CSS

Chakra Templates screenshot

A growing collection of responsive Chakra UI Templates ready to drop into your React project.

Nextjs Tailwind Ionic Capacitor Starter screenshot

A starting point for building an iOS, Android, and Progressive Web App with Tailwind CSS, React w/ Next.js, Ionic Framework, and Capacitor

Morethan Log screenshot

😎 A static blog using notion database screenshot

✦ My personal website built using Next.js, Tailwind CSS, shadcn/ui, Contentful, Raindrop, Supabase and deployed on Vercel.

Nextjs Mongodb App screenshot

A Next.js and MongoDB web application, designed with simplicity for learning and real-world applicability in mind.

Nextjs Openai Doc Search screenshot

Template for building your own custom ChatGPT style doc search powered by Next.js, OpenAI, and Supabase.

Catalog screenshot

The Magic Patterns Catalog is an open-source website that lists the most popular React component libraries, helping you find the perfect component.

default image

Template for setting up a TypeScript monorepo

Nextjs Starter screenshot

A starter project for Next.js with authentication

HULL screenshot



💀 Headless Shopify Starter – powered by Next.js +

Start Ui Web screenshot

🚀 Start UI [web] is an opinionated UI starter with 🟦 TypeScript, ⚛️ React, ⚫️ NextJS, ⚡️ Chakra UI, 🟦 tRPC, ▲ Prisma, 🏖️ TanStack Query, 📕 Storybook, 🎭 Playwright, 🐜 Formiz◽From the 🐻 BearStudio Team

Materio Mui React Nextjs Admin Template Free screenshot

Materio is the Most Powerful & Comprehensive free Next.js React admin template based on MUI !! 🚀

Agentkit screenshot

Starter-kit to build constrained agents with Nextjs, FastAPI and Langchain

default image

A starter kit to build *local-only* AI apps that cost $0 to run -- starting with document Q&A. Written in Javascript

Nextjs Starter Medusa screenshot

A performant frontend ecommerce starter template with Next.js 14 and Medusa.

Ultimate Saas Ts screenshot

Template to quickstart a SAAS business

default image

An application / authentication starter kit frontend in Next.js for Laravel Breeze.

default image

Page builder for Next.js 🅧. Zero-config deployment 🚀. React now supported!

Notus Nextjs screenshot

Notus NextJS: Free Tailwind CSS UI Kit and Admin

Keep React screenshot

Keep React is an open-source component library built on Tailwind CSS and React.js. It provides a versatile set of pre-designed UI components to build modern web applications.

React Portfolio Template screenshot

Modern React Portfolio Template (FREE)

Typescript Nextjs Starter screenshot

Non-opinionated TypeScript starter for Next.js. All the tools you need to build your next project ⚡️

Projects_realestate screenshot

Build and Deploy a Real Estate React & Next.js Application

Next Template screenshot

A Next.js 13 template for building apps with Radix UI and Tailwind CSS.

Next Saas Starter screenshot

⚡️ Free Next.js responsive landing page template for SaaS products made using JAMStack architecture.

Next Wordpress Starter screenshot

📝 Bring WordPress to the static world with Next.js

Terminal screenshot

Terminal style website

Commercejs Nextjs Demo Store screenshot

Commerce demo store built for the Jamstack. Built with Commerce.js, Next.js, and can be one-click deployed to Netlify. Includes product catalog, customer login, categories, variants, cart, checkout, payments (Stripe) order confirmation, and printable receipts.

CUA screenshot



(no longer maintained) create-universal-app(CUA) is an opinionated template for creating fullstack universal apps (Expo, Next, tRPC, Prisma, Clerk, Solito, Tamagui)

Notion Blog Nextjs screenshot

Next.js example blog powered by Notion Public API

Nextacular screenshot

An open-source starter kit that will help you build full-stack multi-tenant SaaS platforms efficiently and help you focus on developing your core SaaS features. Built on top of popular and modern technologies such as Next JS, Tailwind, Prisma, and Stripe.

Nextacular screenshot

An open-source starter kit that will help you build full-stack multi-tenant SaaS platforms efficiently and help you focus on developing your core SaaS features. Built on top of popular and modern technologies such as Next JS, Tailwind, Prisma, and Stripe.

NextSimpleStarter screenshot

:whale: Simple and Accessible PWA boilerplate with Nextjs 12 and MUI

Reflexjs screenshot

A library for rapid UI development with style props, color modes, themes and variants + starter kits, themes and blocks to help you build Gatsby and Next.js sites faster.

default image

An React.js component library for beautifully shaded canvas

Nextein screenshot

A static site generator with markdown + react for Next.js

Storefront screenshot

Saleor Storefront built with React 18, Next.js 14, App Router, TypeScript, GraphQL, and Tailwind CSS.

Storefront screenshot

Saleor Storefront built with React 18, Next.js 14, App Router, TypeScript, GraphQL, and Tailwind CSS.

default image

A simple chatbot starter kit for OpenAI's chat model using Next.js, TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS.

Auth Helpers screenshot

A collection of framework specific Auth utilities for working with Supabase.

Boilerplate Graphql screenshot

⚡️Fullstack boilerplate using Typescript, React, Node & GraphQL

Woo Next screenshot

:rocket: React WooCommerce theme, built with Next JS, Webpack, Babel, Node, Express, using GraphQL and Apollo Client

Directory screenshot

A searchable and filterable directory of React Native libraries.

Startup Nextjs screenshot

Startup is free Next.js template for SaaS startups comes with all the essential pages, components, and sections you need to launch a complete business website.

Vscode Portfolio screenshot

A VSCode themed developer portfolio built using Next.js

Langchain Nextjs Template screenshot

LangChain + Next.js starter template

Generouted screenshot

Generated file-based routes for Vite

Tauri Ui screenshot

🦀 Create modern Tauri desktop apps in just a few simple steps with shadcn/ui. React, Next.js, Sveltekit.

Tauri Ui screenshot

🦀 Create modern Tauri desktop apps in just a few simple steps with shadcn/ui. React, Next.js, Sveltekit.

React Storefront screenshot

React Storefront - PWA for eCommerce. 100% offline, platform agnostic, headless, Magento 2 supported. Always Open Source, Apache-2.0 license. Join us as contributor (

Nextarter Chakra screenshot

battery packed template / boilerplate to initialize Next.js app with Chakra UI & Typescript setup ✨

Saleor Storefront screenshot

A GraphQL-powered, NextJs-based, PWA storefront for Saleor. IMPORTANT: This project is [DEPRECATED] in favor of saleor/react-storefront soon to become our default demo and storefront starter pack.

Mantine Datatable screenshot

The table component for your Mantine data-rich applications, supporting asynchronous data loading, column sorting, custom cell data rendering, context menus, nesting, Gmail-style batch row selection, dark theme, and more.

Nextjs Postgres Auth Starter screenshot

Next.js + Tailwind + Typescript + Drizzle + NextAuth + PostgreSQL starter template.

Nextjs Postgres Auth Starter screenshot

Next.js + Tailwind + Typescript + Drizzle + NextAuth + PostgreSQL starter template.

Nextjs Wordpress Starter screenshot

A headless starter for WordPress powered by Next.js.

default image

Fullstack Next.js E-Commerce made with NextAuth + Prisma, Docker + TypeScript + React Query + Stripe + Tailwind Sentry and much more 🛒

default image

Learn how to build an incredible e-commerce webshop with an admin dashboard and CMS using Next 14, Stripe, TypeScript, and Payload CMS.

Neobrutalism Components screenshot

React component collection.

Nextjs Fullstack App Template screenshot

A fullstack template for a NextJs App

Javascript screenshot

Official Javascript repository for Clerk authentication

Dashpress screenshot

Generate powerful admin apps without writing a single line of code - Run `npx dashpress` to see some magic!

Next Shopify Starter screenshot

Nextjs + Tailwind CSS + Shopify Starter

Next Cms Ghost screenshot

Publish flaring fast blogs with Next.js and Ghost CMS

Flowershow screenshot

💐 Publish your obsidian digital garden or any markdown site easily and elegantly.

Flowershow screenshot

💐 Publish your obsidian digital garden or any markdown site easily and elegantly.

Nextjs Firebase Authentication screenshot

Next.js + Firebase Starter

Shadcn Nextjs Contentlayer screenshot

A template with Next.js 13 app dir, Contentlayer, Tailwind CSS and dark mode.

Examples Next Prisma Starter screenshot

🚀 tRPC starter repo with E2E-testing

Cromwell screenshot

WordPress-like CMS for Next.js websites

Next Startd screenshot

⚡ Free Next.js landing page template for SaaS products, online services and more.

Nextjs Headless Wordpress screenshot

🔥 Nextjs Headless WordPress

Nextly Template screenshot

Nextly Landing Page Template built with Next.js & TailwindCSS

Developer Portfolio screenshot

Software Developer Portfolio Template built with react.js and next.js bootstrap that helps you showcase your work and skills as a software developer.

Startup Landing screenshot

Collection of free top of the line startup landing templates built using react/nextjs/gatsby. Free to download, simply edit and deploy! Updated weekly!

Example Storefront screenshot

Example Storefront is Reaction Commerce’s headless ecommerce storefront - Next.js, GraphQL, React. Built using Apollo Client and the commerce-focused React UI components provided in the Storefront Component Library (reactioncommerce/reaction-component-library). It connects with Reaction backend w...

Next Js Blog Boilerplate screenshot

🚀 Nextjs Blog Boilerplate is starter code for your blog based on Next framework. ⚡️ Made with Nextjs 12, TypeScript, ESLint, Prettier, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS 3.

Rewindui screenshot

A React component library for building modern web applications using Tailwind CSS.

Nextjs Portfolio Starter screenshot

Easily create a portfolio with Next.js and Markdown.

Theme Toggles screenshot

Theme toggles is a collection of awesome, easy to use, animated toggles; designed for switching between light and dark modes. It's a modular library which aims to provide an ample customization where needed. Works great utility CSS frameworks such as Tailwindcss.

Next Web3 Boilerplate screenshot

Slightly opinionated Next.js Web3 boilerplate built on ethers, web3-react, Typechain, and SWR.

default image

A Full Stack Jamstack in-a-box brought to you by Echobind

SAAS Starter Kit Pro screenshot

🚀A boilerplate for building Software-as-Service (SAAS) apps with Reactjs, and Nodejs

Next.js Developer Portfolio Starter Code screenshot

⭐Build a stunning portfolio website with Next.js, Tailwind CSS and Framer-motion. If you want to learn to create this you can follow the tutorial link given in the Read me file.

Dashpress screenshot

The effortless way to build admin apps - Run `npx dashpress` to see some magic!

Hyperglass screenshot

hyperglass is the network looking glass that tries to make the internet better.

Chadnext screenshot

ChadNext - Quick Starter Template for your Next project includes Next.js 14 App router, Shadcn UI, LuciaAuth, Prisma, Server Actions, Stripe, Internationalization and more.

Llama Chat screenshot

A boilerplate for creating a Llama 2 chat app

Create Next Stack screenshot

Create Next Stack is a website and CLI tool used to easily set up the boilerplate of new Next.js apps.

default image

React/React Native/NextJS/Razzle components for Keycloak

default image

A ranked list of awesome React open-source libraries and tools. Updated weekly.

Nextjs Prisma Boilerplate screenshot

Full stack boilerplate with Next.js, Prisma, Tailwind, TypeScript, Docker, Postgres, documentation, frontend and backend unit and integration tests with Jest, Cypress end-to-end tests, Github Actions CI/CD workflows, and production deployment with Traefik and Docker.

Tss React screenshot

Dynamic CSS-in-TS solution, based on Emotion

Next Ecommerce screenshot

A beautiful ecommerce made with Next.js

One Stop Shop Ecommerce Starter screenshot

Online marketplace built using Nextjs 13 App Router with server components, server actions, parallel and intercepting routes as well as Drizzle ORM.

Website screenshot

Website of FOSS@Amrita, Powered by JAMStack

Devii screenshot



A developer blog starter for 2021 (Next.js + React + TypeScript + Markdown + syntax highlighting)

Nextjs Mdx Blog Kit screenshot

Starter code for creating a static blog system using Next.js and MDX. A service worker for offline reading is set up, and the blog has Perfect Lighthouse scores.

Boilerplate screenshot

Boilerplate to use in our React Avançado course

default image



Leaa is a monorepo restful CMS / Admin built with Nest.js (@nestjsx/crud, node.js) and Ant Design.

Mistcss screenshot

Write atomic React components using only CSS! (JS-from-CSS™) 🌬️

Salvia Kit screenshot

Provides 10 Free Beautiful dashboard templates built with Tailwind CSS for React, Next.js, Svelte, Solid, Angular, Vue and Nuxt.js

Nextjs Blog Theme screenshot

A customizable Next.js and Tailwind blog starter. Designed by the Bejamas agency.

Relivator screenshot

Next.js 14: Store, Landing, Admin Dashboard ▲ i18n, Stripe, Shadcn Tailwind, Drizzle Zod Trpc TypeScript Auth Page, Lucide CSS Radix UI, Responsive React Server Components, MySQL and Neon Postgre TS ORM, Intl App Router, Mdx Docs User Actions Kit, SaaS Commerce Shop Pricing Payments, Dark Mode, M...

Next Pages Template screenshot

Mantine + Next.js pages router template

Next Pages Template screenshot

Mantine + Next.js pages router template

Next Saas Stripe Starter screenshot

An open-source SaaS Starter built using Next.js 14, Prisma, Planetscale, Auth.js, Resend, React Email, Shadcn/ui, Stripe and Server Actions.

default image

NestJS MVC boilerplate for rapid development with battle-tested standards.

Next Ecommerce screenshot

:zap: Quantum Ecommerce. Made with Next.js | GraphQL | Apollo Server | Apollo Client | SSR

React Landing Page Template 2021 screenshot

A sleek plug n play react landing page template.

Nextjs Admin Template screenshot

Free admin dashboard template based on Next.Js with @paljs/ui component package

Nextjs Starter screenshot

A starter project for next js with authentication - Contains React 17 + Typescript + Tailwind CSS 2 + React Query 3 + GitHub Auth + LinkedIn Auth + Password-less Auth + Fauna DB + ESLint + Prettier + Husky

Website screenshot

Personal website build with Chakra UI, NextJS and Airtable ✨

Nextjs Dashboard screenshot

A Next.JS boilerplate with the famous Open Source Boostrap Admin Template, CoreUI.

My Js screenshot

My Js


Руководства, шпаргалки, вопросы и другие материалы по JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next.js, Node.js, Express, Prisma, GraphQL, Docker и другим технологиям, связанным с разработкой веб-приложений.

Basejump screenshot

Easily add auth, teams and billing to your Supabase app

Nextjs Woocommerce screenshot

🔥 Next.js (React) headless eCommerce site with Typescript, WordPress (WooCommerce) backend and Algolia search

default image

Next.js blogging template for Netlify

Nextjs Shopify screenshot

The ultimate starter for headless Shopify stores

Next Netlify Starter screenshot

A one-click starter project for Next and Netlify, moved to

Rescript Nextjs Template screenshot

Opinionated Boilerplate for NextJS, Tailwind and ReScript

Next Landing Vpn screenshot

An Open Source Landingpage For VPN or Apps. Build using NextJS 12 and Tailwind v3.0

Next Pwa Template screenshot

Next.js progressive web app template

Nextjs Billing screenshot

Next.js billing app with Lemon Squeezy

default image

Mercury - Train your own custom GPT. Chat with any file, or website.

Typescript Style Guide screenshot

⚙️ TypeScript Style Guide. Concise set of conventions and best practices used to create consistent, maintainable code.

Shopify Next.js Tailwind screenshot

Learn the Shopify + Next.js + Tailwind CSS Stack! SWR, Hydrogen, + more

Purple Admin Ui screenshot

Next.js와 Tailwind를 이용한 모-던 어드민 템플릿

Next Forge screenshot

A production-grade boilerplate for modern Next.js apps.

Free Nextjs Admin Dashboard screenshot

TailAdmin is a Next.js and Tailwind CSS free, open-source admin dashboard template. Provides developers with the necessary tools, components, pages to build a full-featured back-end, dashboard, or admin panel for any web project.

Xtendui screenshot

Xtend UI is a powerful frontend library of Tailwind CSS components enhanced by vanilla js. It helps you build interfaces with advanced interactions and animations.

Nextjs Redux Starter screenshot

Next.js + Redux + styled-components + Express =

Amazon Starter Template Nextjs screenshot

This is the Official Starter template for the AMAZON 5 Day challenge (The SECRET Challenge!) - Next.js | React.js | Tailwind CSS | Redux | Tailwind | Firebase

default image

A production-ready NextJS & NestJS GraphQL starter pack

default image

The School of Athens is an open-source initiative for democratic governance in online communities. The project is currently in the experimental launch phase and will be released to the public in Spring 2024. You can deploy your own instance of the School of Athens by following the deployment guide.

Hyperjs screenshot

HyperJS is a component library for Alpine JS allowing developers to quickly copy and paste functionality into their projects 🛵

Team Blog Hub screenshot

RSS based blog starter kit for teams

Krabs screenshot



🦀 Express.js/Fastify middleware and virtual host for multi-tenant Next.js applications

Next Starter Tailwind screenshot

Next.js starter styled with Tailwind CSS

React Next Boilerplate screenshot

:rocket: A basis for reducing the configuration of your projects with nextJS, best development practices and popular libraries in the developer community.

Admin One React Tailwind screenshot

Free React Next Tailwind 3.x admin dashboard template with typescript and dark mode.

Shopify Nextjs Prisma App screenshot

An embedded Shopify app starter template made with Next.js and Prisma ORM, with all the required stuff hooked up.

Trailing Slash Guide screenshot

Understand and fix your static website trailing slash issues!

Kimia UI screenshot

A collection of UI Components for React built with Tailwind CSS 3

React2025 screenshot

⚛️ Build applications from the the future, today.

Create Dapp Solana Nextjs screenshot

Scaffolding for a Solana dapp using TS, Next.JS, Tailwinds CSS, and Daisy UI

Starter Kit screenshot

A blog starter kit to use Hashnode as a Headless CMS using GraphQL APIs.

default image

A curated list of awesome resources related to MedusaJS 😎

default image



[ARCHIVED] experimenting React + GraphQL + Next.js web app on the theme of mindfulness

Nextjs Starter Blog screenshot

Next.js template for creating a blog. Now with dark mode and Next.js 12 🎉

Scribbly screenshot

Scribbly is a web application built with Next.js and Prisma that allows users to create and manage their digital journal. With a user-friendly interface powered by Radix UI and Shadcn/UI components, Scribbly makes journaling a breeze. It includes features such as customizable reminders, secure us...

Startertab screenshot

A custom new tab page, keeping all the best info handy (a work in progress, feedback is invaluable)

Nextui Dashboard Template screenshot

Dashboard starter using NextUI V2 and Nextjs.

Weathergpt screenshot

ChatGPT Plugin starter template built with Next.js 13 App Router, Edge Functions, and Vercel

Clementinejs screenshot

The elegant and lightweight full stack JavaScript boilerplate.

Shadcn Table screenshot

Shadcn table component with server-side sorting, filtering, and pagination.

Nextjs Material Kit screenshot

NextJS version of Material Kit React by Creative Tim

Satus screenshot



Next.js starter template

Dapp Starter screenshot

Opinionated Dapp Starter Template provides a solid foundation for building Ethereum-based applications. It incorporates various tools and frameworks such as React, Next.js, Hardhat, TypeChain, web3-react, daisyUI Tailwind CSS Components, and OpenZeppelin.

Nextjs Mdx Blog screenshot

UPDATED to Next.js App Router! Starter template built with Contentlayer, MDX, shadcn-ui, and Tailwind CSS.

Chakra Ui Docs screenshot

Documentation website for chakra ui

Nextjs Strapi Boilerplate screenshot

:art: Boilerplate for building applications using Strapi and Next.js

Nextplate screenshot

Nextplate is a free starter template built with Next.js and TailwindCSS. It provides you with almost everything you need to jump-start your Next.js project. Try Nextplate and save yourself hours of work.

Kami screenshot



🍰 Kami is mx-space's web frontend theme. Colorful, flat, cute and comfortable.

Crystallize Nextjs Boilerplate screenshot

Fully featured Next.js / React eCommerce boilerplate. Combine rich marketing content with product information to create highly converting online stores. Fully tuned for performance with JAMStack edge page generation.

Template Web3 App screenshot

⚡️ Web3 App Template built using Next.js, RainbowKit, SIWE, Disco, and more!

Nextjs Hasura Boilerplate screenshot

:art: Boilerplate for building applications using Hasura and Next.js screenshot

A personal portfolio built using Next.js, Chakra UI, SEO, MDX, and TypeScript

Blog screenshot



🚀 My personal blog made with Tailwind CSS and NextJS. Template from Timlrx. Feel free to fork, follow and use.

Satus screenshot



Starter template

default image

Solana blockchain candy machine app boilerplate on top of Metaplex Candy Machine. NextJS, Tailwind, Anchor, SolanaLabs.React, dev/mainnet automation scripts.

Cosmicjs Node screenshot

*API v2 JavaScript client for Cosmic. See important message in README

React Multi Email screenshot

:octocat: A simple react component to format multiple email as the user types.

default image

Advanced, but minimalistic Next.js and Apollo starter

Nextjs Tailwindcss Blog Template screenshot

⭐Build SEO optimized personal blog website with Next.js, Tailwind CSS and Contentlayer. If you want to learn to create this you can follow the tutorial link given in the Read me file. screenshot

My 🏠 on the ☁️. Portfolio, showcases, snippets, dev logs, and ideas

default image

Production ready blog + boilerplate for Next.js 3.X

Nextjs Material Dashboard screenshot

NextJS version of Material Dashboard React

Nitro screenshot



An Example of a PWA using Nextjs, Material-UI, Typescript and Auth0

default image

Turborepo starter with shadcn/ui pre-configured.

Giga Stack Next.js Starter screenshot

Experimental edge stack full of sweet and fancy features for you to play with

Luna screenshot



Luna - a React Native + Next.js template. Built with TypeScript :heart:

Luna screenshot



Luna - a React Native + Next.js template. Built with TypeScript :heart:

Chatgpt Ai Template screenshot

🧠 Horizon AI Template - Trendiest Open-source ChatGPT UI AI Template & Starter Kit for React, NextJS & Chakra UI

default image



An easiest authentication system on top of NestJS, TypeORM, NEXT.js(v9.3) and Material UI(v4).

default image

Opinionated Next JS project boilerplate with TypeScript and Redux

default image

CLI to scaffold tailwindcss-ready projects

default image

Pre-evaluate async functions during builds and import them like JSON

Dress Shop screenshot

A full stack server side rendered e-commerce built with Next.js, TypeScript, Node.js, Express and MongoDB.

Basetool screenshot

Open-source internal tool framework. 💪 Empower your team and collaborators to view and manage the data you already own in a nice easy-to-use protected tool. Basetool helps you have a better handle on your data in a collaborative way so you can focus on moving your business forward.

Trello Clone screenshot

📝 Built with Nextjs framework with Typescript and Chakra UI library with support from MongoDB

Discord Bot Website screenshot

It belongs to the website theme of the MusicMaker discord bot with a magnificent design made with react. An eye-pleasing website with advanced and beautiful tailwind designs.

Examples screenshot

Integration Examples with Directus

Examples screenshot

Integration Examples with Directus

Thr screenshot



Web version of Meta's new app using Next.js server components, Vercel Postgres, shadcn UI, Clerk, and Prisma.

Kaminari screenshot

Next.js project starter. Configured with tailwindcss and shadcn-ui

React Hooks Mobx State Tree screenshot

React Hooks + MobX State Tree + TypeScript = 💛

Md Editor Rt screenshot

Markdown editor for react, developed in jsx and typescript, dark theme、beautify content by prettier、render articles directly、paste or clip the picture and upload it...

Portfolio screenshot

Photo Portfolio w/ Next.js + TailwindCSS + Contentful

default image

A Next.js 13 application with authentication and payments, built with PlanetScale, Drizzle ORM, Lucia, Tailwind and LemonSqueezy

Spliit screenshot



Free and Open Source Alternative to Splitwise. Share expenses with your friends and family. screenshot

Organization site for general info, documentation, blogs & contribution guidelines.

default image

Chatbot starter with GPT3, Twilio, and React

Daymd screenshot




Horizon Ui Chakra Nextjs screenshot

Horizon UI NextJS | The trendiest & innovative Open Source Admin Template for Chakra UI & React!

Tailnext screenshot

⭕️ TailNext: Free template using Next.js 14 app router and Tailwind CSS.

Next React Graphql Apollo Hooks screenshot

React, Apollo, Next.js, GraphQL, Node.js, TypeScript high performance boilerplate with React hooks GraphQL implementation and automatic static type generation

Next Tailwind Amazona screenshot

Build Ecommerce Like Amazon By NEXT JS screenshot

My static blog template.

Example Frontend Next Js screenshot

An example of a Sanity powered frontend using Next.js

default image

Opinionated design system for React, based on Chakra UI + Next.js, written in TypeScript.

Kara Shop screenshot

KARA - Ecommerce built with T3 Stack : NextJS, TypeScript, tRPC, Prisma, NextAuth and styled with Tailwind CSS

Next Dark Mode screenshot

🌑 Enable dark mode for Next.js apps

default image

Pipit is a Wagtail CMS boilerplate which aims to provide an easy and modern developer workflow with a React-rendered frontend.

Folio screenshot



Interactive Portfolio with Next, GSAP, Tailwind, and React

Folio screenshot



Make your personal website and blog with Nextjs 14, tailwind and Notion.

Next App Template screenshot

A Next.js 13 with app directory template pre-configured with NextUI (v2) and Tailwind CSS.

Nextjs Pwa Firebase Boilerplate screenshot

Next.js serverless PWA with Firebase boilerplate

Ship screenshot



A toolkit for makers to ship better products faster 🚀

MyPortfolio screenshot

This is a portfolio application built by using Next.js, ChakraUi, Typescript and api.

default image

A Tauri + Next.js (SSG) template, with TailwindCSS, opinionated linting, and GitHub Actions preconfigured

default image

[Experimental] Source data from anywhere, for Next.js, Nuxt.js, Eleventy and many more.

Nextjs Advanced Starter screenshot

Use Tailwind CSS, ESLint, Prettier & absolute imports instantly. Easily extendable zero-config template for pros and beginners.

Tina Cloud Starter screenshot

Next.js starter for TinaCMS: live edit your website visually 🪄

Landing Template Nextui screenshot

Landing page for any SaaS company, using Nextjs and NextUI

Next Apollo Auth screenshot

Authentication Boilerplate with Next.js and Apollo GraphQL

default image

Next.js template/boilerplate/starting-point for Alpine Linux Container deployments with security in mind!

default image

NextJS 13 Starter Kit for Planetscale & DrizzleORM

Next Netlify Blog Starter screenshot

A lightweight markdown blog starter built with Next.js 12+ and Netlify

Digital Garden screenshot

An open source blog (digital garden) template for developers

default image



SaaS boilerplate built with Node.js & React. screenshot

My website, made with NextJS and ChakraUI.

Next App Starter screenshot

Another awesome starter for your app base on nextjs + tailwind + react-query + zod + react-hook-form + next-auth + jotai

default image

🛰️ A boilerplate Truffle Box project with Next.js for rapid Ethereum Dapp development

Nextjs Starter Prismic Blog screenshot

Blog project with Next.js & Prismic screenshot

🧛🏻‍♂️ Dark website for a dark theme

Tweet To Image screenshot

Convert tweets to beautiful images

default image

Free Open Source High Quality Dashboard based on Bootstrap 4 & React 16 + Next.js: screenshot

My Personal Dev Site, built with Next.js and Chakra UI

default image

E-commerce monorepo application using NextJs, React, React-native, Design-System and Graphql with Typescript

Electron Next Skeleton screenshot

An example Electron app built with Next.js

default image



🧜‍♀️ THE Data Market

Template Nextjs Personal Website screenshot

A Next.js Personal Website with a Native Authoring Experience

Next App Template screenshot

Mantine + Next.js app router template (7.0+)

Shadcn Chat screenshot

Customizable and re-usable chat component for you to use in your projects. Built on top of shadcn. screenshot

⚡ Dynamic Portfolio Website built with Next.js, Chakra UI and Contentful!

Eslint Config Galex screenshot

hopefully the last eslint config you'll ever need - customizable & modern best practices for JS, TS, Node, React, Remix, Next, Jest, testing-library & storybook

Next Js Boilerplate screenshot

default image

A TypeScript boilerplate for combining Payload and Next.js into a single Express server

Nextjs Express Mongoose Crudify Boilerplate screenshot

Next.js (React) + Redux + Express REST API + MongoDB + Mongoose-Crudify boilerplate

Shadcn Tag Input screenshot

A tag input component built with Shadcn UI

Nextjs Notion Blog Starter screenshot

Notion-powered blog starter with @vercel and @tailwindcss

default image

🚀🚀 A Shopify embedded app starter template, written in TypeScript with session storage, app context and examples for basic functionalities.

default image

:rocket: Full stack web application skeleton (Next.js, Redux, RxJS, Immutable, Express)

Pwa Boilerplate screenshot

✨ PWA Boilerplate is highly scalable and is designed to help you kick-start your next project 🔭.

default image

Next.js Starter Template for building chatbots with Mendable

Nextjs Mdx Blog Starter screenshot

Next.js MDX Blog Starter for building blogs with Next.js and MDX, including Theme UI Component Design System, Vercel Deployment and more.

Nextui Dashboard screenshot

Dashboard sample using NextUI and NextJS

Palettify screenshot

Beautiful themes for your website that you can copy and paste into your apps.

default image

A free Next.js landing page template

default image

Next.js with brilliant bells and useful whistles

default image

Next.js template with GraphQL, Urql, Prisma, Nexus and Tailwind screenshot

This is the ✨ source code for my personal website, built with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Contentlayer, and 🚀 deployed on Vercel 🔼. You can use this repository as a template to build your own personal website. 😊

Nextal screenshot



Starter template for NextJs with TypeScript. Supports Tailwind with CSS-Modules. Vitest and @react/testing-library configured and ready to go. Also ESLint, Prettier, Husky, Commit-lint and Atomic Design for components.

Tailwind Starter Kit screenshot

📚 A library of components and learning resource for Tailwind CSS.

Windmill Dashboard Nextjs Typescript screenshot

Nextjs Admin Dashboard UI

Portfolio screenshot

An open source portfolio site built on Nextjs and React

Site screenshot



🌈 The new, new Hack Club website (uses Next.js & Theme UI).

Next Typescript Tailwind Mdx Starter screenshot

Opinionated Next.js Starter with TypeScript, Tailwind, MDX, and decent SEO

Mantine Admin screenshot

A Modern Admin Dashboard with Mantine7/React/NextJS

default image

React JS Clean architecture: A boilerplate that makes it easy and intuitive to implement Uncle Bob's Clean Architecture in React JS. This boilerplate provides basic project structure that are designed according to the Clean Architecture.

Nextjs Auth Prisma screenshot

Full-stack boilerplate template.

default image

A simple app using Next.js

Pwa Ecom Ui Template screenshot

React/Next.js based starter kit, focused on delivering a rich Search & Discovery e-commerce experience.

Commercejs Chopchop Demo screenshot

A Commerce.js starter kit for Next.js. A beautifully designed elegantly developed, end to end commerce experience for developers and agencies. Pre-integrated with Stripe. One-click deploy to Vercel.

Discord Bot Dashboard Next screenshot

The Most Powerful Discord bot Dashboard Template

Easyreadme screenshot

Easyreadme helps you simplify README creation and generate visually stunning ones with the help of AI and elegant pre-designed templates. screenshot

Information about our community

default image

Minimal Next.js boilerplate

Node Blog screenshot

🔥✨ A react blog project base on nodejs, nestjs, mongoose, typescript, react, ant-design,nextjs

Sanity Template Nextjs Landing Pages screenshot

A Sanity powered landing page builder in Next.js for

Shadcn Ui Theme Explorer screenshot

A theme explorer for shadcn UI

Superui screenshot

🚀 A Tailwindcss component library.

default image

Example Stripe integration with create-t3-app bootstrapped Next.js application

Teini screenshot



Teini (tiny, [ˈtīnē]) is an extremely small webshop leveraging awesome and free solutions like Github and Vercel.

default image

An opinionated fullstack GraphQL monorepo boilerplate using pnpm, Turborepo, Prisma, GraphQL Yoga 2, Fastify, Nextjs, urql, and React screenshot

V1 of my personal site. If you're looking for v2:

Frontends screenshot

Shopware Frontends is a framework for building custom, headless storefronts with Shopware 6.

Nextjs Antd Admin screenshot

A multi-functional and comprehensive admin dashboard using Next.js (SSR React), Ant Design and styled-components

Next Typescript screenshot

We make cool shit that performs, and we start with this template.

Frontend Monorepo Boilerplate screenshot

⚡ Frontend monorepo boilerplate. TypeScript, vanilla CSS/Tailwind/MUI with focus on best practices and painless developer experience.

Frontend Monorepo Boilerplate screenshot

⚡ Frontend monorepo boilerplate. TypeScript, vanilla CSS/Tailwind/MUI with focus on best practices and painless developer experience.

Vnstat Client screenshot

GUI Client for vnStat Network Monitor for Linux or GNU/Linux screenshot

My portfolio built with Next.js, Chakra UI and GraphCMS

Www screenshot




default image

🚀 Important commands, code snippets, basic-to-advanced topics I'm learning daily 📚🎉!

default image

Admin panel built with NextJS(Typescript), Material UI, Apollo Client & GraphQL. In the backend, Prisma 2 with Nexus and Mysql is used.

Nextjs Pwa Graphql Sql Boilerplate screenshot

Next.js serverless PWA with GraphQL (Postgraphile, Apollo) + Postgres SQL boilerplate screenshot

My personal website built with Next.js, Chakra UI, Firebase, and next-mdx-remeote.

Bodiless JS screenshot

Framework for building editable websites on the JAMStack screenshot

⚡️ My personal website built with Next.js, Chakra UI, ContentLayer + MDX, and Vercel.

Commercelayer Sanity Template screenshot

A multi-country ecommerce template built with Commerce Layer, Next.js, Sanity studio, and deployed to Netlify.

Typescript Eth Starter screenshot

🔌 Ethereum Dapp Basic Typescript Starter

Aether Design System screenshot

🔆 Aether serves as the building block for some of my team projects.

Next Leaflet Starter screenshot

A Next.js starter with Leafet to quickly build React apps with a map!

Nextjs Chakra Ui Portfolio Template screenshot

Next.js & Chakra-UI portfolio template.

default image

⚡ A monorepo starter kit for building blockchain-based applications with ease

Onlysetups screenshot

OnlyFans, but for pictures of desk setups.

default image

A performant, robust starting point for any React application

Fullstack Next Template screenshot

Fullstack TypeScript Next.js Boilerplate with modular architecture with full customization.

Nextjs Demo screenshot

Next.js powered blog with DatoCMS integration

default image

A boilerplate NextJS with Redux and Material UI

default image

This is a repository for video tutorial series about Making Websites With Next.js and Strapi. You can check out the series here:

Portfolio screenshot

This is my portfolio which is also a template. Feel free to fork, star, and use it.

Reference Marketing Website screenshot

Next.js starter for creating a SaaS Marketing Website with Hygraph ⚡️

Reference Marketing Website screenshot

Next.js starter for creating a SaaS Marketing Website with Hygraph ⚡️

Nexst Tailwind screenshot

Next.js starter template.

Nextjs Boilerplate screenshot

🚀 Next.js 14+ boilerplate with typescript, husky, lint-staged, eslint, prettier, jest, react-testing-library, storybook, ghaction and plop.

Next Prisma screenshot

🚀 Static site with Next.js 9.4 and Prisma.

default image

This starter repository is no longer maintained.

Notion Blog screenshot

Next.js blog template that uses Notion as CMS

default image

Are your looking for a remote developer job? Solve this frontend developer challenge and show us what you can do and what you are an expert at!

Next Starter Peacock screenshot

🦚 Beautiful Nextjs starter for software engineers and designers to show work they're so proud of

Thvu Blog screenshot

My digital home on the internet.

Coursespace Landing Page screenshot

Coursespace - React Online Course Landing Page build with NextJs & MUI 5

default image

Next-gen react-native development monorepo starter with best in-class tools tailored for DX️

default image



:leafy_green: OpenAPI to React Query (or SWR) & Axios

Stable Diffusion React Nextjs Mui Pwa screenshot

PWA Web App front end for Stable Diffusion, on React/NextJS with Material UI

Typescript Nextjs Redux Material Ui Example screenshot

next.js v9, typescript v3.7, redux, material-ui v4, react-hooks, redux-saga, SSR

Nextjs Course Template screenshot

A Next.js template for creating interactive courses with React

Next Netlify Starter screenshot

A one-click starter project for Next and Netlify

default image

🔋 Batteries included template for using React Three Fiber (R3F) with NextJS

Simple React Blog screenshot

A simple blog website powered by Next.js and Cosmic.

default image

Our next.js boilerplate with sane base configuration.

Sanity Template Nextjs Clean screenshot

A clean Next.js template with a native authoring experience

Themera screenshot

Chakra UI Color Scheme generator

SAASY LAND Next 14 Starters With Authentication And Database Implemented screenshot

Modern, open source starter templates for Next.js 14 full-stack and SAAS projects. Built with Tailwind CSS, ShadCn, Next-Auth v.5 and several databases. Branches contain stand-alone set ups, including for serverless databases like PostgreSQL with Neon and MySQL with PlanetScale, Drizzle ORM, Pris...

Gradient Picker screenshot

Fancy Gradient Picker built with Shadcn UI, Radix UI and Tailwind CSS.

default image

🚀 my portfolio thingy which also happens to be a template

Nextjs With Firebase screenshot

NextJS boiler-plate with Google's Firebase integrated. Watch on YouTube:

Next Dashboards screenshot

Salvia-kit Next.js dashboards templates

default image

Boilerplate code for minting NFTs from the client-side using Solidity and React.

Clerk Nextjs Starter screenshot

Official starter repo for Clerk and Next.js

default image

⚡A minimal types-first boilerplate for Ethereum frontend dapp development.

Dashui Free Nextjs Admin Template screenshot

Dashui free nextjs admin dashboard template, built with latest react. Build your next project with DashUI React.

default image

:zap: JavaScript boilerplate for a full stack app built using React.js, Next.js, Express.js, react-bootstrap, SCSS and full SSR with eslint.

default image

Next.js with material-ui and styled-components

Reddit Clone screenshot

Reddit Clone with REACTJS (Next.js, Firebase v9, Chakra UI, TypeScript, Recoil, (Image Uploading, Google Authentication, Create Community, Join Community, Leave Community, Upvote and Downvote Posts), Dark Mode & Light Mode, Data Encryption and Decryption) screenshot

A collection of kits to help bootstrap your next project. screenshot

My personal portfolio website built with Next.js, Tailwind CSS and Sanity.

Awesome Github Readme Generator screenshot

You can easily and quickly create a readme file for your github profile or git hub repository. (visit below) (Click the Get Started button to start the process, Choose Github Readme Template you want, Fill in the desired fields and press the generate button to create your file)

default image

Boilerplate to start with Docker setup (Next.js included)

Mantine Analytics Dashboard screenshot

A free, open source, Next 14, React 18 admin dashboard template created using Mantine 7

Nexst screenshot



Next.js starter template with full score at Lighthouse and Web Vitals.

Next Contentful screenshot

All course files for the Next.js & Contentful tutorial series on the Net Ninja YouTube channel.

default image

Next.js static site starter based on the Dimension template.

Nextjs Tailwindcss Typescript Starter screenshot

NextJS, TailwindCSS and Typescript starter template

Nextra Blank Custom Theme screenshot

A forkable Next.js site w/ a blank custom Nextra theme (w/Tailwind)

B screenshot



My personal website made with Next.js 13 (App Router). Features blog posts, gear list, dark theme and more. Tailwind CSS, MDX, Radix, Framer Motion, and Vercel.

Next Kickstart screenshot

Next.js 14 kickstarter. Zero setup & edge ready. Take what you need: ESLint, Prettier, Tailwind, tRPC, WebSockets, Drizzle, Lucia Auth, Vitest, Testing Library, Playwright, PWA, Docker, CI, Bun

Next Kickstart screenshot

Next.js 14 kickstarter. Zero setup & edge ready. Take what you need: ESLint, Prettier, Tailwind, tRPC, WebSockets, Drizzle, Lucia Auth, Vitest, Testing Library, Playwright, PWA, Docker, CI, Bun

NextAPI screenshot

A Next.js API starter for building SaaS apps

Nextjs Boilerplate screenshot

A super powerful NextJS boilerplate developed following the Feature driven pattern

Blog screenshot



👨‍💻 Dev blog built with Next.js 13, TypeScript, and Contentlayer, using latest Next.js features

Next Plate screenshot

🦸‍♀️ A super template for Next.js with a pack of incredible tools

Blog Template Using Nextjs Typescript Tailwindcss screenshot

This project is a simple blog template using next js, typescript and tailwind css. blog+nextjs+tailwind+typescript.

Nextjs Now Firebase screenshot

Next.js + ZEIT Now + Firebase [template]

Shoes Ecommerce screenshot

Shop made in Next.JS and Strapi containing products from

Chatgpt Web screenshot

ChatGPT web application, use OpenAI official API. ChatGPT 网页应用,支持多对话、海量提示词、PWA、ASR、TTS

default image

Jam3 NextJS Generator for SPA, SSG, SSR and JAMStack applications

default image

Jam3 NextJS Generator for SPA, SSG, SSR and JAMStack applications

Nextjs Now Firebase screenshot

Next.js + ZEIT Now + Firebase [template]

default image

Rank your NFT collection by rarity

Personal Dashboard screenshot

Personal Dashboard for my services

Production Ready Webapp Boilerplate screenshot

🚀 A well-structured production ready modern web application boilerplate (Single Page Application with Server Side Render to boost SEO). With Next.js, React, Redux, Express.js, Less, Axios, Request Caching, EnvConfig, Storybook, Workbox for PWA and more 🚀

default image



A Truly Cross Platform Monorepo featuring Next.js + tRPC + Tauri + Vite + Expo (React Native).

Netease Music App screenshot

网易云音乐移动端【React/Next/Vue】【Ant Design/Material UI】

default image

MOXY's boilerplate to accelerate the setup of new Next.js based web applications

Nextarter Tailwind screenshot

battery packed template / boilerplate to initialize PWA ready Next.js app with TailwindCSS & Typescript setup ✨

default image

Next.js With Sequelize Web Application.

Dukaan screenshot



Dukaan - An E-commerce Store screenshot

☕️ My Personal Homepage & Blog site with NextJS. 🇺🇸 🇮🇩

ScuffedMDB screenshot

An open-source website to rate movies watched with friends, made with next.js & chakra-ui. Hosted on

default image

Clone da GUI do Windows 11 desenvolvida utilizando ReactJS, NextJS, MaterialUI e ReactDND.

Nextjs Prism Markdown screenshot

Example using Prism / Markdown with Next.js including switching syntax highlighting themes.

Nextjs Redux Firebase Authentication screenshot

Boilerplate Project for Authentication with Firebase in NextJs and Redux

Rw screenshot



Ryan Wiemer's Digital Portfolio

Ai Fusion Kit screenshot

A feature-rich, highly customizable AI Web App Template, empowered by Next.js.

Extensive React Boilerplate screenshot

Extensive React Boilerplate: ✔️NextJS ✔️Auth ✔️I18N ✔️MUI ✔️Forms

NavigateUI screenshot

Components for UI

default image

Serverless.js with Next.js 5 on AWS, powered by the Serverless Framework

Nextjs Sanity Template screenshot

Starter Sanity + Next.js

Ts Next Tailwind Template screenshot

Ultimate Front-end Template made using NextJs, TailwindCSS, and Typescript

Writy screenshot



Generate beautiful HTML files without writing any code. Still in beta!

Marigold screenshot

Design System based on react-aria and Tailwind CSS

Nextjs Wagmi screenshot

Minimal Typescript / NextJS dApp template bootstrapped with wagmi Ethereum react hooks library.

Portfolio screenshot

My portfolio (+ template) built using Next.js

TemplatesKart screenshot

A powerful set of fully responsive and accessible ChakraUI React components and projects list

Youtube 2020 June Multi Step Form Formik screenshot

A repository with a multi-step form using Formik, Yup and Material-UI

Bits 0f C0de screenshot

Personal Blog site build with Next.js and Tailwind CSS.

Nextjs Wagmi Template screenshot

Nextjs wagmi rainbowkit

Nextjs Wagmi Template screenshot

Nextjs wagmi rainbowkit

Solid Nextjs screenshot

Solid is a free Next.js template specifically crafted for startups, SaaS, and software websites.

Next Medium Blog Boilerplate screenshot

Next.js medium style blog boilerplate

Ibaslogic screenshot

Dev Articles for the Self-Starter

Nextjs Typescript And Mongodb screenshot

A Next.js template with Prisma, MongoDB, TailwindCSS, Shadcn, Zod and Next auth

Hacktoberfest Projects screenshot

A website which lets you find eligible repositories for Hacktoberfest 2023!

Video Course Starter Kit screenshot

A starter template to help create a video course with Mux + Next.js screenshot

Source code of my [WIP] personal website™. Made using next.js and tailwindcss.

Chakra Nextjs Dashboard screenshot

A responsive dashboard UI built using Chakra UI and Next.js.

Create Web3 screenshot

a quick start boilerplate for developing web3 apps and deploying smart contracts.

Nextjs Website Boilerplate screenshot

A Next.js website boilerplate that satisfies some common website requirements.

Examples Es screenshot

Examples for using Connect with various TypeScript web frameworks and tooling.

Readme Generator screenshot

A fully featured editor with drag and drop interface to easily build READMEs

Skaters screenshot

An open source e-commerce project build by Inifarhan with everything new in Next.js 14.

Wefootwear Store screenshot

🏷️ next js footwear store e-commerce

Nextjs Tailwindcss Portfolio screenshot

Next.js, React & Tailwind CSS version of the portfolio project.

Shadcn Extension screenshot

An open source component collection , that extend your ui library , built using shadcn component

Preview Kit screenshot

General purpose live previews, like next-sanity

Next Prisma Tailwind Ecommerce screenshot

Open-Source Full-stack E-Commerce Storefront with Admin Panel. Built with Typescript, Next.js 13 App Dir, Tailwind CSS ( @shadcn-ui ) and Prisma.

Next Prisma Tailwind Ecommerce screenshot

Open-Source Full-stack E-Commerce Storefront with Admin Panel. Built with Typescript, Next.js 13 App Dir, Tailwind CSS ( @shadcn-ui ) and Prisma.

Turborepo Boilerplate screenshot

A boilerplate base on TURBOREPO

Portfolio screenshot

The personal website/portfolio of Hashir Shoaib. Built using Nextjs and Bootstrap5.

Awesome Nextjs screenshot

A curated list of awesome Nextjs-based libraries that help build small and large-scale applications with next.js.

Boundless Nextjs Ecommerce Template screenshot

Next.js E-Commerce template. Strong TypeScript, Ready to use, For high-performance e-commerce websites.

Brevifolia Nextjs screenshot

A minimalist blog starter to get you going with Next.js.

Egghead Getting Started With Chakra Ui screenshot

This is the project that's part of the course Getting Started with Chakra UI.

Horizon Tailwind React Nextjs screenshot

Horizon UI Tailwind CSS NextJS ❇️ The trendiest & innovative Open Source Admin Dashboard Template for Tailwind CSS, NextJS & React!

Binarystarter Angular screenshot

Angular Full Stack Boilerplate Starter with PayloadCMS, Nx and Express. Free Open-Source Web App Boilerplate.

Commercejs Nextjs Vercel screenshot

Serverless eCommerce demo store built for the Jamstack. Built with Commerce.js, Next.js and can be one click deployed to Vercel. Includes product catalogue, categories, variants, cart, checkout, order confirmation and printable receipts. This is an open source project.

Nextjs Blog Starter Kit screenshot

NextJS Blog + Contentful Typescript Starter kit with Static Export 🚀

Next Contentful Starter screenshot

A starter project for Next.js, Contentful, and Netlify

Nxt Lnk screenshot

Custom bio links for creatives who love coding. A perfect custom alternative for linktree, bio and other shortner platform.

default image

This is Clueless official website where you can make your developer profile as well as meet new people across the world.

Play Nextjs screenshot

Next.js 14 SaaS Boilerplate and Starter Kit designed and built for SaaS startups. It comes with all necessary integrations, pages, and components you need to launch a feature-rich SaaS websites.

Tiptop screenshot



Online Shopping for Men

Next.js Pro Boilerplate screenshot

:atom: :rocket: A complete Next.js boilerplate with Typescript, Jest, Storybook, React Testing Library, ESLint, and Prettier. Ready to development and production

Nextjs Blog Starter Kit screenshot

NextJS Blog + Contentful Typescript Starter kit with Static Export

Twitter Clone screenshot

A Twitter clone built in both Next.js and Remix to compare the differences between the two frameworks

Styled Starter screenshot

Starter Kit with React, Next.js, Styled System and Catalog to get projects going with a design theme, built-in styleguide and browser testing

Theme Starter screenshot

🐤 A sample Next.js project for getting started with MDX, Theme UI, & Hack Club Theme.

Typescript Nextjs Redux Toolkit Material Ui Example screenshot

TypeScript v3.8, Next.js v9, Redux Toolkit, Material-UI v4, react-hooks, SSR live demo

Chaktor screenshot

📈 Chakra UI Admin Dashboard screenshot

Paprback is a showcase for your bookshelves, and place to manage all your readings. A full-stack project that I built to correctly learn React.

Vercel Wasm Runtime screenshot

A template project for building high-performance, portable, and safe serverless functions in Vercel.

Styled Frontend screenshot

A wee E-Commerce website powered by Stripe, Auth0, Strapi and Next.js

Swingset screenshot

drop-in component library for next.js

Boilerplate Nextjs Antd Less screenshot

A boilerplate for Reactjs app using nextjs, redux, antd, less

Next Starter screenshot

A Next.js starter template, packed with features like TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Next-auth, Eslint, testing tools and more. Jumpstart your project with efficiency and style.

Brevifolia Next Tinacms screenshot

A simple starter blog built with Next.js & TinaCMS

Enhanced Button screenshot

An enhanced version of the default shadcn-button component

Nextjs Ecommerce screenshot

E-commerce App using NEXTJS 13 , TypeScript , SWR , Redux toolkit , Mongoose , react hook forms

Nextjs Solana Starter Kit screenshot

Build your own Solana dApp with NextJS and TypeScript

Nocode Platform Boilerplate screenshot

Powerfull no-code platform boilerplate. Clone this repo and start your no-code platform today. Next.js + Tailwindcss + TypeScript + NoCode JS components.

default image

WPDS's UiKit coded in React using Stitches, Radix UI and more! Also home to our docs site Clone screenshot clone built with Next.js, ChakraUI and api.

Lyrist screenshot



simple and RESTful API for getting lyrics of any song made using Next.js and Tailwind CSS

NINE4 screenshot



Tailwind CSS Templates

Personal Website Nextjs Chakra screenshot

A series I am making on YouTube where I build a personal website using next.js and chakra-ui. It includes a variety of other features such as mdx-remote blog pages, view counts with Google Firebase database and many more features.

React Redux Nextjs Bootstrap Pwa Starter screenshot

a progressive web app starter with next js redux + redux-persist + bootstrap

Dynamix screenshot

📱 dynamix - The missing bridge for web / webview for hybrid apps

Nextjs Mdx Blog Theme screenshot

Starter template for a personal website blog, built with Next.js, MDX, and Tailwind CSS.

Web3 Starter screenshot

An opinionated web3 starter for building dApps

Nextjs Tailwind Contentlayer Blog Starter screenshot

Blog starter template with modern frontend tech stack like Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Contentlayer, i18Next

React Boilerplate screenshot

🔥 Frontend template (boilerplate) for building web applications with React

My Projects Dashboard screenshot

Next.js, Material UI, MongoDB Personal Dashboard with, GitHub, Twitter, and npm API integration.

Template Blog Webapp Nextjs screenshot

Next.js blog starter template

Azon Shop screenshot

E-Commerce website with Prisma PlanetScale db, optimistic updates with React Query, rating system, persistent cart, algolia search, categories, in stock indicator, infinite scroll and order tracking

Next Projects screenshot

6 projects to understand Next.js core concepts, using MongoDB, Firebase and NextAuth.js.

Nextjs Semantic screenshot

Next.js + Fomantic-UI + Styled Components

Boilerplate screenshot

🔆 Fullstack boilerplate using Remix, Next.js, Expo, Prisma, TypeScript, tRPC and many more!

Next Bookstore screenshot

An online bookstore developed using NextJS 13 with appDir and StrapiCMS. (Still in Beta)

Next Js Boilerplate screenshot

A personal Next JS 14+ boilerplate: Typescript + Chakra UI + Prettier + ESLint + Pre-commit (Husky + Lint-staged) + Cypress (e2e + component)

Next Js Boilerplate screenshot

A personal Next JS 14+ boilerplate: Typescript + Chakra UI + Prettier + ESLint + Pre-commit (Husky + Lint-staged) + Cypress (e2e + component)

Pagely screenshot



Launch beautiful websites straight from your Notion workspace or from your GitHub repo

Template Marketing Webapp Nextjs screenshot

Next.js marketing website starter template

Turborepo Starter screenshot

A starter monorepo built with Turborepo, Nextjs, Docker, Rollup, Typescript, Storybook, Jest and Tailwind.

Webpush Ios Template screenshot

Web push notifications demo and starter template with support for iOS Safari PWA notifications.

Cairo By Example screenshot

Verbosely Documented, Minimal Starknet Contract Examples.

Everything Is A Cms screenshot

Use multiple non-traditional back-ends for Next.js project. Built to support talk at Next.js Conf 2020.

default image

A complete React/Redux/Relay/Next.js dashboard example

Nocode Platform Boilerplate screenshot

Powerfull no-code platform boilerplate. Clone this repo and start your no-code platform today. Next.js + Tailwindcss + TypeScript + NoCode JS components.

Trendy Resume screenshot

👋 Junho's new Résumé, themed like a shopping mall website! You can make your own with this template too 🔥 (2020)

Wotion screenshot



An open-source library of useful notion widgets

Actify screenshot



React Tailwind CSS Material Design 3 Components Library

Next Course Starter screenshot

Starter kit for making courses for Frontend Masters

Nextjs Tailwind Storybook With Ci Cd screenshot

This repository is built to provide a ready-to-go template for the projects that are using NextJS, Tailwind, Storybook, eslint, jest, prettier in them.

Shiftwalk Nextjs Starter screenshot

A simple Next.js starter kit with TailwindCSS (JIT) and Framer Motion preconfigured. Optional feature branches for Locomotive Scroll, Sanity and Dato configuration coming soon...

Sonnat Ui screenshot

React component library using Sonnat Design System to build faster, elegant, and accessible web applications.

Vip Go Nextjs Skeleton screenshot

A Next.js boilerplate for decoupled WordPress on VIP.

Agilitycms Nextjs Starter screenshot

A sample Next.js starter site that uses Agility CMS and aims to be a foundation for building incredible websites using Next.js and Agility CMS.

Clean Arch Nextjs Starter screenshot

Clean architecture starter for Next.js with TypeScript. All the tools you need to build your next project.

Nextjs Dashboard Antdesign Typescriopt screenshot

A Next.js7 ant-design typescript dashboard

Portfolio screenshot

V2.0 of my personal portfolio! Feel free to fork it, star it, etc!

Codox screenshot



A starter template for modern web development with nextjs 14 (app route), tailwindcss, typescript, trpc, clerk auth, and prisma.

Portfolio screenshot

open source portfolio, made with Nextjs and tailwindcss

Himalaya Ui screenshot

Elevate your Next.js web development with our open-source UI library, offering a comprehensive suite of customizable components for building modern and user-friendly interfaces.

Kl_portfolio screenshot

KL's Portfolio v2. Made with Love using NextJS, ChakraUI and Framer motion.

Nextjs Auth0 Hasura screenshot

Template project for Nextjs + Auth0 + Hasura with Apollo.

React Next Boilerplate screenshot

Nextjs Storyblok boilerplate

Nextplate screenshot

Ultimate template for Next.js with a pack of incredible tools

Notion Nextjs Blog screenshot

A starter blog template powered by Next.js, Notion and Tailwind CSS.

Nutritrack screenshot

A simple landing page template built with NextJS and TailwindCSS, specifically designed for Notion creators.

RunningDev screenshot

Modern nextjs template

Saleor App Template screenshot

Your boilerplate for new Saleor Apps. Batteries included.

Chakra Left Responsive Navbar screenshot

Simple responsive left navigation built using chakra-ui. Watch me build this:

Clean Arch Nextjs Starter screenshot

Clean architecture starter for Next.js with TypeScript. All the tools you need to build your next project.

Dodging Turtis screenshot

Turtle-themed NFT game and marketplace promoting Indian art.

Fullstack Nextjs App Template screenshot

A full-stack sample web application based on Next.js that creates a simple whole-website architecture

Gossip screenshot



A serverless static blog engine based on GitHub Issue System.

Nextjs Discord Bot screenshot

Discord bot template built with Next.js that runs 100% at the edge

Nextjs Landing Starter screenshot

Build your landing site based on Next.JS in minutes 🚀

Penny screenshot



Penny - A production-ready, next.js v13, composable commerce starter, using TakeShape's API Mesh

default image

Twitter 2.0 with REACT.JS! (Next.js, Sanity CMS, Typescript, SSR, Tailwind, GoogleAuth, Dark Mode & Light Mode & Twitter Profile)

Compose Starter Helpcenter Nextjs screenshot

A sample website frontend for Compose with Next.js

Developer Portfolio screenshot

Developer portfolio

Grommet Controls screenshot

grommet 2 controls

Next Pages Template screenshot

A Next.js 13 with pages directory template pre-configured with NextUI (v2) and Tailwind CSS. screenshot

My personal blog project built with Next.js, Chakra UI and Typescript.

Dapp Starter screenshot

A dApp starter kit template to quick start a dapp project with Next.js + Tailwind CSS + Ethers + wagmi + RainbowKit.

Next Prankz screenshot

A project showing how to fake a news website to rick roll people.

Next Shadcn Landing screenshot

Easy to setup. Customizable. Quick. Responsive. screenshot

我的个人博客,使用 Next.js、TypeScript、MDX 和 TailwindCSS 构建,对前端开发者友好。A front-end friendly blog starter built with Next.js, TypeScript, MDX, and TailwindCSS.

Dashboard screenshot

An opionated dashboard templates created with Next.js and Chakra UI

Next Mdx Digital Garden Starter screenshot

An opinionated starting point for Digital Garden content authoring.

Nextjs Template screenshot

Full-featured template for JAMstack websites using next.js

Burogu screenshot



A minimal blog template based on Next.js 13

Email Editor screenshot

A drag and drop email editor using Next.js, Zustand and MUI

Nextjs With Chakra Ui Boilerplate screenshot

Next.js with Chakra UI boilerplate. PWA ready with storybook and tests configured.

Nextjs14 Starter screenshot

My personal Nextjs 14 starter template!

Notion Next.js Blog Starter Kit screenshot

Notion + Next.js Blog Starter Kit - Next.js + Notion ISR static page blog starter kit

Remix Starter screenshot

Starter for @remix-run with localized routing and i18n

Spoker screenshot



My take on making scrum poker room

Tina Starter Alpaca screenshot

NextJS Documentation starter powered by TinaCMS

Boilerplate screenshot

Fullstack SaaS boilerplate!

Design Vs Dev screenshot

This is the repo for Chakra UI's Design vs Dev Challenges. You can watch the YouTube series here:

Next On Netlify Demo screenshot

Demo of a Next.js app with Server-Side Rendering on Netlify

default image

Next.js, Styled-Components, Material UI, Redux, Typescript Boilerplate (Docker Ready) screenshot

Website and library registry for Deno Land Indonesia 🏡

GdMoney screenshot

Use case style digital image marketplace like nft. I developed this system by gathering a lot of my frontend/backend knowledge

Ts Next Chakra Motion Kit screenshot

Starter kit with Next.js, Chakra-UI, Framer-Motion in Typescript. Internationalization, SEO, Components, Theme (dark/light) and more...

Next Mobbin Clone screenshot

Replicate the design of to test the news components of shadcn-ui. #builtinpublic

Next Starter Blog screenshot

NEXT.js starter blog with MDX, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, and pre-configured Development Environment with Husky, Lint Staged and Commitizen

Nextjs Website screenshot

A react/nextjs implementation website.

Obsidian screenshot

✨ Elegant portfolio template built on NextJS and Tailwind.

Portfolio screenshot

My personal website

Tidb Prisma Vercel Demo screenshot

Virtual online bookstore application demo which you can find books of various categories and rate the books.

TweetSage screenshot

What your tweets tell about you? Get personalized answers to your questions based on your recent tweets. Our website analyzes your Twitter activity to provide you with accurate and relevant responses to your queries

Agency Template screenshot

This repo is a NextJS, Tailwind, React template for agencies. Free. Open Source. Use this template to build your agency website.

Octochangelog Webapp screenshot

Compare GitHub changelogs across multiple releases in a single view.

Octochangelog Webapp screenshot

Compare GitHub changelogs across multiple releases in a single view.

Partykit Nextjs Chat Template screenshot

Next.js template for building a real-time chat application using PartyKit

Uko React screenshot

Free & Open Source React Admin Dashboard Template by UI Lib

Web Boilerplate screenshot

Boilerplate with NextJS, RSC, Clerk, Turso, Drizzle and much more things. screenshot

Web app for curated music mixtapes.

DripUI screenshot



DripUI a collection of free Tailwind CSS components to bootstrap your new apps, projects or landing sites! screenshot

my 🏠 on the internet built using next and tailwindcss.

Next Ecommerce Frontend screenshot

Ecommerce Frontend coded with NextJS, Uses Strapi as Backend, Magic for Authentication and Stripe for Payment processing

Nextjs Reactstrap screenshot

Next.js with Reactstrap (React dashboard web application with Bootstrap 4 Components from Reactstrap).

Reliverse screenshot

Incremental Turborepo Starter and CMS ▲ Next.js 13, Tauri Apps UI, Solito Expo ▲ i18n, Stripe, Shadcn, Tailwind, Drizzle Zod Trpc, TypeScript, Auth, Lucide CSS Radix UI, Responsive React Server, TS ORM, Intl App Router Docs, User Actions Kit, SaaS Commerce Shop, Subscriptions Payments, T3 Turbo F...

Dev Port screenshot

My portfolio website, still in progress.

Website screenshot

Fully responsive, SEO-friendly website with the aim of providing services and access to all groups of didactic courses and general purposes to students of the University of Milan.

Nextus screenshot



Nextus is a comprehensive, versatile and modern website template based on Nextjs and Directus technologies. It helps you build various types of websites more quickly. 一个完整全面、且多功能的现代化网站模板,基于Nextjs和Directus技术。帮助你更快速地构建各种类型的网站。

Luxe screenshot



Library of dark mode components to illuminate your applications.

Nextjs Starter Buttercms screenshot

Drop-in proof-of-concept Next.js app, fully integrated with your ButterCMS account

Personal Site screenshot

Personal website made using Next.js, Chakra UI and DatoCMS

Unft Marketplace screenshot

A digital art marketplace built using Next.js, Stripe, and Cosmic.

Create Nextjs Dapp screenshot

Starter to create Dapps with Nextjs, React and ethers. As simple as `npx create-nextjs-dapp`

Create Nextjs Dapp screenshot

Starter to create Dapps with Nextjs, React and ethers. As simple as `npx create-nextjs-dapp`

DevFolio screenshot

Open Source Portfolio or Personal Website using NextJS. Feel free to check out the readme file, copy, fork, and use.

default image

GSSoC'23 Official Website

Template Ecommerce Webapp Nextjs screenshot

Next.js ecommerce website starter template

Wasedatime Web screenshot

An unofficial web app for syllabus searching, classroom finding, and bus schedule checking at Waseda University.

Web3 Monorepo screenshot

⚡️ Get started with your Web3 project,🔋 included: 🌈 Web3Auth & Biconomy for non-custodial Social Login and Account Abstraction, 🗂 monorepo with NX, 💻 Next.js + Next Auth + ChakraUI + Storybook for the frontend, 💾 Hasura GraphQL server and Nest.js for the backend, 🔮 The Graph protocol to query live...

Horizon screenshot

Headless NextJS storefront starter powered by Swell

Nextfeathers screenshot

nextJS + feathersJS = Perfect Javascript Full Stack!

Euphoria Ecommerce screenshot

Welcome to Euphoria E-commerce, your one-stop destination for all your online shopping needs. Our platform is built on a powerful technology stack, including Next.js, React, Prisma, Tailwind, Redux Toolkit, and Stripe, to deliver a seamless shopping experience.

Reactnative Nextjs Template screenshot

Build native apps (iOS/Android/Windows/macOS) and an SEO-optimized web app from the same React codebase

Simplefolio React screenshot

A clean, beautiful and responsive React-based portfolio template for developers!

Directus Themebuilder screenshot

✦ A Theme Builder for Directus screenshot

📝 A Hugo blog about Charles Chin.

GPT4 Vision React Starter screenshot

Early Alpha Release: Chat with Your Image - Leveraging GPT-4 Vision and Function Calls for AI-Powered Image Analysis and Description

Necessary screenshot

Necessary - Personal introduction Page

Ethgpt screenshot



ChatGPT Plugin for Ethereum and EVM dApp / smart contract functionalities

Green Stack Starter Demo screenshot

A Zod & TS-first approach to building Full-Product Universal App experiences with GraphQL, React-Native, Expo & Next.js, at write-once efficiency.

Next Start screenshot

A starter for Next.js with Tailwind CSS and Typescript. Pre-configured with absolute import some goodies.

Next Start screenshot

A starter for Next.js with Tailwind CSS and Typescript. Pre-configured with absolute import some goodies.

Nextjs Boilerplate Advanced screenshot

Next.js boilerplate made with Chakra-UI + Typescript + React-table + React-hook-form

Portfolio V2 screenshot

Second version of my personal portfolio built using Next.js, TypeScript, and Chakra UI.

ZBoard screenshot



Designed for agile teams, visualize daily information, like build info, ticket status, delivery progress and more...

NEXTjs Boilerplate screenshot

This is a boilerplate for a Next.js 14 app with user management, login, permissions, and more. It uses TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Shadcn UI, Prisma, Postgres, React Table and React Query. Contributions welcome under the MIT License.

Nextjs Toolbox screenshot

Netlify ❤️ Next.js: A sample to give you the code you need to use Netlify features with Next.js.

React Design System screenshot

UI Component Library Template with React, Typescript, Storybook, SASS, Rollup and NextJs.

Theme Nextjs Bea screenshot

News site built with NextJS, Typescript and Prezly SDK

Next Pages Min Template screenshot

Mantine + Next.js template

Shoes Commerce screenshot

🧪 Experiment with Redux (Redux Toolkit & RTK Query)

Nextjs Dapp Template screenshot

Open source Next.js app template for the MultiversX blockchain. Including Shadcn UI and Tailwind.

Raftyui screenshot

React + TailwindCSS Component Library

Github Twitter Card Embed screenshot

The Best Realtime Tweet embed with 60+ awesome themes. Get a Verified badge, Showcase your Tweet on Website, GitHub ReadMe or anywhere else, Download your tweets as image.

Resume screenshot



Universal Résumé template rebuilt with React, renders from JSON config

default image



The Next Website Builder for High-Performance Marketing

News Ui screenshot

News web app with Next.js, TypeScript and Chakra UI.

Next Template screenshot

Next.js Starter Template with TypeScript, Tailwindcss, Shadcn-ui, ESLint, and Prettier

Nextjs And Material Ui Template With Header And Footer screenshot

This is a Template using Next.js and Material-UI with Header and Footer.

Nextjs Boilerplate screenshot

Opinionated React template for building web applications at scale

Pub Apis screenshot

Find public APIs, powered by api(dot)publicapis(dot)org

RayVox screenshot



Audio and Video transcription with whisper API and Next.js

RayVox screenshot



Audio and Video transcription with whisper API and Next.js

Sided screenshot



🗞 News from the other side of the political spectrum that challenge your existing biases.

MyChat screenshot



myChat is an open-source template for developing a React UI interfacing with OpenAI's GPT API. Please note: myChat is not directly linked with OpenAI. The project is ongoing yet safe to use. For assistance, don't hesitate to contact me

MyChat screenshot



myChat is an open-source template for developing a React UI interfacing with OpenAI's GPT API. Please note: myChat is not directly linked with OpenAI. The project is ongoing yet safe to use. For assistance, don't hesitate to contact me

Next Entree screenshot

Next.js 14+ starter template with app router, shadcn/ui, typesafe env, icons, and configs setup.

Portfolio screenshot

🎒Dive into my personal website, a captivating blend of experience and boundless creativity. Crafted with Next.js and Chakra UI, it serves as a dynamic canvas for documenting my journey and infusing a touch of artistic innovation 🌸

Portfolio screenshot

Simple and minimalist portfolio using Nextjs and NextUI.

Saasbold Lite screenshot

Full-Stack SaaS Boilerplate and Starter Kit for your next SaaS Projects

Typescript Boilerplate screenshot

Start writing stuff in TypeScript without bothered by configurations screenshot

💠 Personal website and blog made using Next.js, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS and Notion

Koktohay Next screenshot


Next Gallery Modal screenshot

This is a WordPress-like image upload gallery modal component made with NextJS + Tailwind CSS + Typescript + shadcn-ui + Supabase.

Pseo Next screenshot

Next 13 Programmatic SEO template

Next Typescript Tailwindcss Sass Starter screenshot

Use TypeScript, TailwindCSS & Sass to quick start your new Next.js app!!

Sample Nextjs Chakra Gallery App screenshot

Gallery application built with Xata, Next.js and Chakra UI

Devfolio screenshot

Open Source Portfolio or Personal Website using NextJS. Feel free to check out the readme file, copy, fork, and use.

Next Image Gallery screenshot

Image Gallery built with Next.js, Pexels API and Chakra UI.

Next14 Ts Template Fullstack screenshot

⚡ Fullstack Next.js 14 + TypeScript + MongoDB Template (with SEO)

Oiron Starter screenshot

Landing page template built with one of most popular javascript library React.js, Material UI (Material Design) and Next.JS with SSR.

Portfolio Website Nextjs screenshot

This repository contains the code and assets for my personal portfolio website, showcasing my skills, projects, experience, and more. Built using Next.js and styled with SASS. Feel free to contribute and use it.

R3Dy Web screenshot

R3DY Web is the documentation website for the 3D React component library R3DY. screenshot

🤓 My portfolio built using Next.js, Chakra UI, MDX, TypeScript, and Vercel. Web screenshot

Timers for Lost Ark bosses, islands, events, wandering merchants and more! Never miss an event again.

Nextjs Starter screenshot

A Next.js 13 CMS & theme agnostic starter framework to build fully-featured headless sites.

Personal Portfolio screenshot

🌐 react next.js app for personal portfolio

Leaflet Nextjs Ts Starter screenshot

Create interactive maps with this starter kit for next.js and the leaflet-maps-react plugin. Written in typescript, visually enhanced by tailwind and lucide-react icons. ✨

Nevel screenshot



📈 Minimal next.js boilerplate

Next App Min Template screenshot

Mantine + Next.js app router template (7.0+)

Pokemon screenshot

A Next.js 13 application built using the new router, server components and server actions, as well as NextAuth.js, Drizzle ORM and Turso in an Nx monorepo

Destack Starter screenshot

Starter template for Destack - the visual page builder for Next.js.

NextJS FeaturedStarterTemplate screenshot

Features: Tailwind CSS, Google analytics, Page loader animation, Dynamic Head component | SEO, Responsive Navbar, Footer, Font setup, EsLint

Open Audio screenshot

Open-Audio TTS: A robust web app leveraging OpenAI's powerful Text-to-Speech (TTS) models to generate natural-sounding audio from text. Built with modern web technologies for an intuitive user experience, including customizable voice and speech speed settings, and the ability to download audio fi...

Vscode Preview Docs screenshot

A VSCode Extension that enables you to preview documentation sites within your IDE ✨.

Credenza screenshot

Ready-made responsive modal component for shadcn/ui.

Flexy Admin Nextjs Free screenshot

Looking for more Free Next js templates? click the below Link to get More free Templates

Landing Page Template screenshot

A clean and simple interface to display your company portfolio - developed in Next.js and tailwind CSS.

Next Chakra Starter screenshot

An opinionated simple starter / template project with Next.js and Chakra UI. Created by hendraaagil.

Personal Website screenshot

My personal website, statically generated by Next.js

Portfolio V2 screenshot

Website portofolio menggunakan next js dan tailwind , terinspirasi dari

Productlog Nextjs Theme screenshot

NextJS-based changelog theme for your product

Sitecore Jss Nextjs Starterkit screenshot

Jamstack for Sitecore JSS using Next.js with Uniform SDK

Beenote screenshot

Full stack AI web application for languge learning built with Next.js and ChatGPT

Macpaw Ui screenshot

UI Kit for MacPaw Web Projects

Nextjs Nx Module Federation screenshot

This is an example project to demonstrate how to use Nx, Next.js and Module Federation together.

Open Blog screenshot

Open blog temaple to build a blog with nextjs, tailwind css

React Tabs Scrollable screenshot

a react scrollable tabs component with many additional features

Shadcn Ui Customizer screenshot

POC - shadcn/ui themes with color pickers

Simple Nextjs Blog screenshot

A simple blog powered by Next.js and the Cosmic headless CMS

Wexcommerce screenshot

eCommerce Platform on Next.js screenshot

Personal website and blog.

Blog screenshot



Browse programming tutorials and articles written by Rakesh Potnuru. Learn Web Development, Web3 and Technical writing.

Builderz Solana Dapp Scaffold screenshot

Builderz Solana dApp Scaffold (Nextjs14, App Dir, Typescript, TailwindCSS, MaterialUI, web3.js, ThemeSwitch (Dark/Light), Sonner Toast Notifications, Modal & Drawer)

Caroster screenshot

Group carpool to your event. This is a mirror of

IntelligentQuantum.GitHub.IO screenshot

Personal Portfolio website that written in React.js & Next.js, Also its user interface design is like apps

Kazooo screenshot



This template provides a solid foundation for your web application using popular packages such as Prisma, Radix UI, Supabase, Lucide React, Next.js 13, SWR, and Yup. With built-in authentication using Supabase and seamless integration with a Supabase database, you can jumpstart your development p...

Next Hexagonal Architecture screenshot

✨ Template of NextJS Project using Hexagonal Architecture

Next Starter Strict screenshot

A strict Next.js starter with Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, ESLint and Prettier

Nike Shop screenshot

Nike Shop is a Fullstack Next JS E-commerce store. Having all necessary features of a real life store, users can pay with stripe, add to cart and view dynamic data rendered from the admin dashboard.

Starter Graphql Next Js screenshot

Advanced Starter GraphQL Next js Crud Mongodb

Starter Graphql Next Js screenshot

Advanced Starter GraphQL Next js Crud Mongodb Web screenshot is a community-sourced, visual directory of Contentful content models

Next Intercepting Routes Demo screenshot

A simple implementation of preview modals with next intercepting & parallel routes

Nextjs Developer Portfolio screenshot

A developer portfolio template powered by the Cosmic headless CMS.

Feedback screenshot

🤙Feedback is a platform built with Next.js, TypeScript & Prisma to collect issues, ideas, and compliments. screenshot

My personal page

Naturaily Storyblok Next Starter screenshot

🚀 Next.js 14+ storyblok boilerplate with typescript, husky, lint-staged, eslint, prettier, storybook, GH action.

Next Js Launchpad screenshot

Say goodbye to setup headaches and hello to consistent code quality. Elevate your Next.js projects with NextJsLaunchpad.

React Components From Scratch screenshot

Accessible and animated components

Salat screenshot



A small web app for prayers times in cities of Morocco

Snxtw screenshot



🔋 Next.js (App Router) + Tailwind CSS + Typescript Starter Template

Api Services Portal screenshot

API Services Portal provides a multi-tenant frontend integrating API Gateway and Authorization services from Kong CE and Keycloak.

Awesome screenshot

Free Next.js Blog Template screenshot

Free programming and computer science tutorials.

Decoupled Kit Js screenshot

Pantheon's monorepo for JavaScript SDKs, starter examples, and published npm packages.

Nextjs Color Mode screenshot

️ A helper for creating non-flickering and accessible themed applications

Nextjs Materia Mui Typescript Hook Form Scaffold Boilerplate Starter screenshot

The scaffold for NextJs 14.x (App Router), React Hook Form, Material UI(MUI 5.x),Typescript and ESLint with simple next.js 14 example of NextJs API, React-hook-form with zod, fetch remote api, 404/500 error pages, MUI SSR usage.

Salat screenshot



A small web app for prayers times in cities of Morocco

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This is my personal website with my blog (simplified Chinese) and works

Next Shopper screenshot

A simple e-commerce web application built with Next.js.

Simple Ecommerce Nextjs screenshot

Repository for my Build a shopping cart in Next.js with use-shopping-cart and Stripe tutorial

Snxtw screenshot



🔋 Next.js (App Router) + Tailwind CSS + Typescript Starter Template

Solana Nextjs Starter screenshot

A Solana-powered Next.js boilerplate app for building efficient and scalable web applications.

Storybook Gpt screenshot

Storybook GPT is a web application for generating Storybook stories from React components using OpenAI API

Template Next Pages Dir screenshot

Next.js template for programmatic video apps

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Beautiful Portfolio Website created with NextJS and ChakraUI

Auth Firebase Next React Jotai screenshot

🚀 Starter Next.js App With Firebase Auth | Next.js 13 + React 18 + Firebase v9 + Jotail

Blog screenshot



A Next.js, Tailwind CSS blogging Template. Used to Create my Blog :rocket:

Bui screenshot



BUI: Tailwind based React component library to build back-office platforms :rocket:

Bui screenshot



BUI: Tailwind based React component library to build back-office platforms :rocket:

Docsql screenshot



docsQL - Getting an overview over your Markdown file in your Jamstack site screenshot

Blazing fast I guess

Scrapbox Nextjs Template screenshot

ScrapboxプロジェクトをNext.jsでSSGしてGitHub Pagesなどで静的Webサイトとして公開できるようにするためのテンプレート

Xtreme Admin Nextjs Free screenshot

Free next js admin template.

Blog screenshot



:rocket: An awesome blog system based on Next.js

Flashcards screenshot

Demo flashcards app built with Next.js 13, Prisma and Chakra UI.

default image

An example website of usage TensorFlow.js on Next.js + Chakra UI using YOLOv5 converted model

Nextjs Bootstrap Boilerplate screenshot

Boilerplate for a Next.js Project using Bootstrap Styling. Configured for TypeScript and Terraform.

Saas Kit Supabase screenshot

A template for building Software-as-Service (SAAS) apps with Reactjs, Nextjs and Supabase

Shadverse screenshot

A collection of projects built with the awesome shadcn-ui component library

Zog Ui screenshot

Zog Ui


This repository contains monorepo for React and Flutter UI library. (WIP - Alpha Release)

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Documentation Website For Mirror World SDKs

Mf Next Chakra Poc_layout screenshot

This is POC for Module Federation with Next.js and Chakra UI.

Nextjs Tailwind Ts screenshot

A ready-to-use/ plug-n-play starter template for building fast and modern web applications with Next.js + Tailwind CSS + Typescript. Includes basic configurations and optimizations for optimal performance and developmer experience.

Nextjs Tailwind Ts screenshot

A ready-to-use/ plug-n-play starter template for building fast and modern web applications with Next.js + Tailwind CSS + Typescript. Includes basic configurations and optimizations for optimal performance and developmer experience.

Study Gpt screenshot

Your Powerful All-In-One Learning Companion Powered by ChatGPT

Tailwindhub screenshot

Free, open-source platform to share Tailwind components

Tina Docs Starter screenshot

Documentation Starter powered by MDX using Tina

Vite Router Next screenshot

File system based routing for React using Vite

Aadc Bambu screenshot

🎵 Official Website for AADC Bambu

Discord Bot Website Template screenshot

Minimal and awesome discord bot website created with ❤ using NextJS

Nextjs App Router Blog screenshot

A simple blog built with NextJS 13 App Router and Typescript to show its features

Rainbow Riot screenshot

🌈 Easily transform your images into stunning color palettes with a click. Perfect for designers and developers.

Rapid Next screenshot

⚡ A Starter project for starting new React JS development with common features already preconfigured out of the box

Rapid Next screenshot

⚡ A Starter project for starting new React JS development with common features already preconfigured out of the box

React Starter screenshot

Enterwell's template for web apps based on the React and Next.js.

Remotion Template NextJS screenshot

(WIP) A secure & opinionated NextJS template for Remotion v4

Slack Themes screenshot

A simple collection of Slack themes to help differentiate and personalize your workspaces

Template Nextjs Tailwind screenshot

Template with Next.js 14 and Typescript and Tailwind CSS

Web3button screenshot

Learn how to use the Web3Button component from the thirdweb React SDK! screenshot

OLD PORTFOLIO <> <> <> My personal Website, where I share my blog and project. Build using Nextjs and Tailwind CSS

Daisyui Nextjs Landing Page screenshot

A free landing page template using Daisy UI and Next JS

Daisyui Nextjs Landing Page screenshot

A free landing page template using Daisy UI and Next JS

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Inspired by Nick Fury, whose primary job was to recruit avengers, spies and other cool people!

Glim Cli screenshot

React Native Latest Architecture CLI along with a fully tested boilerplate, component/screen generators, and more! 🎉

Lightning screenshot

Lightning ⚡️ Boilerplate and starter for Nextjs 14, Tailwind CSS 3.3 and TypeScript 🚀 Made with developer experience 📚

Lightning screenshot

Lightning ⚡️ Boilerplate and starter for Nextjs 14, Tailwind CSS 3.3 and TypeScript 🚀 Made with developer experience 📚

Portfolio Blog screenshot

This is a Next.js personal portfolio/blog site where a site owner can showcase their work and experiences.

React Template screenshot

a simple template for getting start with next, tailwind and typescript

Shadcn Ui Expansions screenshot

More components built on top of shadcn-ui.

Space screenshot



My website built with Next.js, TypeScript, and Tailwind.

Spendify screenshot

📊 Discover the power of efficient expense management with spendify. Take control of your spending, convert currencies on the fly, generate invoices, and smoothly integrate payments - all in one place.

Template screenshot

NextJS template de la Fabrique des ministères sociaux

Trackit screenshot

🎟Trackit is a issue and project management system built using MERN stack. Check out the demo below, feel free to play around✔

Venefish screenshot

Boilerplate for React TypeScript projects using Next.js, shadcn/ui, Tailwind and Firebase on Vercel!

Website screenshot

The official website for the Would You Discord bot. Using Next14 and TailwindCSS

Awesome React Starter screenshot

Awesome React and Next.js project starter

Bimals Closet screenshot

This is an e-commerce web app built with Next.js

Country State Dropdown screenshot

This Component is built with Nextjs, Tailwindcss, Shadcn-ui & Zustand for state management

Limetta screenshot

Elevate your financial management with Limetta. Our user-friendly Next.js app simplifies expense tracking, offers multiple account management, easy money transfers, and efficient dues tracking.

MVP Directus NextJS14 screenshot

🐇 The MVP Directus + NextJS14 POC. It aims to test the functionality of Directus flows 🛤 and showcases the integration of NextJS with a powerful Headless CMS. With a focus on product management and categorization, this project allows users to add and submit new products through a submission flow.

Next Event Coverage Liveblog screenshot

A Next.js project demonstrating the use of DatoCMS Real-time Updates API.

Nextjs Typescript Tailwindcss screenshot

Next.js13+ app directory + Tailwind CSS + TypeScript starter packed with useful development features.

Nextjs Typescript Tailwindcss screenshot

Next.js13+ app directory + Tailwind CSS + TypeScript starter packed with useful development features.

Nextjs Velite Blog Template screenshot

A static blog template built using NextJS 14, Velite, Tailwind, Shadcn/UI and MDX. Follow along on YouTube!

Nextra screenshot



Minimal Next.js Chakra UI Typescript Template

Pexllecn screenshot

Building a complete nextjs starter supported by shadcn components

Portfolio screenshot

microCMS × Next.js × Jamstack

React Atdd Playground screenshot

Template to (deliberate) practice your test-driven development skills.

React Email Tailwind Templates screenshot

✨ Open-Source Emails built with React & TailwindCSS.

Shopify Next.js Tailwind screenshot

Learn the Shopify + Next.js + Tailwind CSS Stack! SWR, Hydrogen, + more

Shopify Next.js Tailwind screenshot

Learn the Shopify + Next.js + Tailwind CSS Stack! SWR, Hydrogen, + more

Website screenshot

Website for HEKORS Community. A single platform for developers and hackers to participate in hackathons in groups with peers, getting up-to-date with potential/upcoming programmes.

Components screenshot

Next JS Components built with Tailwind, Typescript, Craft UI, Shadcn UI, and more.

Daniellwdb screenshot

📝 My personal space on the internet.

ExteraWebsite screenshot

Source code of the official exteraGram website

Monorepo screenshot

Freedom Combination Monorepo screenshot

My all new personal website built with NextJS & Nextra.

Notion Blog Kit screenshot

A statically generated blog using Next.js, Notion Api.

Plate Playground Template screenshot

A Next.js 14 template with Plate playground.

Sc Theme Generator screenshot

A work in progress theme generator for the UI components by shadcn

Site screenshot



Guillermo's portfolio and blog. Built with Next.js, Notion API and Chakra UI

default image

一款简洁的 Halo 博客主题 Next,技术栈 Next.js。 预览地址: 或者下方链接

Vini Boilerplate screenshot

Boilerplate to start using Next and all modern technologies.

Vini Boilerplate screenshot

Boilerplate to start using Next and all modern technologies.

Blog With Nextjs And Contentful screenshot

This is a blog demo. You can clone this repository and use it for your blog! if you ask me, I could help you. You can see details in my blog. Save time, save cost.

Blogify screenshot

Blogify is an open-source nextjs blog template design with tailwind CSS.

Create Turbo Eth screenshot

Create-turbo-eth is an interactive CLI tool designed to jumpstart your full-stack web3 apps.

Ct Nextjs Material Dashboard Pro screenshot

NextJS version of Material Dashboard PRO

EMart E Commerce Website screenshot

eMart is an efficient e-commerce website powered by Next.js, React.js, MongoDB, Prisma, Stripe, and Algolia. With sign-in/sign-up, product search, filtering, cart, checkout, and secure payment gateway, it provides a seamless and secure shopping experience.

FirstNextJS screenshot

A simple blog project based in NextJS (ReactJS); Next.js Crash Course

Hashnode Next screenshot

The fastest way to go headless with Hashnode. Beautifully simple Hashnode starter-kit powered by Next.js and shadcn/ui.

Mono screenshot



DB UX Design System Monorepo - Provides Design Tokens and components for Web UIs

Next Ts Eslint Prettier screenshot

Create a new project with Next.js, TypeScript, Eslint, Prettier in just 1 second and you don't need to setup anything.

Next Ui Starter Template screenshot

🌵 Next.js + NextUI - It's here 🎉 A clean and focus on ease-to-use starter template with some cool features. With 💜 by Vilictus.

Next Ui Starter Template screenshot

🌵 Next.js + NextUI - It's here 🎉 A clean and focus on ease-to-use starter template with some cool features. With 💜 by Vilictus.

Next Ui Starter Template screenshot

🌵 Next.js + NextUI - It's here 🎉 A clean and focus on ease-to-use starter template with some cool features. With 💜 by Vilictus.

Nextjs Template screenshot

An enterprise Next.js template application showcasing - Testing strategies, Global state management, Custom environments, a network layer, component library integration, localization, Image loading, Custom App, Custom document, IE 11 compatibility and Continuous integration & deployment. screenshot

📘 Personal Portifolio / My Resume - Made with Next.js | Typescript | Chakra UI.

Tailwindui Protocol screenshot

It doesn't matter if you have an API if nobody knows how to use it. Teach people the ins and outs of OAuth 2.0 and JWTs in style with Protocol, a beautiful API documentation template.

Antariksh screenshot

Antariksh 🚀 : A beautiful visual treat of the space, planets and galaxies from space captured by NASA .

Business_app screenshot

Clothing Store screenshot

Frontend Ecommerce template made in Next.js

Cosmic Sdk Js screenshot

The official JavaScript SDK for Cosmic. Use it to power content server-side, in the browser, and in native apps.

Ecommerce Admin screenshot

Full Stack E-Commerce + Dashboard & CMS: Next.js 13 App Router, React, Tailwind, Prisma, MySQL, Clerk Auth.

Ecommerce Store screenshot

E-commerce store allows the user to buy the product with Stripe payment that you make in Ecommerce-admin. The content in this application is dynamically customized in the Ecommerce-admin too.

Essencium Frontend screenshot

Next.js based starter monorepo consisting of a component library, types, docs and a boilerplate application.

Nextjs Boilerplate screenshot

A simple project starter to work with TypeScript, React, Next.js, Chakra UI, React Hook Form and Zod ♻️

NextJS MongoDB MUI Boilerplate screenshot

An Next.js and Mongoose web application with Material UI as the design system, designed as an starting point of any web application

Personal Site screenshot

Personal website built with Next.JS and Strapi screenshot

Personal site repo built using Next.js, Chakra UI, MDX, and Radix.

Supabase Ssr Starter screenshot

🌿 Supabase SSR Starter with Nextjs

Use System Theme screenshot

React Hook for System Theme screenshot

My portfolio, blog and notes website built with Next.js, MDX and Chakra UI.

Fd Design System screenshot

FD Design System

Food screenshot



Modern e-commerce self-hosted platform: clients will be happy to order delicious food!

default image

Advanced Next.js Graphql apollo Typescript server starter , with merge schema , combine resolvers generate type in fast and simple way

Nextjs Boilerplate screenshot

☂️ NextJS Boilerplate with TailwindCSS, Typescript, shadcn/ui, and Mixpanel. For CI/CD with Vercel

Nextjs Boilerplate Simple screenshot

Simple boilerplate for Next.js, with TypeScript, SASS/SCSS, Styled Components, Jest, ESLint, Prettier, and deployed with Vercel.

Nextjs Mui Starter Ts screenshot

Starter template for Next.js with App Router + Material UI + TypeScript

NextJSAcademicTheme screenshot

A simple academic personal website, built with NextJS

Outfitly Frontend screenshot

An e-commerce web application designed for purchasing the latest and most trending outfits.

React Email Tailwind Templates screenshot

Open-Source Emails built with React & TailwindCSS.

Remix Ai screenshot

A remix AI Saas Template

Required screenshot

Simple authentication flow application (discontinued)

Samis Ecom Admin screenshot

A full-stack ecommerce admin dashboard and cms developed to manage multiple ecommerce vendors / store with their own uniquely generated API.

Simple Next App screenshot

Deploy to GitHub Pages using the new Actions Workflow ✨

Spendify Frontend screenshot

Spendify is a minimal expense web-app built to track and manage your expenditures

Starterkit React Typescript screenshot

Opiniated React/Next Starterkit

Trpc Insta screenshot

Instagram using tRPC (with a NextJS backend) & React Server Components: Next Auth, Prisma & Shadcn UI.

Commerceplate screenshot

Shopify Storefront Boilerplate Using Nextjs and Tailwindcss

Covid 19 Data screenshot

COVID-19 Data PWA built with NextJS, SWR, and Chakra-UI

Next Typescript Pwa Starter screenshot

Unofficial Next.js + Typescript + PWA starter with a latest package screenshot

My portfolio built with NextJS, Chakra UI, GraphCMS and TypeScript.

Nextjs News Template screenshot

Next.js template for static news, magazine, and blog websites.

Portfolio 2019 screenshot

Marco Ciampini's portfolio

Pricing Page Shadcn screenshot

Pricing Page template made with Shadcn UI & Next.js 14. Completely customizable

Private Me screenshot

Private me is a platform for anononymity, where by every users identity is replaced with an Ethereum Address and Blockies as a digital identity * It also has an anonymous message feature which deletes chat after each replies

Rmk React Mui screenshot

RMK React MUI is a React UI library of utility components, hooks and contexts

Turbocharger screenshot

A monorepo app built with Turborepo, Next.js 14, shadcn-ui, stripe, and more.

Website screenshot

ATX DAO's minting website

default image

WooCommerce NextJs React CMS Theme for Brazilian Market - using GraphQL queries and mutations and Apollo Client

Yamada Docs screenshot

React UI components of the Yamada, by the Yamada, for the Yamada built with React and Emotion.

Zero Minds screenshot

Project for Hashnode x MindsDB Hacktathon

Gray screenshot



A monotone black and white landing page template built with Tailwind. Available in Nextjs, React, Vue & HTML versions.

Quoty screenshot

A unique quote and invoice template built with Tailwind.

Stellar screenshot

A sleek dark landing page template built with Tailwind. Available in Nextjs, React, Vue & HTML versions.