React material-ui

Modernize React MUI Dashboard Theme screenshot

Admin UI Kit with Material UI & React. 2 stunning dashboards, 9 ready-to-use applications, Redux toolkit integration, Axios mock API and Figma design files included.

Wrappixel Bundle - 34 Premium Dashboards screenshot

A huge bundle of premium admin & dashboard UI kits. 10 Bootstrap, 8 Angular, 4 React, 2 Vuejs.

Divjoy React Boilerplate Generator screenshot

Customize and generate a full-stack React boilerplate. React, Nextjs, Tailwind, Bootstrap, Firebase, Supabase and many more combinations.

React Admin screenshot

A frontend Framework for building data-driven applications running on top of REST/GraphQL APIs, using TypeScript, React and Material Design

Reactive Resume screenshot

A one-of-a-kind resume builder that keeps your privacy in mind. Completely secure, customizable, portable, open-source and free forever. Try it out today!

Material Kit React screenshot

React Dashboard made with Material UI’s components. Our pro template contains features like TypeScript version, authentication system with Firebase and Auth0 plus many other

Usehooks Ts screenshot

React hook library, ready to use, written in Typescript.

Saas screenshot



Build your own SaaS business with SaaS boilerplate. Productive stack: React, Material-UI, Next, MobX, WebSockets, Express, Node, Mongoose, MongoDB. Written with TypeScript.

Builderbook screenshot

Open source web application to learn JS stack: React, Material-UI, Next.js, Node.js, Express.js, Mongoose, MongoDB database.

Notistack screenshot

Highly customizable notification snackbars (toasts) that can be stacked on top of each other

Material Table screenshot

Datatable for React based on material-ui's table with additional features

default image

Datatables for React using Material-UI

Material Dashboard React screenshot

React version of Material Dashboard by Creative Tim

React Most Wanted screenshot

React starter kit with "Most Wanted" application features

Material Ui Pickers screenshot

Date & Time pickers for Material UI (support from v1 to v4)

Mui Treasury screenshot

A collection of ready-to-use components based on Material-UI

Material Kit React screenshot

Minimal Dashboard - build with React Material UI components.

Devextreme Reactive screenshot

Business React components for Bootstrap and Material-UI

React Saas Template screenshot

🌊 Template for building an SaaS / admin website using React + Material-UI

React Awesome Query Builder screenshot

User-friendly query builder for React

default image

Modern React UI library 💅👩‍🎤🍭

React Material Admin screenshot

☄️React Material Admin is a React template built with Material-UI

Berry Free React Admin Template screenshot

Berry free react material-ui admin template for easing and faster web development.

default image

Boilerplate application for a Python/Flask JWT Backend and a Javascript/React/Redux Front-End with Material UI.

Materio Mui React Nextjs Admin Template Free screenshot

Materio is the Most Powerful & Comprehensive free Next.js React admin template based on MUI !! 🚀

Project_youtube_clone screenshot

Build and Deploy a Modern YouTube Clone Application in React JS with Material UI 5

default image

Expense tracker using Google Sheets as a storage written in React

Edumeet screenshot

edumeet - multiparty web-meetings using mediasoup and WebRTC

Material Kit React screenshot

Material Kit React free and open source by Creative Tim

Material React Table screenshot

A fully featured Material UI V5 implementation of TanStack React Table V8, written from the ground up in TypeScript

default image

This is a tool which allows you to download saves or mods for Nintendo Switch emulators using a compatible Emusak backend

default image



Manage npm dependencies through a modern UI.

Formik Mui screenshot

Bindings for using Formik with Material-UI

NextSimpleStarter screenshot

:whale: Simple and Accessible PWA boilerplate with Nextjs 12 and MUI

React Phone Input 2 screenshot

:telephone_receiver: Highly customizable phone input component with auto formatting

Matx React screenshot

Matx -Free and open-source React Material UI Admin Dashboard Template

Redux Form Material Ui screenshot

A set of wrapper components to facilitate using Material UI with Redux Form

Material Sense screenshot

A React Material UI template to create rich applications with wizards, charts and ranges

default image

Websocket based group chat app built with and react.

Material Ui Chip Input screenshot

A chip input field using Material-UI.

Web screenshot



Supercharged version of Create React App with all the bells and whistles.

Mantis Free React Admin Template screenshot

Mantis is React Dashboard Template having combine tone of 2 popular react component library - MUI and Ant Design principles.

Cromwell screenshot

WordPress-like CMS for Next.js websites

default image

A simple responsive admin template using react and material-ui

default image



Material Design Palette/Theme Generator - AngularJS, React, Ember, Vue, Android, Flutter & More!

Hokus screenshot



A modern CMS for Hugo

default image

A Formsy compatibility wrapper for Material-UI form components

Storybook Addon Material Ui screenshot

Addon for storybook wich wrap material-ui components into MuiThemeProvider. :page_with_curl: This helps and simplifies development of material-ui based components.

default image

A ranked list of awesome React open-source libraries and tools. Updated weekly.

Tss React screenshot

Dynamic CSS-in-TS solution, based on Emotion

Googlekeepclone screenshot

A clone of Google Keep with its original Material Design aesthetics

default image

Real-time audio spectrogram generator for the web

default image


Instagram Mern screenshot

Full-Stack Instgram Clone using MERN Stack and

React Social Network screenshot

Simple React Social Network

SearchJumper screenshot

Yet another awesome web extension for switching search engines, can also search anything (selection text / image / link / find in page) on any engine with a simple right click or a variety of menus and shortcuts. Build with React & Material-UI. (WIP). 搜索酱/搜尋醬/検索ちゃん

default image

A Material-UI file upload dropzone

Personal Kanban screenshot

Personal Kanban Board is an agile project management tool that helps you visualise your work, limit your work-in-progress (WIP) and to craft & optimise your work flow to get the maximum output. To achieve this, it makes use of columns and cards. Personal Kanban offers visual clue, columns, WIP l...

default image



MSON Lang: Generate an app from JSON

Mui Rff screenshot

MUI 5 / Material UI + React Final Form

default image

A reusable CRM project for real-world business based on React 16, Redux & Material-UI 4

React Hook Form Mui screenshot

Material-UI form components ready to use with react-hook-form

Material Auto Rotating Carousel screenshot

Introduce users to your app with this Material-style carousel.

default image

Material-UI Rich Text Editor and Viewer

Mui Theme Creator screenshot

A tool to help design and customize themes for the Material-UI component library. Includes basic site templates to show various components and how they are affected by the theme

Material Ui Popup State screenshot

boilerplate for common Material-UI Menu, Popover and Popper use cases

default image

A React web application to query and share any PostgreSQL database.

Admin On Rest screenshot

A frontend framework for building admin SPAs on top of REST services, using React and Material Design.

default image

A starting point to build a web API to work with Azure Cosmos DB using .NET 5 and Azure Cosmos DB .NET SDK V3, based on Clean Architecture and repository design pattern. Partition key is also implemented through the repository pattern.

React Material Ui Form Validator screenshot

Simple validator for forms designed with material-ui components.

Geekr screenshot



Habrahabr, but with a new client

default image

Material-UI SvgIcon components for Material Design Icons.

default image

A boilerplate for React + Redux + Material UI + ES6 syntax application

Nextjs Material Kit screenshot

NextJS version of Material Kit React by Creative Tim

Markdown Dungeon screenshot

This is an example that how to use Markdown creating a dungeon, please give a

default image

A simple point of sale app built in nodejs and reactjs

JQWidgets screenshot

Angular, Vue, React, Web Components, Blazor, Javascript, jQuery and ASP .NET Framework,

default image

Express, MySQL, React/Redux, NodeJs Application Boilerplate

Syncano Dashboard screenshot

The Syncano Dashboard built with React.

Core screenshot



Datatable for React based on material-ui's table with additional features. Support us at

default image

A ready to use boilerplate for starting big react projects

Tokyo Free White React Admin Dashboard screenshot

Free React Typescript Admin Dashboard Template built with Material-UI

Sekai Viewer screenshot

Web Database Viewer of Project Sekai

Personal Website React screenshot

👨‍💻 A clean, responsive, single-page webapp template for developers.

Ylight Music screenshot

Awesome React PWA music streaming app built with Material UI using Youtube API's. Search, Play, Like & Download

Material Ui Superselectfield screenshot

multiselection autocomplete dropdown component for Material-UI

Nextjs Material Dashboard screenshot

NextJS version of Material Dashboard React

Nitro screenshot



An Example of a PWA using Nextjs, Material-UI, Typescript and Auth0

default image

React scheduler component based on Material-UI & date-fns

React Ui Roundup screenshot

A one-stop-shop for comparing the features of all the best React frameworks. Useful for designers and engineers alike!

Hk Independent Bus Eta screenshot

獨立無廣告巴士預報 App

Material Ui Search Bar screenshot

Material design search bar

default image



An easiest authentication system on top of NestJS, TypeORM, NEXT.js(v9.3) and Material UI(v4).

Ui Schema screenshot

Use JSON-Schema with React, generate Forms + UIs with any design system, easy creation of complex custom widgets.

ShopPoint screenshot

:loudspeaker: A mern stack e-commerce app

default image

Node.js+Koa.js+PostgreSQL+React.js+Webpack+Mocha+Makefile, a starter kit for new apps

React Materialui Notifications screenshot

Spec compliant notifications for react and material ui users

default image

Material UI version of, the biggest Node.js Chinese community.

default image

E-commerce website using React, Redux, Hooks, Stripe and Firebase

Soft Ui Dashboard React screenshot

Soft UI Dashboard React - Free Dashboard using React and Material UI

Daymd screenshot




default image

:bird: Twitter Clone with Microservice Architecture using Java 17, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, PostgreSQL, S3 bucket, JWT, TypeScript, React.js, Redux-Saga, Material-UI

Material Ui Image screenshot

Material style image with loading animation

Flat Ui Colors screenshot

Clone of Flat UI Colors built with React

default image

A full stack GraphQL banking application using React, Node & TypeScript.

Dropzone Ui React screenshot

The most complete React Library Component for drag’n’drop files. Image and video previews. File validation. Multilanguage. Server side support.

Storybook Addon screenshot

Develop themable components with Emotion/Styled Components/Material-UI with help of Storybook & React Theming

Tubular React screenshot

Material UI table with local or remote data-source. Featuring filtering, sorting, free-text search, export to CSV locally, and aggregations.

default image

Clojurescript library for using

default image

Todo Application using ReactJs, Firebase, Express and MaterialUI

default image

Production ready starter package. Local auth, roles; React-Router auth. Easily use Feathers services with Redux.

Wanna screenshot



✔ Wanna is an implementation of a 21st-century to-do list app.

Materialize_blog screenshot

Blog system based on React.js & Material-UI

default image

Reagent wrapper for MUI (formerly Material UI) v5

Boss Lite screenshot

Boss Lite - React Redux Material Admin Template

React Crypto Tracker screenshot

Watch Full Tutorial on my channel:

default image

material-ui components for Dash

BrowserTime screenshot

open source browser history page with analytics

Portfolio V2 screenshot

Second iteration of my portfolio - created using ReactJS, Material-UI, Overmind, etc

Hyperspace screenshot

The new beautiful, fluffy client for Mastodon in React + TypeScript

Resume Builder screenshot

Creating a resume is a bit tedious task for any working professional from any industry. One has to keep it short, simple, and with the latest work experience. This Resume Builder project will help to build your resume-builder by auto-generating it on your own and helping working professionals wit...

Material Ui Portfolio screenshot

Personal Portfolio Web Application using React & Material UI

default image



a blog based on of react,webpack3,dva,redux,material-ui,fetch,generator,markdown,nodejs,koa2,mongoose,docker,shell,and async/await 基于react+koa2技术栈的个人开源博客系统

default image

MERN stack shopping cart, written in TypeScript

default image

A hapi React Starter kit with react-router, redux, react-transform

Uno Game screenshot

:flower_playing_cards: An UNO Game made in Javascript

Personal Portfolio screenshot

:information_desk_person: Portfolio made with React, Material UI and lots of :heart: :heart: :heart:

default image

Full Stack Kanban App | React Node MongoDB Material-UI

SyntaxMeets screenshot

Syntaxmeets. Create rooms Call your friends Sip Chai, Chat, Create, and Code. A coding platform to code simultaneously with your friends and design your algorithms on SyntaxPad.

Resume Builder screenshot

Resume Builder is a free open-source project that allows anyone to easily maintain and build any kind of resume.

default image

An another React Data tables component.

Palettify screenshot

Beautiful themes for your website that you can copy and paste into your apps.

default image

A Treeview UI written as a React Component (with material design)

default image

A frontend for admin area of WordPress, using WP REST API and React. It works with Self-Hosted WordPress

default image

A LaTeX and WYSIWYG editor with academic search functionality and other helpful tools

default image

DEPRECATED: feature moved to main generator

Pokedex screenshot

A simple Pokémon catalogue, built with React, Material-UI and PokéAPI.

Universal Json Schema screenshot

:scroll: Universal JSON Schema Form - Currently Support for React - Material UI components for building Web forms from JSON Schema.

Frontend Monorepo Boilerplate screenshot

⚡ Frontend monorepo boilerplate. TypeScript, vanilla CSS/Tailwind/MUI with focus on best practices and painless developer experience.

Frontend Monorepo Boilerplate screenshot

⚡ Frontend monorepo boilerplate. TypeScript, vanilla CSS/Tailwind/MUI with focus on best practices and painless developer experience.

Netflix Clone React Typescript screenshot

Netflix Clone using React, Typescript, Material UI

Material Ui Color screenshot

The lightest colorpicker, palette, colorinput, colorbutton No dependencies. It uses React hooks, support Typescript theming and more !

default image

GigaTables is a ReactJS plug-in to help web-developers process table-data in applications and CMS, CRM, ERP or similar systems.

default image

Admin panel built with NextJS(Typescript), Material UI, Apollo Client & GraphQL. In the backend, Prisma 2 with Nexus and Mysql is used.

default image

Gatsby plugin for Material-UI with built-in server-side rendering support

React Vscode Portfolio screenshot

A vscode inspired portfolio website

Appointment Scheduler screenshot

An appointment scheduler built using React, Twilio and Cosmic

default image

Muirwik - a Material UI React wrapper written in Kotlin

default image

The Sass counterpart of the material-ui framework for React

default image

A boilerplate NextJS with Redux and Material UI

React Payment screenshot

React components for credit card and bank account forms, using material-ui

Material Ui Time Picker screenshot

A time picker for Material-UI.

React Material Admin screenshot

Free and open-source admin dashboard app made with React & Material-UI

Spyglass screenshot

Kubernetes just got a whole lot clearer with Spyglass. We are a one-stop shop for cluster health metrics, cluster visualization, and cost optimization.

Mui Tel Input screenshot

A phone number input designed for MUI (Material ui) V5 built with libphonenumber-js

Personal Income Tax Calculator screenshot


Coursespace Landing Page screenshot

Coursespace - React Online Course Landing Page build with NextJs & MUI 5

default image

A Material UI (MUI) styled WYSIWYG rich text editor, using Tiptap

Stable Diffusion React Nextjs Mui Pwa screenshot

PWA Web App front end for Stable Diffusion, on React/NextJS with Material UI

Typescript Nextjs Redux Material Ui Example screenshot

next.js v9, typescript v3.7, redux, material-ui v4, react-hooks, redux-saga, SSR

React Multi Select screenshot

A Multi Select component built with and for React

default image



A dynamic web app to track life goals and progress on timelines, with media uploading capability. Built with Node.js, Firebase, React, Victory, & Material-UI

Browser Extension screenshot

Browser extension that enhances the FACEIT experience and adds useful features

default image

Chat-Template is a React component that enables quick prototyping of bot conversations.

Bull Monitor screenshot

Standard UI for Bull and BullMQ.

Discord Clone screenshot

Discord (with unique roles in each server, image, audio sharing, auto render video links in messages, discord loading logo between page renderings) with React, React Router, Material UI, SASS, Styled components and firebase CRUD

Fullstack Mern Movie 2022 screenshot

MoonFlix - Fullstack Responsive Movie Website 2022

Material Ui Currency Textfield screenshot

Currency textfield for React Material UI

React Material You Theme screenshot

Implementation of Material You in a React project and the MUI component library.

default image

Create Adobe-CEP extension with React, Material-UI, Native Node modules, Webpack, Babel and ExtendScript

default image

This is a setup of Authentication and Registration Integrated with React.js, Using Material UI Minimal Kit.

Razzle Material Ui Styled Example screenshot

Razzle Material-UI example with Styled Components using Express with compression

default image

How I use React + Redux + Material-UI + TypeScript – you do you

default image

Complete boilerplate for Electron apps using Fable and Elmish with hot module reloading, time-travel debugging, etc.

default image

Next.js with material-ui and styled-components

default image



React's cross-platform UI for Web and Native (Android, iOs)

Awesome Github Readme Generator screenshot

You can easily and quickly create a readme file for your github profile or git hub repository. (visit below) (Click the Get Started button to start the process, Choose Github Readme Template you want, Fill in the desired fields and press the generate button to create your file)

Cocktails screenshot

UI for browsing IBA cocktails

default image

Material UI Table Edit

default image

:cn: Walker Management Center By React

default image

Collection of web developer utilities packaged as a desktop app. Technologies: React, Typescript, Redux, Axios, React-Query, Electron

default image

Bringing Material Palette API to React Native

Netease Music App screenshot

网易云音乐移动端【React/Next/Vue】【Ant Design/Material UI】

default image

A react date range picker to using @material-ui. Live Demo:

default image

Clone da GUI do Windows 11 desenvolvida utilizando ReactJS, NextJS, MaterialUI e ReactDND.

default image

Gatsby theme for Material-UI

MERN School Management System screenshot

MERN stack app. Streamline school management, class organization, and add students and faculty. Seamlessly track attendance, assess performance, and provide feedback. Access records, view marks, and communicate effortlessly.

Flipkart screenshot

flipkart-clone using react js express js mongo db razorpay complete e-commerce website using MERN stack client server MVC architecture redux redux-thunk ecomerce project live example

3d Product Configurator screenshot

3D product configurator by using react.js and three.js

Carpatin Dashboard Free screenshot

Carpatin is a React JS Admin Dashboard Template that focuses on the management flows of a back-office application. We leverage the Material-UI power of stylizing the components in a way that feels more professional.

React Js Todo App With Firebase Auth screenshot

TodoApp using ReactJS and Firebase | ReactJS, Material UI, Firebase, ExpressJS

Weldev Project React Mui Ts Bp screenshot

React, TypeScript, MUI boilerplate by Welcome, Developer.

Portfolio screenshot

My portfolio (+ template) built using Next.js

Spotify Stats screenshot

Your spotify profile's top artists and tracks with charts and playlist creator.

Components Extra screenshot

React molecule-components based on Material-ui.

Mui Downshift screenshot

Thin layer over paypal's downshift to use Material UI visual components

Social Media App screenshot

Full stack, fully-featured social media web application using React, Firebase, Redux, Express, and Material-UI. Implemented backend REST API server with Node.js and Express, user login and authentication, image uploads, notifications, cloud functions, deploying to Firebase

default image

A dashboard for monitoring Webpack build stats.

Material Ui Rating screenshot

Rate something with style.

Admin Template For React screenshot

:earth_asia: Admin template for React, React Redux, Redux Saga, React Router, i18n and integrated OAuth login

Chat Ui React screenshot

React component for conversational UI

Create Mui Theme screenshot

online tool for creating material-ui themes

Gatsby Starter Procyon screenshot

An opinionated Gatsby starter designed for trash-eating pandas.

Kotlin Mui Showcase screenshot

Demo Stand of Kotlin/JS Material-UI

Microsoft Todo Browser Ext screenshot

An open source third-party browser extension for Microsoft To Do

Modular Admin React Pro screenshot

Modular Material Admin + React: free dashboard theme built with MaterialUI + TypeScript | Pro Version

Seven23 screenshot

Fully manual budget app to track personal expenses. 100% opensource, with privacy by design.

default image

This is Clueless official website where you can make your developer profile as well as meet new people across the world.

Typescript Nextjs Redux Toolkit Material Ui Example screenshot

TypeScript v3.8, Next.js v9, Redux Toolkit, Material-UI v4, react-hooks, SSR live demo

Dynonary English screenshot

Dynonary - Free Web App To Help You Learn English

Filmpire screenshot

A netflix clone project named Filmpire. It combines the desire to unleash powerful creativity with the industry's most advanced JavaScript tools including React.js, Material UI, Alan AI, and more.

Gatsby Medium Blog screenshot

📝 Gatsby.js starter blog template using a Medium theme; with features like Algolia Search, post claps, Prism highlighting, contact form, dark mode, +more.

GraphQL Blueprint screenshot

GraphQL Blueprint: a software developer tool for engineers that want to quickly generate React/Express, Apollo and GraphQL boilerplate code using a data modeling interface. Watch your queries, mutations, and schema update in realtime with our code preview feature and finally, export it when you'r...

Ecohabit screenshot

EcoHabit is a web app project that aims to create awareness of the environment and help people build environmental friendly habits.

Material Bliss Jekyll Theme screenshot

A Material Theme for Jekyll created with React, Redux, and React-Router transpiled with Webpack

Material Bliss Jekyll Theme screenshot

A Material Theme for Jekyll created with React, Redux, and React-Router transpiled with Webpack

default image

The repository for the Client Application of Monday Morning, the official student media body of NIT Rourkela.

Sabil screenshot



A full-functional (Work in progress now) ecommerce web application that is developed by using MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js)

Reactizer 2016 screenshot

(UNMAINTAINED) The most hipster React and React Native boilerplate! :smiling_imp:

Codeforces Diary screenshot

Get the list of all questions you attempted on a particular date on codeforces, along with your account stats.

Bs Material Ui screenshot

Reason bindings for material-ui

My Projects Dashboard screenshot

Next.js, Material UI, MongoDB Personal Dashboard with, GitHub, Twitter, and npm API integration.

React Quiz App screenshot

A Simple React Quiz App

React Time Tracking screenshot

time tracker app on react

Feliz.MaterialUI screenshot

Feliz-style Fable bindings for Material-UI

Material Ui Layout screenshot

Declarative layout for Material UI

Online_trading_platform screenshot

A full stack online stock trading platform, built with React and Django

Electron Typescript React Mui screenshot

Lightweight, modern boilerplate built with electron, typescript, react, and material-ui.

Template Marketing Webapp Nextjs screenshot

Next.js marketing website starter template

Artemis Dev Tool screenshot

An Apollo GraphQL Query Schema Testing Tool

Tmdb Viewer screenshot

A movie browsing/favoriting app

Mui React Hook Form Plus screenshot

The complete type-safe material-ui and react-hook-form combo and beyond with simple api.

Amazon Clone screenshot

A Full Stack Amazon Clone which created using ReactJS with full E-Commerce Functionality!!

Gatsby Material Ui Business Starter screenshot

Beautiful Gatsby Material UI Business Starter

React Showcase screenshot

Isomorphic React Web App Demo with Material UI screenshot

Store your journal as an encrypted markdown file on Dropbox and edit/view it from any browser

Paper And Ink screenshot

An awesome Material Dashboard crafted with ReactJs based on Material UI’s components!

default image

An online quiz app made using react, typescript and material-ui

Rjsf Material Ui screenshot

[Archived] Material UI theme for react-jsonschema-form.

default image

Food Eazy is an online food ordering platform built using MERN stack

Mini Slack screenshot


Mui Chips Input screenshot

A chips input designed for MUI (Material ui) V5

React Speed Dial screenshot

React Component that implements a speed dial using Material-UI.

Remixpress screenshot

✏ RemixPress is a presentation layer built with React, Remix, MUI and GraphQl that works with Wordress as a headless CMS

Material Ui Fullscreen Dialog screenshot

A fullscreen dialog for Material-UI.

Material Ui Password Field screenshot

A password field using Material-UI.

Chatify screenshot

Personal Chat Room or Workspace to share resources and hangout with friends build with React.js, Material-UI, and Firebase.

Dauntless Builder screenshot

Create and share Dauntless builds with your friends!

Material Ui Scrolling Techniques screenshot

WIP implementation of composable AppBar and scrolling techniques

Argon Dashboard Material Ui screenshot

This is the Material UI version of the Argon Dashboard React.

Email Editor screenshot

A drag and drop email editor using Next.js, Zustand and MUI

EShop Ecommerce Site screenshot

eShop: This is a eCommerce website where you can buy various products at very less price. It is a full fledged MERN stack project with payment integration with Progressive Web App feature and deploy with CI/CD

Fast Connect screenshot

Standalone React WebRTC Application

Ow Mod Manager screenshot

Outer Wilds Mod Manager (Legacy)

React Typescript Mui With Auth Starter screenshot

React + Material UI + Auth starter using TypeScript (based on Create React App)

React Typescript Mui With Auth Starter screenshot

React + Material UI + Auth starter using TypeScript (based on Create React App)

PasswordKeeper screenshot

Web-app to help you securely store your encrypted passwords in your Google Drive.

React Material Dashboard screenshot

Material design admin dashboard powered with React

Gatsby Starter screenshot

Gatsby Starter for creating portfolio & blog.

GdMoney screenshot

Use case style digital image marketplace like nft. I developed this system by gathering a lot of my frontend/backend knowledge

PERN Advanced Starter screenshot

Advanced PERN stack starter kit (PostgresSQL, Express, React, & Node), complete with ESLint, Webpack 4, Redux, React-Router, and Material-UI kit.

The Weather Forecasting screenshot

A simple, beautiful, and responsive weather application. It provides current and 6-days weather foreacast using OpenWeather API.

default image

Woocommerce CRUD With ReactJs

Budgie Stream screenshot

Stream system output to your Sonos devices. Built with Electron, React and Express

Lofi Chill Website screenshot

Build in ReactJS, Redux toolkit , Bootstrap and more libraries

Nested Comments screenshot

Demonstration of nested comments functionality often used in Social or Collaborative applications like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit etc

Portfolio screenshot

My personal website

TweetSage screenshot

What your tweets tell about you? Get personalized answers to your questions based on your recent tweets. Our website analyzes your Twitter activity to provide you with accurate and relevant responses to your queries

Habit Tracker App screenshot

Keep track of your habits!

Mui Datagrid Full Edit screenshot

An easy way of @mui/x-data-grid: with exporting excel/csv, advanced filters, search and paginator, without setting, for free

Uko React screenshot

Free & Open Source React Admin Dashboard Template by UI Lib

2do Txt screenshot

todo.txt-compatible task manager

Chromecast screenshot

Chromecast desktop app: Node.js, Electron, React & Material-UI.

default image

Content management system (CMS) and blogging application software based on React/Redux, Node.js, Express and MongoDB.

React Mui Pro Starter screenshot

Mix of Create React App and Material UI with set of reusable components and utilities to build professional React Applications faster.

Chroma React screenshot

Open source design system from LifeOmic, built with React

Dandelion Starter screenshot

Dandelion Starter - React Dashboard Starter Template

Natds Js screenshot

React components library by Natura & Co. Design System

ReactBoard screenshot

admin bashboard made from react and javascript

Carto React Template screenshot

CARTO for React. The best way to develop Location Intelligence (LI) Apps usign CARTO platform and React

Safe React Components screenshot

Safe react component library

Enlite Starter screenshot

Enlite Starter - React Dashboard Starter Template with Firebase Auth

Nextjs And Material Ui Template With Header And Footer screenshot

This is a Template using Next.js and Material-UI with Header and Footer.

Onyxia Ui screenshot

🌓 Onyxia UI toolkit

Oiron Starter screenshot

Landing page template built with one of most popular javascript library React.js, Material UI (Material Design) and Next.JS with SSR.

Ecommerce Dashboard screenshot

Admin dashboard app with Node.js and React.js that displays business performance in e-commerce platforms.

Juno screenshot



RingCentral React Component library, make your app have the same user experience as RingCentral Apps.

Wexcommerce screenshot

eCommerce Platform on Next.js

Builderz Solana Dapp Scaffold screenshot

Builderz Solana dApp Scaffold (Nextjs14, App Dir, Typescript, TailwindCSS, MaterialUI, web3.js, ThemeSwitch (Dark/Light), Sonner Toast Notifications, Modal & Drawer)

React Crud Icons screenshot

67 SVG icons for CRUD applications, packaged as a React component with light & dark themes and tooltip.

Chat Mind screenshot

ChatMind is a full stack chat application built with the MERN stack and Socket.IO. It offers real-time chatting, user authentication, one-on-one/group chat, user profiles, and more. Fork, contribute, or use it for personal/professional purposes. Let's ChatMind your conversations!

Nodejs Express Mongodb Rest Api Boilerplate screenshot

RESTful API Node Server Boilerplate (ExpressJS, MongoDB, BabelJS...vv) Đây là bộ code base để bắt đầu học viết các API chuẩn chỉnh trong khóa "MERN Stack Pro - Lập Trình qua dự án thực tế code con Trello Kéo Thả" trên YouTube của mình nhé các bạn!

Slim Free React Mui Template screenshot

🚀⚡️Modern and clean react mui Template for easing and faster web development.💻

React Starter screenshot

Enterwell's template for web apps based on the React and Next.js.

Dental_Clinic screenshot

A single page material theme for a dental clinic website is a sleek and modern design that showcases all the important information about a dental clinic in one place. The theme uses Google's Material design principles, which emphasizes simplicity and functionality.

Joy Theme Creator screenshot

Exposes theming options available in Joy UI by providing color palette and typography controls.

Mui Italia screenshot

Material-UI theme inspired by BootstrapItalia.

Business Website Template screenshot

A business website template for a company built using React 18 (with TypeScript 4), Material UI 5, Django 4, and Django REST Framework 3.

Blog With Nextjs And Contentful screenshot

This is a blog demo. You can clone this repository and use it for your blog! if you ask me, I could help you. You can see details in my blog. Save time, save cost.

Ct Nextjs Material Dashboard Pro screenshot

NextJS version of Material Dashboard PRO

Enterprise Website Template screenshot

An enterprise website template built using React 18 (with TypeScript 4), Material UI 5, Django 4, and Django REST Framework 3.

Business_app screenshot

Mui Material Compact screenshot

Helper to create compact @mui/material theme

NextJS MongoDB MUI Boilerplate screenshot

An Next.js and Mongoose web application with Material UI as the design system, designed as an starting point of any web application

Nextjs Mui Starter Ts screenshot

Starter template for Next.js with App Router + Material UI + TypeScript

Reactgo screenshot

Go + React 快速开发模板

Rmk React Mui screenshot

RMK React MUI is a React UI library of utility components, hooks and contexts

TypeScript App screenshot

Todo App