React django

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Django 5, React, Bootstrap 5 with Python 3 and webpack project boilerplate

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SaaS Boilerplate - Open Source and free SaaS stack that lets you build SaaS products faster in React, Django and AWS. Focus on essential business logic instead of coding repeatable features!

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Django & React Template For Building Web Applications

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DIY Django + React Boilerplate for starting your SaaS

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A quick way to add React components to your Django templates.

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A boilerplate with Django on the backend, React on the frontend, and much more!

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wq: a modular framework supporting web / native apps for mobile surveys and geospatial data collection. Powered by Django REST Framework, Redux, React, and Material UI.

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Pipit is a Wagtail CMS boilerplate which aims to provide an easy and modern developer workflow with a React-rendered frontend.

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Django Webpack boilerplate & Flask Webpack boilerplate

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A full stack 'Hacker News' style demo web application built with React + Redux (Front) and django REST Framework (Server).

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Thorgate's Django project template - Django, React, Sass, optional Docker and more

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This is a setup of Authentication and Registration Integrated with React.js, Using Material UI Minimal Kit.

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A full stack online stock trading platform, built with React and Django

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Django + NPM (Create React App) template for building REST-ful web & hybrid apps with the wq framework

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Django Webpack Dev Server is a command line Django reusable app to setup configuration files for React. It uses webpack and webpack_dev_server to bundle your frontend code.

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A business website template for a company built using React 18 (with TypeScript 4), Material UI 5, Django 4, and Django REST Framework 3.

Enterprise Website Template screenshot

An enterprise website template built using React 18 (with TypeScript 4), Material UI 5, Django 4, and Django REST Framework 3.