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Cruip Bundle - 22 Tailwind Templates screenshot
🍱 Best Overall Bundle

22 beautiful Tailwind CSS templates available for Nextjs, React, Vue & HTML. An amazing collection of work at an very competitve price.

Podcast screenshot

A fabulous podcast website template for hosting and sharing your shows.

DevSpace screenshot

A gorgeous personal blog template to share your thoughts and ideas.

W3T Stablo Blog screenshot

Stablo is a minimal blog website template built with Next.js, TailwindCSS & Sanity CMS

Next.js screenshot

The React Framework

Gatsby screenshot



The best React-based framework with performance, scalability and security built in.

Next.js Notion Starter Kit screenshot

Deploy your own Notion-powered website in minutes with Next.js and Vercel.

Nobelium screenshot

A static blog build on top of Notion and NextJS, deployed on Vercel.

Outstatic screenshot

Outstatic - A static CMS for Next.js

Gatsby Starter Lumen screenshot

A constantly evolving and thoughtful architecture for creating static blogs with Gatsby.

Astro Paper screenshot

A minimal, accessible and SEO-friendly Astro blog theme

React Saas Template screenshot

🌊 Template for building an SaaS / admin website using React + Material-UI

Morethan Log screenshot

😎 A static blog using notion database

Gatsby Starter Minimal Blog screenshot

Typography driven, feature-rich blogging theme with minimal aesthetics. Includes tags/categories support and extensive features for code blocks such as live preview, line numbers, and line highlighting.

Nextein screenshot

A static site generator with markdown + react for Next.js

Leonids screenshot

A simple, fixed sidebar two columns Gatsby.js blog starter.

Gatsby Starter Bee screenshot

🐝Full Package | Simple | Fresh UI | Blog Template :: Let's start to blogging with gatsby-starter-bee!

Astro Boilerplate screenshot

🚀 Astro boilerplate with responsive blog and portfolio template using TypeScript and React styled with Tailwind CSS ⚡️ Made with developer experience first: TypeScript + ESLint + Prettier + Husky + Lint-Staged + Commitlint + VSCode

Shadcn Nextjs Contentlayer screenshot

A template with Next.js 13 app dir, Contentlayer, Tailwind CSS and dark mode.

Cromwell screenshot

WordPress-like CMS for Next.js websites

Nextjs Portfolio Starter screenshot

Easily create a portfolio with Next.js and Markdown.

Astro Notion Blog screenshot

🚀 Begin building your very own Notion Blog with Astro.

Gatsby Material Starter screenshot

A high performance blog starter with Material design in mind for GatsbyJS.

Nextjs Mdx Blog Kit screenshot

Starter code for creating a static blog system using Next.js and MDX. A service worker for offline reading is set up, and the blog has Perfect Lighthouse scores.

Slinkity screenshot

To eleventy and beyond! The all-in-one tool for templates where you want them, component frameworks where you need them 🚀

Nextjs Blog Theme screenshot

A customizable Next.js and Tailwind blog starter. Designed by the Bejamas agency.

Website screenshot

Personal website build with Chakra UI, NextJS and Airtable ✨

Devblog screenshot

A lightweight, customizable personal blog template built with GatsbyJS and React

Gatsby Prismic Starter Prist screenshot

Gatsby starter for portfolios and blogs using Prismic CMS

Gatsby Starter Calpa Blog screenshot

Calpa's Blog (GatsbyJS Starter X Netlify CMS)

Nextjs Starter Blog screenshot

Next.js template for creating a blog. Now with dark mode and Next.js 12 🎉

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blog base on express,co,mongoose,react,redux,react-router...

Kami screenshot



🍰 Kami is mx-space's web frontend theme. Colorful, flat, cute and comfortable.

Nextjs Tailwindcss Blog Template screenshot

⭐Build SEO optimized personal blog website with Next.js, Tailwind CSS and Contentlayer. If you want to learn to create this you can follow the tutorial link given in the Read me file. screenshot

My 🏠 on the ☁️. Portfolio, showcases, snippets, dev logs, and ideas

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Simple and smooth Back To Top button

Examples screenshot

Integration Examples with Directus

Examples screenshot

Integration Examples with Directus

default image

blog-admin @react、@typescript、@apollographql

Daymd screenshot




Tailnext screenshot

⭕️ TailNext: Free template using Next.js 14 app router and Tailwind CSS.

Folio screenshot



Make your personal website and blog with Nextjs 14, tailwind and Notion.

Gatsby Starter Morning Dew screenshot

:rocket: A Gatsby theme/starter to build lightning-fast blog/websites

Gatsby Starter Casper screenshot

The Casper theme v1.4 ported to GatsbyJS

Gatsby Serif Theme screenshot

Serif is a beautiful small business theme for Gatsby.

Digital Garden screenshot

An open source blog (digital garden) template for developers screenshot

My Personal Dev Site, built with Next.js and Chakra UI

Gine Blog screenshot

Blog = Gatsby + React + Material-UI + Notion + Netlify

Gatsby Starter Hoodie screenshot

🚀 gatsby-starter-hoodie is a gatsby starter developed for developers to build tech blogs. screenshot

⚡ Dynamic Portfolio Website built with Next.js, Chakra UI and Contentful!

default image



a blog based on of react,webpack3,dva,redux,material-ui,fetch,generator,markdown,nodejs,koa2,mongoose,docker,shell,and async/await 基于react+koa2技术栈的个人开源博客系统

Nextjs Notion Blog Starter screenshot

Notion-powered blog starter with @vercel and @tailwindcss

Gatsby Theme Superstylin screenshot

💅 A Gatsby Theme with styled-components

Gatsby London screenshot

A free, open source, image-concentric starter for GatsbyJS

Gatsby Starter Hello Friend screenshot

Pretty basic starter for Gatsby that covers all of the essentials. All you have to do is start typing!

Blog screenshot



一个对 Docusaurus 进行魔改的博客 screenshot

This is the ✨ source code for my personal website, built with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Contentlayer, and 🚀 deployed on Vercel 🔼. You can use this repository as a template to build your own personal website. 😊

Node Blog screenshot

🔥✨ A react blog project base on nodejs, nestjs, mongoose, typescript, react, ant-design,nextjs

Www screenshot




default image



My blog. Made with Gatsby. screenshot

⚡️ My personal website built with Next.js, Chakra UI, ContentLayer + MDX, and Vercel.

Gatsby Starter Apple screenshot

🍎 Gatsby blog starter kit with beautiful responsive design

Gatsby Theme Chronoblog screenshot

⏳ Chronoblog is a Gatsbyjs theme specifically designed to create a personal website. The main idea of ​​Chronoblog is to allow you not only to write a personal blog but also to keep a record of everything important that you have done.

Gatsby Blog Starter Kit screenshot

A simple starter kit for a static blog created with Gatsby

Gatsby Advanced Blog screenshot

Gatsby starter for advanced blog

Notion Blog screenshot

Next.js blog template that uses Notion as CMS

Gatsby V2 Starter Lumen screenshot

A minimal, lightweight and mobile-first starter for creating blazing-fast static blogs

Simple React Blog screenshot

A simple blog website powered by Next.js and Cosmic.

Ev0 Astro Theme screenshot

EV0 Astro Theme is a free and open-source serverless blog template, built with Astro, Tailwind CSS, and TypeScript. screenshot

My personal portfolio website built with Next.js, Tailwind CSS and Sanity.

Blog screenshot



👨‍💻 Dev blog built with Next.js 13, TypeScript, and Contentlayer, using latest Next.js features

Ryosuke Gatsby Blog screenshot

Static PWA React-powered portfolio and blog built with GatsbyJS

Blog Template Using Nextjs Typescript Tailwindcss screenshot

This project is a simple blog template using next js, typescript and tailwind css. blog+nextjs+tailwind+typescript. screenshot

Blog, Gatsby Theme(Starter), Built with Gatsby screenshot

☕️ My Personal Homepage & Blog site with NextJS. 🇺🇸 🇮🇩

Bits 0f C0de screenshot

Personal Blog site build with Next.js and Tailwind CSS.

Next Medium Blog Boilerplate screenshot

Next.js medium style blog boilerplate screenshot

🏡 Powered by `gatsby-starter-bee`. Source of

Brevifolia Nextjs screenshot

A minimalist blog starter to get you going with Next.js.

Nextjs Blog Starter Kit screenshot

NextJS Blog + Contentful Typescript Starter kit with Static Export 🚀 screenshot

my home on the web

Gatsby Starter Tyra screenshot

Tyra - Feminine Gatsby Starter optimized for SEO

Nextjs Blog Starter Kit screenshot

NextJS Blog + Contentful Typescript Starter kit with Static Export

Gatsby Medium Blog screenshot

📝 Gatsby.js starter blog template using a Medium theme; with features like Algolia Search, post claps, Prism highlighting, contact form, dark mode, +more.

PRSS screenshot



Build blazing fast blogs, documentation sites, showcases and more.

Sabil screenshot



A full-functional (Work in progress now) ecommerce web application that is developed by using MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js)

Blog Template screenshot

Scientific blog template based on

Personal Website Nextjs Chakra screenshot

A series I am making on YouTube where I build a personal website using next.js and chakra-ui. It includes a variety of other features such as mdx-remote blog pages, view counts with Google Firebase database and many more features.

Nextjs Mdx Blog Theme screenshot

Starter template for a personal website blog, built with Next.js, MDX, and Tailwind CSS.

Nextjs Tailwind Contentlayer Blog Starter screenshot

Blog starter template with modern frontend tech stack like Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Contentlayer, i18Next

Template Blog Webapp Nextjs screenshot

Next.js blog starter template

Gatsby Starter Typescript Power Blog screenshot

Personal Blog/Website with Gatsby and Typescript

Gatsby Advanced Blog System screenshot

📰 This repository is a demo from the article about how to build our own blog using Gatsby.

Gatsby Starter Developer Blog screenshot

Blog starter made with Gatbsy.js

Gatsby Starter Developer Blog screenshot

Blog starter made with Gatbsy.js

Blog screenshot




Gatsbyjs Book screenshot

『Webサイト高速化のための 静的サイトジェネレーター活用入門 - GatsbyJSで実現する高速&実用的なサイト構築』のダウンロードデータです。

Gatsby Markdown Blog Starter screenshot

Gatsby Markdown Blog Starter, demo link:

Notion Nextjs Blog screenshot

A starter blog template powered by Next.js, Notion and Tailwind CSS.

Remixpress screenshot

✏ RemixPress is a presentation layer built with React, Remix, MUI and GraphQl that works with Wordress as a headless CMS

Blog.eleven screenshot

Eleven-labs blog screenshot

我的个人博客,使用 Next.js、TypeScript、MDX 和 TailwindCSS 构建,对前端开发者友好。A front-end friendly blog starter built with Next.js, TypeScript, MDX, and TailwindCSS.

Brevifolia Gatsby Forestry screenshot

A simple starter blog built with Gatsby & Forestry

Rowfish screenshot

A better docusaurus theme and a fullstack development learn site

Burogu screenshot



A minimal blog template based on Next.js 13

Notion Next.js Blog Starter Kit screenshot

Notion + Next.js Blog Starter Kit - Next.js + Notion ISR static page blog starter kit screenshot

my 🏠 on the internet built using next and tailwindcss.

default image

Content management system (CMS) and blogging application software based on React/Redux, Node.js, Express and MongoDB.

Gatsby Simple Blog screenshot

an easily configurable gatsby-starter-blog with overreacted looking and tags, breadcrumbs, disqus, i18n, eslint, algolia supported

Silverlux screenshot

All the technologies used are free and open-source. You are free to use this template for a personal or commercial purposes. I'm using this template for my blog as well at Don't forget to star the repo if you like this template.

Silverlux screenshot

All the technologies used are free and open-source. You are free to use this template for a personal or commercial purposes. I'm using this template for my blog as well at Don't forget to star the repo if you like this template.

Silverlux screenshot

All the technologies used are free and open-source. You are free to use this template for a personal or commercial purposes. I'm using this template for my blog as well at Don't forget to star the repo if you like this template.

Astro Lane screenshot

Astro Lane, a blog theme made for you! screenshot

📝 A Hugo blog about Charles Chin.

Portfolio V2 screenshot

Second version of my personal portfolio built using Next.js, TypeScript, and Chakra UI.

Ck Gatsby Blog screenshot

A beautiful and featureful gatsby blog starter for bloggers. It is an open-source project.

Portfolio Website screenshot

Portfolio website made using Astro, Reactjs and Tailwind CSS

default image



The Next Website Builder for High-Performance Marketing

Portfolio screenshot

Simple and minimalist portfolio using Nextjs and NextUI. screenshot

💠 Personal website and blog made using Next.js, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS and Notion

Yours Sincerely screenshot

An ephemeral anonymous blog to send each other tiny beautiful letters screenshot

My personal website built with Remix

Revista Gatsby Blog Magazine screenshot

Modern, clean Gatsby Blog/Magazine template. Easy to customize, and ready to publish articles.

The Stack screenshot

Website and datasets for The Stack, Daily Bruin's data journalism and newsroom tech blog. screenshot

Personal website and blog.

Blog screenshot



Browse programming tutorials and articles written by Rakesh Potnuru. Learn Web Development, Web3 and Technical writing. screenshot

My personal page

Awesome screenshot

Free Next.js Blog Template

default image

The new home of my blog/resource sharing website. Uses graphql to query markdown files for content that is then fed into templated react components. screenshot

Free programming and computer science tutorials.

default image

This is my personal website with my blog (simplified Chinese) and works

Blog screenshot



A Next.js, Tailwind CSS blogging Template. Used to Create my Blog :rocket: screenshot

Blazing fast I guess screenshot

Official website of Ruby Nepal

Blog screenshot



:rocket: An awesome blog system based on Next.js

Gatsby Blog Starter screenshot

A Gatsby Blog Starter with Styled Components

Gatsby Blog Starter screenshot

A Gatsby Blog Starter with Styled Components

Contentful Remix Starter Blog screenshot

Remix starter for a Contentful blog (template) project

Gatsby Theme Purist screenshot

A clean, full-featured theme with built-in dark mode, and social sharing – all for creating content with Gatsby.

Nextjs App Router Blog screenshot

A simple blog built with NextJS 13 App Router and Typescript to show its features screenshot

My portfolio built with Remix, Tailwind, Prisma, and

Portfolio Blog screenshot

This is a Next.js personal portfolio/blog site where a site owner can showcase their work and experiences.

Tailwind Remix Run Mdxjs Typescript Starter Blog screenshot

This is a Remix-run, Tailwind CSS blogging starter template. Write your technical blogs using MDX and comes with features that are super easy to customize. Perfect as a replacement to existing Jekyll and Hugo individual blogs. screenshot

💻 Personal blog site using GatsbyJs, ReactJs, and NodeJs

Daniellwdb screenshot

📝 My personal space on the internet.

Flotiq Gatsby Blog 1 screenshot

Gatsby starter for creating a blog with Flotiq

Notion Blog Kit screenshot

A statically generated blog using Next.js, Notion Api.

Site screenshot



Guillermo's portfolio and blog. Built with Next.js, Notion API and Chakra UI

default image

一款简洁的 Halo 博客主题 Next,技术栈 Next.js。 预览地址: 或者下方链接

Astro Blog Zozo screenshot

An opinionated and neat blog template built with Astro.

Blog With Nextjs And Contentful screenshot

This is a blog demo. You can clone this repository and use it for your blog! if you ask me, I could help you. You can see details in my blog. Save time, save cost.

Portfolio screenshot

My portfolio built using Svelte, SvelteKit & TailwindCSS

Gatsby Theme Usubeni screenshot

Gatsby Theme For Blog

Gatsby Starter Haon screenshot

✍️ Blog Theme : Customize your blog with this theme and write an article.

Nimblog screenshot

🏗 Build static blog with lines of HTML and Markdown. screenshot

hello world

Unlimited Blog Works screenshot

A simple static blog generator for publishing on GitHub Pages