React ant-design

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An enterprise-class UI design language and React UI library

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👨🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻 Use Ant Design like a Pro!

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A React Framework for building internal tools, admin panels, dashboards & B2B apps with unmatched flexibility.

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📱🚀 🧩 Cross Device & High Performance Normal Form/Dynamic(JSON Schema) Form/Form Builder -- Support React/React Native/Vue 2/Vue 3

React Admin screenshot

:sparkles: react-admin system solution : react 后台管理系统解决方案

Ant Design Landing screenshot

:mountain_bicyclist: Landing Pages of Ant Design System

Pro Components screenshot

🏆 Use Ant Design like a Pro!

Ant Design Mobile Rn screenshot

Ant Design for React Native

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:fire: React full stack+Express+Mongo implementation blog website tutorial :new_moon_with_face:

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Uniforms screenshot

A React library for building forms from any schema.

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React High Order Form Component(web & react-native)

React Awesome Query Builder screenshot

User-friendly query builder for React

Dva Boot Admin screenshot

:cake: react admin dashboard ui LANIF-ADMIN --- react 16 + react-router 4 + dva 2 + antd 4 后台管理 脚手架

React Antd Admin screenshot

用React和Ant Design搭建的一个通用管理后台

Awesome Uikit screenshot

Collect JS Frameworks, Web components library and Admin Template.

Catalog screenshot

The Magic Patterns Catalog is an open-source website that lists the most popular React component libraries, helping you find the perfect component.

Ballcat screenshot

一个快速开发脚手架,快速搭建企业级后台管理系统,并提供多种便捷starter进行功能扩展。主要功能包括前后台用户分离,菜单权限,数据权限,定时任务,访问日志,操作日志,异常日志,统一异常处理,XSS过滤,SQL防注入,国际化 等多种功能

Slash Admin screenshot

A modern react admin. It is based on react 18, vite and TypeScript. It's fast !

Lightence Ant Design React Template screenshot

Free and easy-to-use admin template based on React 17+

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A collection of UI Frameworks and their platform implementations.

Ovine screenshot



Build entirety admin system ui blazing fast with json.

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:bowtie: Create a dashboard with python!

Atui screenshot



A Vue.js 2.0 UI Toolkit for Web

Mantis Free React Admin Template screenshot

Mantis is React Dashboard Template having combine tone of 2 popular react component library - MUI and Ant Design principles.

Nextjs Firebase Authentication screenshot

Next.js + Firebase Starter

React Admin screenshot

基于 Ant Design React 的管理系统架构

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This Project Is Deprecated. Use [Ant Design Pro]( instead.

Ant Admin screenshot

基于 antd 的后台管理平台, 在 react 中玩转 D3.js

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A ranked list of awesome React open-source libraries and tools. Updated weekly.

Lobe Ui screenshot

🍭 Lobe UI - an open-source UI component library for building AIGC web apps

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ts+react+antd-多页签后台模板(纯净版,非 antd pro!)

Gatsby Starter Hero Blog screenshot

A ready to use, easy to customize, fully equipped GatsbyJS starter with a 'Hero' section on the home page.

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Leaa is a monorepo restful CMS / Admin built with Nest.js (@nestjsx/crud, node.js) and Ant Design.

Purple Admin Ui screenshot

Next.js와 Tailwind를 이용한 모-던 어드민 템플릿

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a starter-template with typescript, react, mobx and vite/webpack...

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Use react + typescript + webpack to enhance your chrome extension development experience

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Starter template for React v17, Redux, CSS Modules, React-Router 4

Gatsby Theme Antv screenshot

⚛️ Polished Gatsby theme for documentation site

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A MERN boilerplate repository using Antd-Pro with RBAC feature, following all production best practices.

Eth Hot Wallet screenshot

Ethereum wallet with erc20 support / web wallet - built using react, web3, eth-lightwallet

React Multi Email screenshot

:octocat: A simple react component to format multiple email as the user types.

Ant Design Pro Plus screenshot

✨ 基于 ant-design-pro 做一些微小的工作

React Ui Roundup screenshot

A one-stop-shop for comparing the features of all the best React frameworks. Useful for designers and engineers alike!

Giga Stack Next.js Starter screenshot

Experimental edge stack full of sweet and fancy features for you to play with

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ClojureScript library for Ant Design React UI components

Wheel screenshot



Don't reinvent the wheel for every new Rails project. Use sane Defaults.

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blog-admin @react、@typescript、@apollographql

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This Starter utilizes React, Recoil, React Query, React Hooks, Typescript, Axios And Vite. 全新技术栈的后台管理系统

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Antdfront is a set of multi tab experimental react microfrontend template

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webpack5 react 项目模板,支持 typescript,使用 SWC 编译,体验超快速度

Rcpress screenshot

基于react和Ant Design的文档生成器 🎨

React Admin screenshot

🎉 A magical react admin

React Dashboard Pro screenshot

One-stop dashboard solution out of the box 开箱即用的一站式仪表板解决方案

Reactjs Cognito Starter screenshot

Starter project for ReactJS + Amazon Cognito + Amazon Amplify Framework with AWS CDK support

React Antd Admin screenshot

基于vite2.x + react17.x + typescript4.x + antd4.x + react-router6.x + mobx6.x编写的一款简单高效的前后端分离的权限管理系统

Ant Back screenshot

:rocket: react后台,后台管理系统

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:rocket: Full stack web application skeleton (Next.js, Redux, RxJS, Immutable, Express)

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vite 配置react+typescript 项目模版,有配套博客教程

React Template Admin screenshot

A lightweight React18 backend management template

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B.A.S.S. Starter: react / redux / typescript / antd / ts-force / sfdx / webpack / salesforce

React Admin Nest screenshot

React和Ant Design和 Nest.js 和 Mysql 构建的后台通用管理系统。持续更新。

Huxy Admin screenshot

Huxy Admin is a customizable admin dashboard template based on React18. Built with Webpack5, @huxy/pack, useRouter, useStore, etc.

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Free React Admin Template

Node Blog screenshot

🔥✨ A react blog project base on nodejs, nestjs, mongoose, typescript, react, ant-design,nextjs

Nextjs Antd Admin screenshot

A multi-functional and comprehensive admin dashboard using Next.js (SSR React), Ant Design and styled-components

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一個简洁的 antd-react-admin 应用 -- React + Antd 后台管理系统

React Seed screenshot

a Starter-Kit for React-ES6-Webpack(2.x) Project

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📦 React library of commonly used Ethereum components

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React Amis Admin screenshot

一个开箱可用的Amis + React 低代码开发环境

Scalable Form Platform screenshot

A solution for building dynamic web forms with visual editor

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React + Ant Design Admin template

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Simple app Node.js + Express.js + MongoDB Authentication API and React Js Client

React Admin Vite Antd5 screenshot

一个React+ Monorepo搭建的后台管理模板「admin template」,在线预览 ,采用react,react18,vite,vite3,antd,antd5.x,ts,typescript,redux,react-redux,@reduxjs/toolkit。支持vite生成动态路由,支持路由keepalive功能。代码简介,致力打造成一个标准的模版,可直接用于生产环境开发。

React Admin screenshot

基于 Ant Design React 的管理系统架构

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A boilerplate of SPA, built with React.js, Webpack, ES6+, Redux, Router, Babel, Express, Ant Design...

Nextjs Boilerplate screenshot

A super powerful NextJS boilerplate developed following the Feature driven pattern

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This project is designed to help those who use antd to develop a website(or web app). Maybe also need to use redux, router and so on.

Antd Admin Boilerplate screenshot

[deprecated][废弃] 以 antd 为基础组件构建的一套中后台管理系统的基本架构模板

Netease Music App screenshot

网易云音乐移动端【React/Next/Vue】【Ant Design/Material UI】

React Template screenshot

An enterprise react template application showcasing - Testing strategy, Global state management, middleware support, a network layer, component library integration, localization, PWA support, route configuration, lazy loading and CI/CD

React Starter screenshot

Full-featured typescript starter for React application

React Admin Template screenshot

react + antd + vite/webpack5 后台管理系统模板

Truthy React Frontend screenshot

Truthy CMS's Frontend application written in ReactJS & Redux Saga. This project includes UI implementation of User Management, Role Management, Permission Management, Email Module, Account Settings, OTP, RBAC support, Localization, and many more.

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Boilerplate Nextjs Antd Less screenshot

A boilerplate for Reactjs app using nextjs, redux, antd, less

Ui screenshot



基于 Remax 全平台 UI 库

PRSS screenshot



Build blazing fast blogs, documentation sites, showcases and more.

Laravel React Boilerplate screenshot

Laravel React Boilerplate with Ant Design, Route-Level Code Splitting, Redux, Sanctum Auth

Amy React screenshot


Gatsby Starter Markdown screenshot

boilerplate for markdown-based website

Dt React Component screenshot

React UI component library based on antd package

Gatsby Antd Docs screenshot

A gatsby starter for a technical documentation website

Koa React Notes Web screenshot

🤓 This is a simple SPA built using Koa as the backend, Vue as the first frontend, and React as the second frontend. Features MySQL integration, user authentication, CRUD note actions, and more.

Nextjs Dashboard Antdesign Typescriopt screenshot

A Next.js7 ant-design typescript dashboard

Dva Typescript Antd Starter Kit screenshot

A admin dashboard application demo based on antd by typescript and dva

Portfolio screenshot

open source portfolio, made with Nextjs and tailwindcss

Dva Starter screenshot

完美使用 dva react react-router,最好用的ssr脚手架,服务器渲染最佳实践

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Pro Chat screenshot

Components Library for Quickly Building LLM Chat Interfaces.

Veact Admin screenshot

🔏 Admin client for blog powered by React & @veactjs

React Vite2 Ts Antd screenshot

Minimal React TypeScript with Vite 2 and Antd Starter

Reforge screenshot

🎲 An out-of-box UI solution for enterprise applications as a React boilerplate.

Web3 Boilerplate screenshot

Clean Web3 Dapp starter template using the latest stack out there: Typescript ^5, react ^18 (including react-scrits ^5), and @web3-react/core v8. Enjoy!

Houston screenshot

Design System at Eduzz.

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Neeto Ui screenshot

A component library from BigBinary.

Nextjs Starter screenshot

A Next.js 13 CMS & theme agnostic starter framework to build fully-featured headless sites.

Oceanbase Design screenshot

An enterprise-class design system based on Ant Design and extending it.

React Admin Template screenshot

使用React18、Antd5、ReactRouter6、Mobx6、Tailwind3、Vite4、Pnpm 搭建的后台管理系统模版

Antd Input Otp screenshot

An OTP Input Component based on Ant Design Component Library for React.

Blog screenshot



:rocket: An awesome blog system based on Next.js

Sap Fiori Templates screenshot

SAP BTP & Fiori App templates implemented with third-party frontend frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular.

React Platform Starter screenshot

Platform Starter is a starter boilerplate for building web applications using React.js, equipped with a powerful set of tools and libraries to streamline development process

Vite Qiankun Starter screenshot

Vite + Qiankun + React + Vue

Vite React Admin screenshot

A scaffold for react Admin project!Use vite + react + jotai + typescript

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A Remix Antd Admin (FE)

React Landing Page Template screenshot

Quickly bring up a landing page for your app on desktop and mobile.

Sparrow Ui screenshot

UI design. Adapt to HTML, and compiled HTML.

Nextjs Template screenshot

An enterprise Next.js template application showcasing - Testing strategies, Global state management, Custom environments, a network layer, component library integration, localization, Image loading, Custom App, Custom document, IE 11 compatibility and Continuous integration & deployment.

React Admin Tp screenshot

🧑🏻‍💻 React template management system | react-ts 管理系统项目模版内置菜单路由、状态管理多环境打包等工具开箱即用。脚手架工具:

React Graphql Ts Template screenshot

An enterprise react graphql template application showcasing - Testing strategy, Global state management, middleware support, a network layer, component library integration, localization, PWA support, route configuration, lazy loading and CI/CD